Rumor Mill: Samsung Galaxy S3 Landing on March 13th?

by: AlexanderJanuary 31, 2012
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So who’s ready for another Galaxy S3 rumor? Well finally we have seen a rumor about the launch date of the Galaxy S3. The latest rumor has the Galaxy S3 pegged for a March 13th release in Turkey. Will it happen? I know a few people that are hoping it does. But if history is going to repeat itself we probably won’t see the Galaxy S3 launch in the US until around August or September of this year.

With all the rumors we have seen to date on the Galaxy S3, I along with a ton of other people have started to fall in love with the latest Galaxy S lineup from Samsung. Let’s see if these rumors hold up.

We have heard last week that the Galaxy S3 will not be announced at Mobile World Congress this year, which would be a first for Samsung. In 2010, Samsung announced the Galaxy S lineup at Mobile World Congress, at the 2011 Mobile World Congress Samsung announced the Galaxy S2 lineup. So hopefully Samsung will announce something about the Samsung Galaxy S3 at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

So who’s getting the Galaxy S3 no matter how long you have to wait or what the specs and features are? Let us know in the comments.

  • Rocker_edp

    Hate those fuc$*ng rumos just like apple and iphone 5…

    • RocKmc789

      Yeah… tell me about it…

      • table saw reviews

        I cant wait. Galaxy s2 is great phone but s3 ….

  • Anonymous
  • gadgetstip

    no samsung s3 .. it will be announce in seperate samsung event

    • Alexander Maxham

      just like this, that is too another rumor that has not been confirmed yet.

  • Anonymous

    I am getting this the day it comes out. If business at my corner is good. ;).

  • Duhdonutman

    i’m itching for the S3. the S2 was a gorgeous phone. the galaxy nexus left me a little wanting so i’m hoping this is finally the phone that will let me part with the A855

  • Anonymous
    • Alexander Maxham

      You had to comment twice with the exact same comment? We already have it posted anyways that samsung confirmed it’s not coming. Looks like you’re trolling

  • My Proffs Blog

    Samsung confirm that they will not launch Galaxy S3 in march

  • Long Amrin

    Just in time for my upgrade :)

  • Rehan khan

    Samsung galaxy 3 back side is note good look but in galaxy 2 phone front & back both side is good look i get only battery backup problem in s2 but i am interested in Samsung galaxy 3…!

  • Joshua Tewell

    Not sure if anybody noticed this, but this was way not true.