Rumor: HTC One Max announcement coming on October 15, to be priced similarly with the Galaxy Note 3

by: Chris SmithSeptember 27, 2013

HTC Logo

The upcoming HTC flagship smartphone is rumored to be unveiled in mid October, although HTC is yet to send out invites for a HTC One Max media event.

Chinese social networking site Weibo and Android Central’s sources point to an October 15 announcement. Assuming that’s the actual date of the event, we’re probably going to see the HTC One Max – name yet to be officially confirmed – hit stores in time for Christmas.

Furthermore, Taiwanese site ePrice, which has provided plenty of HTC One Max-related details in the past, says the handset may be released on October 17, and that the super-sized phone may cost as much as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the region (NT$23,900).

We’ll also remind you that our own sources point to an October launch for the handset.

The HTC One Max has starred in a variety of leaks and rumors in the past few months, being HTC’s purported alternative to Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3.

Most recently, the HTC One Max has been spotted in some images with China’s TENAA (the country’s FCC-like certification agency), where one feature of the upcoming device has apparently been confirmed, namely its fingerprint scanner placed on the back of the handset, under the camera (see following image).

HTC One Max

Interestingly, various rumors suggest that the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat will also be unveiled in mid-October, so we’re certainly looking forward to next month, assuming all these rumors come true.

  • Scott Niemczyk

    I would get this If it came with SD card support. But I guess I’m going with the note 3.

    • RaptorOO7

      I had considered it since I liked the HTC One I had before dumping AT&T and going back to Verizon. BUT, 16GB only, no microSD, no 32/64GB option is a NO GO for me. HTC will continue to slide into the BB oblivion.

      • holdthiscat

        It really amazes me that you guys continue to make these assumptions about unconfirmed specs. Wait until you get the whole list of specs and make a decision. Stop looking for weak excuses to follow the crowds to Samsung devices.

        • Scott Niemczyk

          I’m not looking for a excuse to get a Samsung phone. I would rather get a better built phone like this but I’m not going to sacrifice storage space for this phone. I read earlier that it was coming in 16 and 32gb models. Neither would be enough. If they released a 64gb for the same price of the note 3 then I will get it.

          • holdthiscat

            I’m sorry, Scott…I don’t mean you specifically. But so many rumors are flying around about this device, and people are making purchasing decisions based on them. Much of the confusion comes from the fact that most of the rumored specs are being leaked from the Chinese variant of this device. The US model will not be the same. That’s why it’s best to just wait until it is officially announced, then make an informed decision.

      • Amine Elouakil

        If it is 16Gb it will have SD card, and they have plenty of room on the One max to do so, if they make 32/64gb then SD is useless.
        Now the best thing to do is wait for official annoucement

  • Seema Dutta

    LG’s latest flagship….

  • EnX$$

    HTC ONE MAX should be

    • Jj

      That would be so awesome!!! all other phablets would be an after thought!!!

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      dat stylus tho

  • cvgordo

    will the us version have the snapdragon 800 or not?

    • MasterMuffin

      Nothing is sure before the launch

    • Amine Elouakil

      Either way it will be blazing fast, faster than the S4 at least, I’ll save my judgement on the Note till I have it on my hand.

      on a side note I don’t understand how did LG get their G2 right with NO LAG or almost despite their bloated UI yet Samsung coudn’t do so

  • Explosive

    Hello Guys … i hope you all know …samsung NOTE 3 and GS4 made after august are gonna be all region locked….that means u can unlock it if carrier locked but cannot for region
    So if you are traveller or in to business travelling your new ammy will not be able to work with the respective local network provided( ex us note 3 will not work in asia /europe and vice versa)
    That sucks … so just cross ur fingers that HTC MAX lives up to the expectations…

    • You did not mention that it will be unlocked right away after activating the phone with the sim it came with in the region it was bought. This was meant to be dampen the grey market. At least according to what I read here .

  • Lee

    I was hoping for the metal finish frame on ONE max as HTC One but it seems a far distinct possibility as HTC is suffering from losses and they can’t pull it off.
    AS they did with ONE mini with polycarbonate frame

    • Amine Elouakil

      huh? are you talking about the chanfer on the edge? because the One mini is made of aluminium

      • Lee

        Yeah One mini has polycarbonate strips along the sides.Since it’s beefed down version of ONE it makes sense but I’d like to see ONE max in metal strips cause they look gorgeous in ONE .What i’ve seen so far conforms the same plastic strip as ONE mini and that’s disappointing.

        • Amine Elouakil

          It’s not about beafing down, the manufacturing process for the chanfer is just a miss and add to much costs for no functional reason not only that… but it’s so fragile, I droped my One twice on it back and it didn’t have any scratch but the rebound on the chanfer left a huge mark…. it looks different from the side I give you that and in fact reduce the aestetic apeal of the device, but it doesn’t reduce the build quality of the device in fact it’s just the opposite

  • CommancheNinja

    I got tired of devices that lack SD Card support and looked for a solution that would solve all my problems. I found a Kingston Mobilelite Wireless Drive, now my phone has essentially 1 TB of storage space for a $39.00 investment and my old portable HD.