Rumor: Google Play Store support included in BlackBerry 10.2.1

by: Chris SmithNovember 10, 2013

Google Play Store - BlackBerry 10.2.1

A set of reportedly leaked images shows the Google Play Store running on a BlackBerry handset with a new operating system version on board, but that’s a feature yet to be confirmed by the Canadian handset maker.

A CrackBerry forum poster has shared the images below, which seem to suggest that BlackBerry users running the upcoming 10.2.1 OS update will get direct access to the Play Store on their handsets.

However, we’ll point out that there’s no way to confirm at this time whether these images are genuine or fake.

Aside from its BBM messaging platform that’s doing tremendously well on Android and iOS devices, BlackBerry doesn’t really have many reasons to be happy about right now.

The company has decided to try to reinvent itself instead of accepting bids from various rumored buyers interested in at least some parts of the BlackBerry operation, so it’ll be interesting to see if this former giant of the mobile business will survive.

In case the images are real, should we understand that one way to reinvent itself would be for BlackBerry to officially support the Google Play Store? We’ll be back with more details for you once we have more evidence to back up the story the images above seem to tell.

Would you buy a BlackBerry handset with Google Play Store support?

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    if not just emulated this would be awesome…but I dont believe it.

    • Shark Bait

      Neither do I. The way I see it Google have no reason to do this. The play store wouldn’t work without play services because of the api’s most apps contain. Google moves to agressivly block android forks so why support BB??

      • MC Wong

        Unless the Z10 is actually running a full android system virtually within BB OS similar to BlueStacks running ICS within Windows O/S. Maybe it’s KitKat which can run on 512 MB RAM which is partitioned from the device ram.

        • Shark Bait

          It does, bluestacks runs dalvik in windows and bb runs davlvik inside BB OS

          It would be silly to put all of anroid in their . that would be an app inside a virtual machine inside another virtual machine inside BB OS

          • MC Wong

            I do agree but how else could it run android’s closed source apps eg. Play store. I thought it’s only for Google certified android for OHA members?

          • Shark Bait

            It wont, this will be a 3rd party hack of some kind. Why would google want to support BB OS

  • :)

    I might actually buy a blackberry now

    • Brian Shieh

      Their devices seem to be very durable, and add play store support=winner

    • Justin Tays

      great devices, just the app situations everyone is worrying about.

      • Stephen Oliver

        i agree

  • Mike Cash

    If you look at the update it shows support for download on the Z10 which could hint at exactly this. Just saw it today so I’m not sure how long this has been here but it could be foreshadowing.

  • Melad360

    This would have been really nice like last year, probably would have attracted a lot of previous bb users who switched cuz of the lack of apps to iphone or android, but this is still a nice feature

  • Joseph Glenn Hartley

    How does this even… I just. What? Aren’t they different platforms. Android apps are going cross-platform?

    • I think the BlackBerry OS has it’s own port of the Dalvik VM, so Android apps can run on top of Dalvik while the BlackBerry apps run natively on the OS.

      • Umut Karcı

        dalvik never runs natively, it’s a VM already. You can compile DVM on windows and voila, you can run android apps. But also you need libs, you can get libs from aosp. Both android and blackberry OS are unix based, so I don’t think it’s impossible but quite hard.

      • Joseph Glenn Hartley

        This is pure awesome.

    • Seth Forbus

      Blackberry os was always able to run android apps via sideloading.

  • jjordan

    This is extremely good for blackberry if true but in what way can this be a positive thing for Google and android other than more ads on more devices? I just don’t know about this one…I think blackberry should have adopted android from the beginning of its rebirth anyways but Heins was to proud for that

    • Mike Palmer

      I’m pretty sure Nook already has done the same (even though it’s really already Android) so it doesn’t surprise me.

  • ichuck7

    So an android phone with BlackBerry OS? That sounds sweet. I really like the new blackberry os, I just don’t want to leave android to use it.

  • ezio233

    Still it feels uncomfortable when the apps are runnig on virtual machine rather than to be on native platform..anyways good move from BB .Now its a four horse RACE

    • Shark Bait

      Apps on android run in a virtual machine. It makes no difference

  • Jose Marie Maquinay

    An mid spec to high end Android phone with good physical keyboard made by Blackberry, now that’s something that could shake Samsung’s dominance.

    • Brian Shieh

      and business grade!

  • MattHail

    Google going to buy BlackBerry LTD.. Haha

  • APai

    wow. if this happens I’d bet this is the survival strategy for BB. it’s a win for both google AND BB.

  • Alu Zeros

    Google should just buy them out

  • Joseph Glenn Hartley

    Did anyone notice that there’s no music section?

    • Wuchko

      That depends on country.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    What? I wonder how they got this. A friend of mine has 10.2 on his Z10

    • GregKorman

      If the rumours are true, then this would appear on 10.2.1.xxxx. The current official releases are 10.2.0.xxxx.

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        Oh I see. Thanks

  • Shark Bait

    Who else thinks BB should just swallow their pride and use android that looks like BB OS. That way users get what they want, apps!

    They should just keep QNX for their enterprise and government contracts where security is key can charge them double for the privilege

  • John McArthur

    This is not good, app world is still the best. What I want is blackberry with app world, apple with app store, android with play store etc.

  • Groud Frank

    Didn’t they say that they were pulling out of the consumer market? If that is the case then I don’t see the reason for play store support. Added to that, I am sceptical that those apps will function properly. Though BB had some talented Java coders.

  • Data

    Honestly, this is the most surprising thing I’ve heard this year. But I fail to see how it’s going to make a BB more attractive, especially now since BBM is available on rival platforms…

  • amer

    Of course ! I would buy a z10 I am a big fan of blackberry but android apps are more developed and vivid hopefully playstore comes to blackberry as soon as possible :)