Rumor: Moto X specs include dual-core processor, 10-megapixel camera, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

by: Chris SmithJune 15, 2013
X Phone concept

X Phone concept

A new tweet posted by a Twitter account known to leak information about upcoming mobile devices before their launch reveals certain specs of the already confirmed Moto X phone.

The handset was the star of a variety of rumors that hit the web before and after Google I/O. However, Motorola only acknowledged its existence a few weeks ago, during the D11 conference, although the company is yet to actually show us how the handset look like.

Now, @evleaks, a source of plenty of leaks in the past, claims that the handset will pack a 720p touchscreen display, 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (MSM8960), 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 10-megapixel camera, 2-megapixel front-facing camera and Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean under the hood.

Motorola did say during the conference that the Moto X will be a handset meant to compete directly against the iPhone and top Galaxy devices, but these rumored specs – some of them matching previous reports on the matter – suggest that the handset would be a mid-range device by 2013 standards.

That said, we’re very interested to see what the Moto X will have to offer, particularly considering its contextual awareness smart features that Motorola talked about during the D11 show.

Naturally, while @evleaks has been accurate in the past, it’ll be a while until these specs can be confirmed, so make sure you hang on to that grain of salt.

Would such a Moto X handset satisfy your needs, or will you go for a higher-end device instead?

  • k.j.a

    That’s impossible
    Too weak specs by the standards of today

    • Klein Tamás

      Why? Android don’t need a quad core processor only 2 GB ram…so it can be true

      • Barry J

        Sorry, but I agree with KJA, this phone sounds utterly pathetic and very mid range. Unless there is a revolutionary selling point feature, this is just a 2011 phone with 2GB of RAM, quit being a defender of everything Google/Android does, this just plain sucks

        • Klein Tamás

          I would be so happy if this phone would hit the mid range! The only reason why iPhone users says android is shit because most of the people are using mid or low range phones and those are pretty much crap with 512 MB ram. And it is obvious that android needs more than 512 ram. This phone could change people’s opinion about android. If you know what i mean:)

        • foggyflute

          I still don’t see why I need a quad core phone if I’m not doing any 3D gaming. All I need is a lot of ram for IM services and web browsing.

          If it bring revolutionary sensors to make the phone understand everyday context and cheap price, it still can be the flagship.

        • Bjajjull

          It’s much better than the S3, almost as good as the Nexus 4.

          • John-Phillip Saayman

            I wouldn’t say MUCH better.

          • Bjajjull

            The GPU is almost 2x better, and as long as the GPU is the bottleneck…

          • Barry J

            How can it be much better than the S3 when you haven’t even seen it. Your subjective opinion is very much a personal one that is just that, your own personal opinion. I really hope this phone has something to truly wow the industry like no other phone has, I can live with a 720p screen and 2GB of RAM.

          • Bjajjull

            Lol, the specs is better… That’s what this article is about…

          • Barry J

            How can the fictional specs of this largely rumoured debacle be better than the S3 as you claim? Where is the logic, if we compare a korean LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to these fictional specs, they are pretty much on par or in some cases, superior to the Motorola X Phone. The only advantage this has is a later Android version in 4.2.2, otherwise your theory on one device (that, being purely speculative and fictional at this point) being much better specced than the other holds no merit.

          • Bjajjull

            All I wrote was that the rumored specs (Snapdragon MSM8960 Pro) is much better than the S3. You were complaining and said it was 2011-ish specs when it’s much better than flagships phones from 2012.

          • Barry J

            You said rumoured and claimed it was much better than the S3, and spec numbers such as the chip build along with benchmarks are meaningless in real world performance when it comes to app opening times and web browsing. The point of my rant was that this rumour sounds underwhelming, yes the specs are relatively low rent but I want to know what the stand out feature is that will make it compete with the IPhone 5s, HTC T6 and Galaxy Note 3. We aren’t talking about flagship phones like the S3 from 2012 that this phone needs to be compared with, we are supposed to be making comparisons with flagship phones from H2 2013 to the first half of 2014.

          • Bjajjull

            You are basically saying “Hardware isn’t important. Hardware is important”.

            Since it probably will run stock Android it will be much faster than the S4 though TW is very laggy. And as you know, hardware isn’t the only thing that matters, software is just as important even though I wouldn’t buy a flagship without the best hardware.

            If Google and Motorola chose to put worse performing (than 2013 flagship models) hardware in the Xphone, would be because of a lower price (<300$).

          • Barry J

            Well to answer your assumption, yes and no. Yes, it’s disappointing that a bigger screen, android 4.3 and snapdragon 800 weren’t used but I also claimed 2GB of RAM and 720p were suffice, especially since the latter won’t strain the processor. We only have ourselves to blame if we set our expectations too high for a yet to be made official product that could very well end up being vapourware. If not the specs, then whom is this phone’s market and what is the stand out feature that is supposed to make it compete with N3/IP5s/HTC One max and nexus 5 which is what I’m really puzzled about. Sorry if i’m coming across as a bit of an ass by the way, it’s more to do with the fact that I kinda don’t buy this story from EVLeaks and why only reveal last season’s specs?

    • ryan rochford

      Specs only take you so far…. Think of the iPhone. It runs butter smooth and no one gives a rats a$$ how high the gpu/cpu is clocked. Nice to see a well made < 4.5 inch phone. I sell sprint and when someone wants a powerful phone that's easy to use with one hand, I have no choice but to recommend the iPhone 5. The only other phones with ~4" screen are the LG viper and galaxy victory, and those are both garb.

      • Daniel DS

        Apple sheeps don’t care about their crapPhone’s clock speeds because they are fucking retards who will be any price for a device who is excellent at talking and whatsapp but nothing more.

        • ryan rochford

          FWIW I am not an apple sheep. the only apple product i have ever owned is an ipod touch, and an iMac that i sold 4 days after owning it. im just stating the obvious.

  • frak

    Sony Honami for me(although the newest interchangeable lens rumors sound ridiculous).

  • Luka Mlinar

    Yea but if it’s the best of Motorola it’s still a flagship. Isn’t it? What this phone might lag in power, might make up in price. Personally i believe the problem isn’t in power as much as it’s in making Android work better on a certain device. The speech Regina Dugan had on D11 kind of gave the picture how they don’t plan to play the same game everyone else is playing.

    • Roodly Philogene

      There are already many affordable devices on the market. This will be a nothing different if true.

  • milksop held

    A decent midranger

  • a.good572

    Too realistic I DON’T LIKE IT

  • 윌 스튜어트

    This adds to the rumour that there is an X-phone range. I think this is one of the X-phones; it’ll likely have a 4″ screen. There is probably another that 4.7″ screen phone with beefed up specs. However, I would be disappointed if this is the one and only X-phone.

    • TheApprentice

      They might go with only one at a start, see the response, keep the a line ready and release them gradually with next phone coming in after 6 months, if everything goes well. If not, they will take a feedback, incorporate it in their plans and then release a line up after a year.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Sounds okay I guess if you really wanted a MOto, but… screen is too small for me and not HD (oh I see the screen isn’t mentioned, but still, I think it’ll be too small for me)

    • imneveral0ne

      720p isn’t HD anymore?

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        No full HD. 1080

  • Justin Flynn

    so I definitely don’d care as long as it is optimised REALLLLY well.

  • Django

    Very similar specs to Sony Xperia SP

  • Those aren’t flagship specs. I’ll need at least a 1.9GHz quad core, a 1080 screen and a shed load of RAM.

  • Nick Tsiotinos

    Rumour has it that Android 5 is going to reduce the power it requires to run smoothly – so that it can easily be installed on older phones. IF this is true, then the rumoured specs would certainly make sense.
    But hey – if true – imagine how Android 5 will run on the Nexus 4 (or HTC One or GS4)! We will all feel like we have new phones!

  • xtriker360

    Very disappointing, I already have a phone like that; the s3. :(

  • Rooney-

    Hope motorola thinks of releasing it in india!!!

  • kascollet

    MSM8960 is the S4 Plus/S400, not the S4 Pro.

  • bob

    it should become legally forbidden to publish internal specs of a mobile phone, so all of you specs junkies can cut the crap. i mean, iPhone 4 runs ios 6 better than 99% of android devices with their respective operative system. do the specs really matter? run a benchmark, will you? that will definitely show you how good is the phone youre benchmarking… fucking kids with their fucking pc number wars -.-

    • kascollet

      That’s right but we’re talking about an Android phone here. Doesn’t matter if other OSes are lighter.

      • bob

        windows all over again… i guess theres always gonna be ‘windows’ in technology along with all the kids specs junkies and binary brains that can only see and understand numbers

        • Barry J

          This was never about specs, EVleaks is the one posting information about specs which on one hand seem like a norm and very 2011-ish. This phone’s technology needs to truly stand out like self awareness or holographic video calling (extreme examples) if it wants to stand out from the Lumia EOS/IPhone 5s/Note 3 and LG G2.

          • Barry J

            Thumb me down all you want, the truth is that this really needs a revolutionary stand out feature that will embed Artificial Intelligence Google Now like references into the technology to compete with Note 3/IPhone 5s and Nexus 5 if we are competing on features alone and not specs.

  • Mark

    Didnt the Motorola guy say that there would be multiple types of X-Phones…. and that a mid-range version would make its appears this Summer? With a more beefed up version making its way in Fall… most likely with the announcement of Key Lime Pie 5.0? I believe these specs but this is for hte mid ranged version of the X-Phone. Basically an introduction phone until the true beast is released with 5.0

    • John

      You’re right..just one of many.

  • Chase Weadock

    releasing a phone with a dual core would be an absolute waste if they are trying to change the way we use phones or change the phone experience….i’ll just wait for the nexus 5!

  • Mark Long

    This phone has already been spotted in benchmarks. Even with the dual core it posted a higher score than both versions of the S4 and the HTC One. Do not let the fact that it is a dual core device lead you to the conclusion that this phone will not be an absolute beast. A good example of this is last years dual core HTC One S outperformed HTC’s flagship, the One X. I for one am looking forward to trying the mysterious X Phone out come Sept./ Oct. Motorola makes very well built smart phones, maybe the best built even and the definitely have the best antennas in the industry. Another good thing, if their last few devices are any indication, they will offer great battery life. Even the regular RazrHD has very good battery life. Hello Moto. Bring it on and do it quickly.

    • ryan rochford

      No…it scored higher in the benchmarks (like the one s) because of it’s low res screen…dduh

  • KingKilla

    Well, then I might get the HTC one or SG4 google edition

  • android7658

    Dual core ???? WTF Google

  • KingKilla

    i would just buy htc one or SG4 google edition :)

  • jjordan

    I understand what Motorola is doing but to directly compete with the competition you at the very least have to put a 1080p screen on that thing. The people that say there isn’t much difference have never seen a full HD display side by side with a half HD display. Come on Google you know what customers want why would you bring low specs to your save the company hero phone

  • nivla

    jeez all the wait and we get dual core… their management teams are blind indeed

  • jay flores

    If its a dual-core….I bet it’s an Intel processor. If any of remember, Moto and Intel agreed to a deal prior to the release of the Razr I in Europe

    • Dave Weinstein

      Well, it’s pretty clearly says, “1.7GHz dual-core MSM8960 Pro” in the tweet.

  • Jay20

    why the FUCK would they not make it quad core if they wanna compete? Weren’t these guys the first dual core in the US with the Atrix (which I once owned and loved)

  • jamie

    Dual core is fine, but only if it’s intel.

  • trwb

    Some dual cores run very well. The dual core in my att s3 runs better than the tegra quad junk in my One X+