Rumor: HTC One coming to Verizon

by: Adam KoueiderMay 16, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one back in hand aa

The oft-rumored Verizon HTC One has again reared its head today. It seems this is one rumor that simply won’t die, but today, we have some new information to share with you. But first, if you would like to know more about the HTC One, click on over to our review.

A new HTC smartphone received Wi-Fi certification, and this could turn out to be the Verizon HTC One. The smartphone’s model number is PNO73XX, and it features dual band Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity.


Blog of Mobile claims that the model ID corresponds to the model number “M7_WLV”, and is an HTC One headed to Verizon. To add more fuel to the fire, AT&T’s HTC One has a similar model ID of PN07120.

Verizon currently has the HTC Droid DNA in stock and is offering the Full HD smartphone for free on contract until May 21. It just so happens to be that the day after the deal for the Droid DNA ends, Verizon has a ”special announcement” scheduled at CTIA 2013 (May 22) and this may very well be the HTC One announcement.

Even though the stars seem to be aligning, the smartphone business is a tricky one and this new smartphone isn’t necessarily the HTC One destined to Verizon, if there ever is a HTC One headed for Verizon. But one thing’s for sure, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and share anymore information to you, when we get it.

Have you been waiting for the Verizon HTC One? Or have you moved to another carrier to experience that all-metal goodness?

  • Adam Jenkins

    please be true…

  • Joe Lavoie

    My contract with Verizon is up in August, if the HTC One isn’t available by then we will definitely be moving to a new carrier. Heck, even if it is we might be. The benefits to using Verizon are few and far between at this point.

    • iamzb

      how so? I moved from Sprint to Verizon in January & I have to say their service is far better!

      • jfrov11

        Anything is better than Sprint. I’m leaving in a few weeks.

      • fixxmyhead

        ANY carrier is better than that joke sprint

      • gallen408

        Psfh, I just speedtested my VZW GNexus at 3.43 Mbps down and .77 up in my living room. In downtown PDX. There’s not really a big difference between any of the four aside from price if you live in a metropolitan area.

        • MrSatoV

          A friend of mine here in Los Angeles gets 22mb down and 4mb up on his VZ smart phone. Your problem isn’t VZ, it’s your location. VZ’s LTE is faster than my home internet (12/1.5)!

          • gallen408

            So my living room is my problem? I haven’t broken 10mbps down anywhere in PDX.
            The fastest I’ve ever gotten with this device was 25 down in Berkeley Ca about a year ago. I later tested in the same place with a friends T-Mobile HSPA+ device and got 18 down. It’s a moot point.

      • MrSatoV

        My contract with Sprint is up end of this month (May). I’m totally fed up with Sprint’s network. What sux is that it used to be pretty good until they “upgraded” it. I was going to go with the S4 or VZ, but reviews on other carriers are saying they returned their cheap feeling S4 for the H1 and have been very happy since. So now I want the H1… but running out of time! I seriously hope it comes out on the 22nd, giving me JUST enough time to sign up with it.

    • Kevin McDole

      I’m with you, I’ll probably head to AT&T if they aren’t offering it by July.

  • AP

    I’m leaving my blackberry bold for this if it comes to VZ. If not, I’ll probably hang around for the q10.

  • tomn1ce

    They will probably brand the device the HTC Droid One…. -_-

  • quadbravo80

    This is really a double hit for Verizon. By that I mean that they either enjoy the fruits of selling the HTC 1 in droves or people will leave their service in droves to get it. I’m sure the issue is complicated or they would have acted on it. ATT and other HTC 1 carriers I’m sure are crying foul on this because Verizon does have the best network and with a better phone, it’s unstoppable.