Google X Phone Render

A new set of rumors on the Google X Phone has hit the web, revealing other details for the handset although they still remain unconfirmed for now.

Before we look at today’s crazy-but-interesting X Phone rumor du jour, we’ll remind you to take the information with the appropriate amount of skepticism, as we’re yet to see an official Google X Phone announcement.

That said, we’ll also remind you that high-ranking Google execs including Eric Schmidt and Larry Page appeared to be quite excited when talking about handsets set to come in the future from Motorola, so it would make plenty of sense for this X Phone device to be one of them.

Android and Me received a bunch of new tips on the upcoming X Phone, from a trusted source, with today’s report offering up new juicy details.

The launch

The Google X Phone is said to launch in the first week of August, with AT&T getting a three-month exclusivity deal. After that, the phone should hit other carriers in November.

The question is, what will Google receive for allowing AT&T to be the exclusive launch partner in the U.S.? Android and Me speculates that “AT&T might have allowed Google to ship the first “X Phone” as an unlocked device in return for the short exclusivity deal.

International launch details aren’t mentioned at this time, but we’d expect such a phone to be launched in other markets in addition to the U.S. this year.

The “creepy” features

The interesting part about today’s Google X Phone rumor concerns certain features Google may have in mind for this phone.

The handset is said to have an “always on listening mode” that will let the user shout voice commands to it. The publication reminds us that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 comes with an always-on Voice Activation feature, but that’s Qualcomm’s high-end CPU that may not actually be found inside the X Phone – after all, previous rumors did say that the device will be budget friendly, and it won’t necessarily offer high-end features.

Since we’re talking about high-end specs, we’ll remind you that earlier this week, a different report revealed a purported AnTuTu benchmark result for the X Phone running Android 5.0.1 that places it in the mid-range category, by 2013 standards.

More interestingly, the Google X Phone will feature a “predictive intelligence” feature that will be able to recognize your intentions from the moment you pick up your handset. Depending on how you hold it, the phone may know you want to take a picture and launch an appropriate app or that you want to see the time and/or notifications and display them to you when looking at the screen.

Finally, the phone will be “always connected” to the Google Chrome browser, which would make sense considering that the Android and Chrome divisions are now lead by the same person, Sundar Pichai.

The customizations

While there won’t be any hardware customization in this X Phone version, as rumors presented by the same online publication suggested in the past, it looks like users will still be able to customize the color and material of the X Phone’s case.

Customers will be able to choose from plastic, metal, carbon fiber and wood for the case, and select from a variety of colors to produce “thousands of custom combinations.”


No matter how wild, these X Phone rumors are interesting, but they’re still rumors until proven otherwise. We’ll have to wait and see whether the handset gets official at Google I/O, or whether it would be announced later this summer, but whatever the case is, we’re surely going to see more rumors appear.

And yes, we will note that this new X Phone report coincidently hit the web just as the Galaxy S4 is about to be launched, at least in some markets, by some carriers.

  • cas_e

    Taylor Wimberly is a total douche and completely unreliable. Having been found out to be lying about a ‘trusted source’ in the past (ie. project road runner) I will never believe a word he says ever again.

    • Will Larson

      I seem to have missed something, cause Taylor Wimberly was never mentioned?

      • Taylor Wimberly runs Android and Me, the website which originally published these rumours.

      • Taylor Wimberly runs Android and Me, the website which originally published these rumours.

    • PuzzledObserver

      One thing I can tell you which is true is that the Motorola XPhone is very customizable. It is now possible to change your home screen.

  • RaptorOO7

    Meh, who wants to wait 4 months for another Bionic . . . the XPhone has been delayed and rumored and none of the great rumored items are coming this time around. Maybe when the next X-Phone 2 arrives and you can build it the way you want to then I will consider it. But less than 5″ displays @ 1080p are a no go.

  • MasterMuffin

    Wooden case? Well that’s different, me like

  • God i hope this doesnt ship to AT&T first, no one wants to have to deal with their shitty service.

  • Arsenal™

    am i the only one who likes the concept design?

    • Ugo Marceau

      Top picture or middle picture? I like the top one pretty much.

      • Arsenal™

        top one

  • rookie

    google phones always have shitty camera. im done with their phones.

  • Alu Zeros

    I could care less about colors, can I just get an android phone that has a battery that last 24 hrs and google to allow physical volume controls on in ear headset mics that wold be great.

  • I think Google and Motorola might be smart enough to ignore the “demand” for 1080p screens in favor of 768p screens in order to reduce cost and increase battery life whithout compromising on the processor, if companies just marketed their screens as HD I doubt the average human being would be able to even recognize the difference and we’d have more functional devices with less power consumption from the screen and larger batteries instead of this 450+ ppi and 7mm nonsense that doesn’t contribute to a better user experience. As it stands, I wouldn’t “waste” money on a S4 or One over a N4 just because of the screen, but improve build quality, battery life and upgrade the CPU and GPU of the SoC and you have a product made for consumers as opposed to aimless hardware advances for marketing fodder.

  • snowmanjack

    As a Verizon customer ready to pounce on the X, the AT&T news is disappointing. While it may not be true, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google disses Verizon, since Vz is always so slow with updates.