Rumor: Google X Phone could come in ‘over 20 colors’

by: Chris SmithApril 17, 2013

Motorola X Phone

A new Google X Phone rumor says that while it’s highly unlikely for users to customize certain hardware features of the handset including “screen size, amount of RAM or case material,” they may end up choosing from a variety of colors when buying the handset.

To many people, smartphone color is not that important, but then there are plenty of customers that really care for that particular handset characteristic. Phone Arena’s sources seem to think that Motorola and Google plan to offer the X Phone in “over 20 colors.”

Obviously that’s a minor detail about the phone, and an unconfirmed one, so remember to take it with the appropriate amount of salt.

What’s worth mentioning though is that both Google and Motorola are sending clear signals that something interesting is coming down the road. First we have Google’s former CEO and current Chairmen Eric Schmidt saying that upcoming Motorola phones will be “phenomenal,” or “phone plus” devices, although he didn’t reveal anything about the new handsets during his D:Dive Into Mobile interview the other day.

Then we have a Motorola’s design chief Jim Wicks saying that upcoming Motorola phones will be available in just the right size (hinting that there will be no phablets from Google), run stock Android, and won’t be just about the specs. And while that’s pretty much all he had to share about the future line of Moto handsets, we’re apparently looking at some sort of joint attack here, with both Google and Motorola building anticipation and praising devices that we’re yet to see.

One of those devices could very well be the X Phone – or maybe all of them will be X Phone branded considering that a previous rumor did say that the X Phone will be an entire family of devices rather than just one model – but we’ll have to wait a while longer to see it become official.

  • DC Menzel

    Loved your Google+ post: A new X Phone rumor says the handset will be available in more than 20 customers, with hardware customizations still deemed “highly unlikely”

    • Marco Fadini

      …aaand it’s gone

      (they’ve corrected the Google+ post)


      I just hope they can at least catch up to the iPhone 4.

  • MasterMuffin

    Black, white, gray, orange, red, dark red, yellow, light blue, blue, dark blue, brown, pink o.O, lime green, green… Still needs six, some kind of patterns maybe? Can you add anything??

    • Ugo Marceau

      No, the actual names will be : Storm, Ice, Fire, Hot Fire, Water, Cold Water, Night Sky, Morning Sky, Evening Sky, Automn Leaf, Whale Scrotum, Lion Fur and Zebra Teeth.

      • MasterMuffin

        :D Well probably something like that, but I like to talk so that everyone knows what color I mean!

      • Haha, brilliant. Whale Scrotum might just make me give up on dayglo tartan.

    • Aw noo! I want my xPhone in dayglo tartan.

    • Justin Winker

      One in Whale Scrotum, please.

      • mahkie

        does that color come close to Donkey Gums?

    • probably some metallic variations in there some where

    • Kyle David House

      Maybe …desert colors?

    • harrold

      O…. I Know… Strawberry Cheesecake Blueberry Citrus Mango Coffee licorice *gross and other FLAVOURS OF ICE CREAM :D

      • MasterMuffin

        But, but key lime PIE. Maybe they’re like lime pie (lime green), apple pie (green) etc.

  • Mike A

    All this “just the right size” is very Apple like. Sound like everyone making bigger phone and they’re stuck with smaller screen sizes already in production, The “Just the right size” sounds like spin from a cable news show.

    • Nicolo’ Brentan

      You may be right… on the other hand it’s also possible that he was hinting at the fact that you might be able to pick between an array of sizes, all with the same specs, which would make each “just the right size” for anyone’s preferences! All we have is rumors so far!

      • Yes please. Then size queens who actually like 5″+ phones can get that, and the rest of us can get regular-sized 4-4.3″ phones.

        • Jules Landry-Simard

          With the Soft keys anything between 4.2 -4.5″ would be perfect!

      • Mike A

        I like that notion. Here’s to hoping you’re right.

  • I think “X Phone” might be Motorola’s attempt to create a family of devices for all carriers instead of leaning on Verizon as they have in the past. Can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on

  • Totally not a fake name

    Neon brown, please.