Rumor: LG V510, a Nexus tablet “indeed”

by: Chris SmithDecember 9, 2013


A well-known leaker says that the LG V510 is “indeed” a Nexus tablet, although Google is yet to officially announce it.

This isn’t the first time we hear the LG V510 will be a Nexus device, with past rumors saying that the device is either a future Nexus 8 tablet or a new Nexus 10 model.

Without going into further details about the product, @evleaks has tweeted the message above. As you can see, it’s not clear what kind of Nexus tablet we’re looking at.

Comparatively, the LG V500 is the company’s recently launched LG G Pad 8.3, and the similarity between model numbers seems to indicate that the LG V510 is also an 8-inch device. We’ve seen some reports detailing specs for an LG V510 Nexus 10 tablet, although when it came to size, the device didn’t exactly look like a 10-inch tablet.

We’ll remind you that this is still a rumor at this point, and there’s no way to confirm it just yet. At the same time, we’ll also add that @evleaks has been very accurate with past leaks, so the fact that he’s throwing his weight behind the LG Nexus rumor must mean something.

Interestingly though, if the LG V510 is indeed a Nexus tablet, it looks like Google may have missed out on lots of potential Christmas sales by not launching it sooner. For what it’s worth, only the 32GB Google Nexus 10 is available from the Play Store at this time, with the 16GB model having been listed as out of stock for a few weeks now.

We’ll be back with more details about the LG V510 once we have them.

  • Jusephe

    Google can’t force OEMs to make nexus devices without profit. Sooner or later no one will want to make nexus devices, because no one wants to lose money. How much is LG hurt by selling nexus 5s instead of G2s ? A lot !

    Anyway this is a proof for that, google wants them to make an 10″ tablet with snap. 800 3GB RAM 1600 by 2560 screen etc etc, without compromise and sell that for 399$, again no profit for LG.

    LG just don’t want to do that ! That is why the new nexus 10 is missing this year.

    And when no one will want to make nexuses, google will propably try to make themselves and they will propably fail at that point, because even google don’t want to lose money on android.

    I liked nexus devices a lot more as flagship devices (the era of Galaxy Nexus) devices that represented android, premium phones for premium prices and manufacteurs were fighting to win a contract to make one. In 2012 the prices of nexus dropped a lot and with prices the brand image also fade away In my eyes.

    • Dimitar Gospodinov

      why do you say no profit to LG? you think Google is not paying anything? And as much Nexus (Nexi?) Google makes it is not the best phone out there and it is not ment to be. If LG made the last (how much?) devices I think they are pretty happy with what they are getting out of Google.
      Nexus devices are not available worldwide so there is not real competition with LG witch is one of the biggest OEMs in the world…

    • Shark Bait

      I’m sure lg make some profit from this, the margins are lower , but their overheads are lower because Google handle things like customer services and marketing, so lg will still do well.

      Plus the higher volume of orders makes lg a top tear producer and gives them better access to suppliers

      Nexus partners get a good deal!

    • Jayfeather787

      If the components cost around 200 bucks, maybe a little more or a little less, then LG still makes roughly 150 bucks per 16 GB Nexus 5 they sell. However, the Moto G costs 123 dollars to make, and when its sold for only 179 dollars, Motorola makes 56 dollars per 8 GB phone. Also, Lg will not sell all their LG G2 units. There is a good chance that the Nexus 5 is outselling the Nexus 5 in the U.S. Even though they make less money for each Nexus 5, they are still raking in a huge profit from the Nexus 5.

    • PhoenixPath

      “How much is LG hurt by selling nexus 5s instead of G2s ? A lot !”

      Wait…you formed your opinion based purely on speculative, unknown…BS?

      You don’t even know how many Nexus 5”s (or *any* nexus device) have ever sold, much less how many LG G2’s have sold.

      Nice one, Einstein.

    • Ørjan Baglo

      LG are the the distributers of the Nexus 5 in Norway and here they sell it for the same price as the LG G2, so they must be making a lot of proft here.

      • SSDROiD

        Not necessarily. If the Nexus 5 doesn’t sell much due to its high price here and the fact that its competition offers more for almost the same price, then Norway could potentially be one of their worst markets for the device. And seeing as I have met 7 people with a Samsung device and not a single person with a Nexus device in the last year, I wouldn’t say they are making “a lot of profit”.

        • Ørjan Baglo

          Well they probably have a very high profit margin. Both me and my friend have the nexus 5 although we bought them from the US since there are no 32gb models of the n5 in the US.

          • SSDROiD

            You bought them from the US, like you said, and not Norway. Just curious if you have any statistical or otherwise proof that the profits in Norway for the Nexus 5 is, as you say, “very high”. Otherwise it’s pure speculation. If anything, I’d think the sales of Nexus devices in Norway isn’t going all that well. We don’t get the S4 or HTC One Google Play Edition, we don’t get to choose color or storage the way Americans get, and the price of the Nexus 5 is considerably high compared to other Nexus devices.

          • Ørjan Baglo

            Because LG and not Google sells the N5 in Norway at the same price as the G2, and because the G2 is more expencive to make they have better profit margins for the N5 because they sell them for the same price (about 4200 NOK).

    • blahblahblather

      What a load of misinformed nonsense. Do you understand anything about Nexus?
      Since the release of the original Nexus 7, Google has subsidised the Nexus line. So the manufacturer doesn’t take the hit, despite the relatively low retail price of the device.

  • Shark Bait

    8 inches doesn’t make sense to me. Is it that different to a nexus 7?

    My fairy land guess is maybe its 9 inches making a nexus 5, 7, 9 & 11.(see the pattern?)

    The 11?? Samsung are roumured to be making bigger tablets, maybe this will be it?

    Any one else tink this is good?

    • Jayfeather787

      Yeah it would make sense and would definitely be interesting to see.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      I don’t think 8 inches makes much sense either. But then the Nexus line in the past 2 years has had influence from Samsung in one way or another. The Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S were made by Samsung. The Nexus 4 had the influence of screen size (not exactly) and the curve glass on the sides. The Nexus 5 then came back to perfectly flat, getting bigger screen (5″) without increasing the size of the phone). Those are just little things I noticed. So yeah, Samsung made both 8″ tab and 7″ tab this year, and maybe Google thinks it would be cool to do the same?

    • Jaime

      Using a 8″ tablet is way different than a 7″ tablet, it may not look like that on paper, but when you use both, you really see the difference. Also this nexus would be 8.3 like the lg g pad. Just go to a Walmart, best buy or any other store and toy a little with a 7″ and a 8″ tablet to see for yourself.

  • Cal Rankin

    I want to see the new Nexus 10! It would be nice to have another Nexus tablet to compete with the iPad Mini in the Nexus 8, but I like 10-inchers for the screen size.

    • broncobutch

      I want a nexus 10. I have been waiting 6 mos for the new one. Put it on my wish list with Google. They now know I want a 10″ tablet. I like the 10″ screen. Do hope they come out with a new Nexus 10. Google can you hear me?

      • Cal Rankin

        Maybe Google has decided to move the Nexus 10 to the Spring/Summer time frame along with the Nexus 7. Waiting longer to release the new one in a new time frame is better than doing an Apple and releasing the new version early.

  • annonnyymmous

    I don’t understand why people think that this is so weird. If it is indeed an 8 inch tablet I think it’s logical to conclude that they will replace the 7 inch with it. The 7, in my opinion, is too small and I think the general consensus is that 8 is perfect. Unfortunately, I don’t see the 10 being released. I would like to think that they would have Nexus 5, 8, 10 but I think that it will be 5, 8.

  • littldough

    More likely an LG GPad Google Play Edition than a new Nexus.

  • Dean

    My Q-Pair app just got updated to support the V510, so something is definitely coming out soon.

  • Noel

    I have a N7 (2012) and have played with the N7(2013) and love it. But i was waiting for the LTE model before taking a plunge…then the rumors of a possible N8 modeled over the LG G Pad 8.3 surfaced. I like the G Pad’s size/form factor and will wait and see, hopefully it comes in LTE/WiFi model with 32/64GB int storage when it is released. Google release the N8..perfect sales window to unleash it.

  • Android Lover

    UPDATE: It is the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition