Rumor: LG G2-based Nexus 5 to made of glass, ditch back keys but keep Snapdragon 800 CPU

August 16, 2013

    LG G2

    A fresh rumor from Vietnam says that the next-gen Nexus handset will indeed by based on LG’s most recent flagship smartphone, although it won’t be an exact copy.

    Vietnamese site, which has accurately posted plenty of mobile-related leaks in the past, including showing the world what looked like a Moto X prototype back in March, revealed the new information.

    The Nexus 5 is now said to pack a 5.2-inch display just like the LG G2, and also keep the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. However, the similarities may stop there, as the Nexus 5 is said to be very different when it comes to overall design.

    In fact, the Nexus 5 may be more similar to the current Nexus 4, when it comes to use of glass for the front and back panels, and with the Nexus 7, when it comes to slimness and bezels.

    Therefore, there won’t be any buttons on the back of the handset, as they’re found on the current LG G2. Furthermore, the camera is said to be moved near the edges of the back side, rather than being placed in the middle.

    This isn’t the first time we hear that the Nexus 5 will be based on the LG G2, with a recent report saying the handset will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and suggesting that the phone may not necessarily come with a 5.2-inch display. The same rumor said the Nexus 5 will come with Nexus 4-like pricing.

    Naturally, this is just a rumor at this time, so treat it accordingly. We’ll be back with more details about the Nexus 5 in the future, as we’re surely going to see plenty of leaks in the coming months, no matter who’s making it.


    • Hunter Petit

      Sounds good!

    • Tamadrummer94

      I think 5.2 is just a little too big for a smartphone screen, but I can manage. Really have to keep those bezels down to a bare minimum, though.

    • Balraj

      Lg g2 5.2 inch is not as big as people think it’s a little wider than an s4
      I’m waiting for nexus 5
      So that I can decide between nexus 5 & lg g2

      • xel

        eaxactly. and width is the biggest problem for smartphone growth. just really uncomfortable to hold in your hand.

        • Ugslick

          The difference between the S4 and G2 is exactly 1mm, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

          • Joshua Hill

            Unless you don’t like the size of the S4 already.

            • BDPSU

              Then buy an iPhone and enjoy the tiny joke of a screen.

            • T.J.

              Don’t get all butt hurt because someone doesn’t like the phone you like.

        • Balraj

          True..maybe some third party ppl will make a stylus for it :-)
          5.2 inch somewhere between phone & phonabalet lol

    • MrJigolo

      I hope not. Anything over 4.7 inches is over kill. Don’t do this Google, you said it yourself when making the Moto X that being the right size is important. This rumor doesn’t make any sense if size is important to Google.

      • Saif

        What if there’s a smaller Moto Nexus or X on Play Store?

      • OMGgary

        I think you have are taking things a bit out of context. What you are quoting is from an interview Jim Wicks gave last April. See for yourself:,2817,2417822,00.asp

        He is Motorola’s head of design, so when he says “we’re designing”, he is speaking about what Motorola are doing, not Google in general. He certainly is not describing anything concerning another Nexus phone collaboration between Google and LG.

        • oli72

          totally agree. let’s go Nexus 5. anyone that can hold 5inch phone in hand comfortable i’m with you. ;-)

      • Alex Fischer

        They have a phone for you, its called the iPhone !

        For the rest of us 5″ – 5.2″ is comfortable.

      • Tarek Assaf

        Couldn’t agree more, 4.7 is the perfect size.

    • Dusan

      LG really surprised with G2. I like what I’m seeing. Even better if Nexus 5 is almost a copy, I’d easily pay more than what Nexus usually cost at release.

      • BDPSU

        Shhh, don’t ask to pay more!

    • foggyflute

      I prefer a good plastic back (nokia’s good)? Lighter, slimmer, cheaper, easy to replace, the phone will go into flip cover anyway. But many will disagree with me…

      • BDPSU

        No matter what it’s made of, someone will complain about it. Glass, too fragile. Plastic, too cheap. Aluminum, scratches and dents too easily.

        • Cole Raney

          I’d rather have cheap feeling than the other two issues.

          • foggyflute

            Nokia & HTC plastic phones are not that bad, only flimsy squeaking samsung plastic backs (which LG, and other Korean phone maker followed without thinking) are bad.

    • Xavier_NYC

      There’s a new rumor everyday, yesterday Droid-life said they’d have a similar design with a slightly lower Snapdragon 600 chip -__-

    • jc_rodimus

      I like this rumor better than the last one. It’s also more believable imo. And the source is more reputable too

      • OMGgary

        Yes indeed, and these are the same guys who were showing us Moto X almost 5 months before it was officially launched. I would definitely think there is a very high chance of this being accurate info about the Nexus 5.

        I’m not too concerned about whether the buttons on the back, can take ‘em of leave ‘em, but am very pleased to hear a reputable source talk of Snapdragon 800 in the Nexus 5.

        • TheWenger

          Give me that 800 in a Nexus with a 5″ 1080p and a decent camera and it’s gg.

      • Joshua Hill

        I’d be surprised if they could deliver such a device at current Nexus pricing. So believable? I’m not to sure although I can hope :)

    • Richard Harper

      I think it better not have too much memory without a SD slot. Google needs to be careful and keep it limited to 16GB at most. We can’t have us not being forced to use their Cloud to access our own files.

      • AndroidBrian

        Yeah it does suck that Google limits the space. But if there is someone else selling a $700 phone for $300 (with no co tract) on day 1 of the release let me know. Sometimes you just gotta take the good with the bad.

      • BDPSU

        Don’t buy it then.

    • user

      it would be great if they put sapphire glass on the front and back of this phone :D one can only dream.

      • Ami Talley

        “Sapphire Edition”! I would pay 100 bucks more :)

      • casteevo

        Sapphire glass is very scratch resistant, but it’ll shatter like a champ. Not quite as ideal for phones that get fumbled around more often than not.

    • Oli72

      take my money now. with a 800 Soc i’m in like flynn.

      • Alex Fischer

        Please let it be Snapdragon 800, I am ready to pay $30 more.

    • lensgrabber

      Hope they keep the Qi charging in the next one. Once you get used to wireless charging it kinda spoils you.

    • thisphuckinguy

      Hoping LG goes out with a bang with this Nexus. I imagine someone else will get a chance next year. Set the bar high for the next maker.

    • TomsDisqusted

      The Nexus 4 has weaknesses (not a great camera) but the all glass design is beautiful and I hope they stick with it. And I’ve dropped mine a few times and generally abused it and it doesn’t have a scratch.

      • John

        I actually thought the same thing..I’ve knocked it off my desk a few times, no case, and it sounds like a rock hitting the tile. Maybe luck but not as bad as some make it out to be.

    • Oscar

      I love the glass of the N4 and I wouldn’t mind if they used it again on the Nexus 5. But PLEASE make it a really tough gorilla glass and not just a regular tempered glass on the back! The back of my N4 is scratched to hell !

      • BDPSU

        Weird. I used mine for a few months without anything covering the back and I never got a single mark on the back.

      • thereasoner

        Full body screen savers will do the trick, they are well worth the money and worked great on my old S3 when I decided to go with just a bumper.

    • Joshua

      Ugh. I really wanted a Nexus 4 (2013).

      • BDPSU

        Then buy one. I love mine.

        • Joshua

          Yeah, I’ve thought about it, but I guess I’ll wait and see what’s around the corner. If the new Nexus phone is too big, then I’ll probably get a Droid Mini.

    • Laborin_HK

      Hmmm… As much as I like to applaud them for the small bezels, i still think 5.2 is too big.

      I THINK that you would be able to fit a larger screen in the size of a Nexus 4 with those bezels though, possibly 5 inch.

      • poop

        For what reason do you want a smaller screen? :/

        • José A. Medina

          I think because not everyone are into it. For me the sweet-spot is 4.7-5.0′. Hope they get a bigger display with reduced bezels, like samsing did with the s4

    • BDPSU

      Err, glass back on the N5? Doesn’t pretty much everyone agree that the glass back on the N4 probably wasn’t the best idea? I covered mine up with a dbrand skin.

      Does Google want a glass back on the Nexus phones for some reason?

    • mjolnirxz

      How would they manage all the different LTE radios, if we assume they are launching in the same countries as N4?

      • Sandro

        Probably like the nexus 7, they’ll lunch two version for the US and Europe for respectively 700mhz and 800mhz/2600mhz.

    • aperture

      please google, make it the same size as moto x…really like the concept…4,7 inch with very small bezel…too bad not available in my country…

    • Frank

      wonder if Verizon will carry it..hmm…if not I’ll be free from Verizon as of December, so I could switch providers if necessary.

      • John

        if ever they’d prob be twice the price as Tmob

    • Timmytoolbag

      Nexus 7 has a good deal of bezel. I hope, proportionally, it’s not like that.

    • danji

      will they have no buttons

      • José A. Medina

        all nexus devices are “on-screen” buttons ;)

    • maleev

      the lg g2 is 1,000 bucks with no contract how will the google i/o build a simulare model starting at 3.3x less? maybe hopfuly they will remove the lg icon and move it on the glass panel so the screen would be more sleek like the nexus 4

    • Zach Mauch

      wow, just found this. Comparing to the supposed leaked nexus in the google video, this rumor is looking like it’s got some teeth. Only doubtful is the glass on the back panel, but it isn’t easy to tell from the video captures.