Rumor: LG G Flex coming to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile

by: Chris SmithNovember 13, 2013

LG G Flex

A short tweet from a well-known leaker reveals that one of the first two flexible display smartphones will arrive in the USA at some point in the future.

@evleaks posted the following message on Twitter, saying that the LG G Flex will be launched by three U.S. carriers including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile:

So far, the LG G Flex has launched in South Korea and is confirmed to arrive in France via local mobile operator Orange.

While @evleaks has posted mostly accurate leaks, we’re going to remind you that LG is yet to make the launch official, so don’t get excited just yet.

However, what’s interesting in case the rumor turns out to be true is that LG may beat Samsung when it comes to launching the first flexible display smartphone in the USA.

We have seen various promo videos for the G Flex in the past days, including one that shows the phone’s self-healing powers, which happens to be an interesting feature on top of the handset’s flexible display, flexible battery and flexible chassis.

The LG G Flex is a 6-inch handset that packs a 720p AMOLED flexible display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 13-megapixel camera, 3500mAh battery and back buttons just like the LG G2.

  • Jack Parker

    Why only a 720p display? And dont say ” to keep the costs down ” this phone is a beast, it deserves a 720p display, itll look terrible on a 6″ screen

    • Ryan Castle

      Probably because a 1080p flexible display would either be really hard to manufacture or really expensive.

      • Jack Parker

        if you look on Youtube there are tons of samsung flex display at 1080p :/

        • Ryan Castle

          Those are for showcase only. To mass manufacture them would probably be expensive.

        • MadCowOnAStick

          that’s like, “why only 2 gb of ram? samsung can make 3 gb :)”

  • Anthony Evans

    Hmmm you know Id consider it since it is different.

  • Xennex1170

    Now all we need is to have the rest of the components in the phone be flexible leading to a true rubber phone that will not take fatal damage when dropped even from several stories up. *LOL* The next step after that would be something so tough that you could run a car over it and it would still be useable. :D