Rumor: Google to ship 600,000 Nexus tablets in June, 2.5 million estimated for 2012

by: Bams SadewoMay 24, 2012
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We’re quite aware that DigiTimes hasn’t exactly been the most accurate source when it comes to their so-called inside scoops, but we feel this one is worthy of reporting. We’ve all been expecting Google’s first Nexus tablet for a while now and it’s pretty much confirmed that Google will be working with Asus, after the former was impressed by the latter’s string of awe-inspiring tablets. However, the availability of the Nexus tablet is still one piece of information privy to a few.

According to industry sources that spoke to DigiTimes, it appears that Google is readying the shipment of its 7-inch Nexus tablet – all 600,000 units of them – in June, which means one can expect to see the tablet in stores in July. Apparently, Google’s initial plan was to release the Nexus tablet in May, but Google’s dissatisfaction with the design and costs saw the shipment and release date of the tablet pushed back. We just hope the delay means the tablet now will come with a game-changing low price and impressive specs, two things we don’t normally hear being mentioned in the same breath.

Talking about setting moderate expectations, the source said that Google is aiming to ship 2-2.5 million Nexus tablets this year. The company will have to face some stiff competition from the next Kindle Fire, the expected arrival of iPad Mini, and other 7-inch Android stalwarts.

As for the rumored specs and price of the Nexus tablet, it should come with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and a $250 price tag. Obviously, the more affordable Google makes the Nexus slate, the more chances it has on winning the hearts of many.

  • tBs_Battousai

    If they release a 10.1″ nexus tablet I’ll be replacing my wifi XOOM asap… USA XOOM ICS released Jan ’12, rest of world six months+ later, Motorola are taking the p*ss in all honesty, google better slap that b*tch upside the head now they’ve taken control as i believe Motorola are losing market share because they refuse to update old hardware in the hope that users will upgrade hardware so they can have the latest version lf Android, how well off do they think peaple are????

  • wmsco1

    wmsco51@gmail.comde to a 7″ tablet from a 10.1″??. The name nexus is supposed to be the top dog in tablets and phones with cutting edge technology!! So the words cheap are interesting but leads one to wonder? It’s my opinion to impress people into tablets is 10.1 Nexus cutting edge technology! Look at ipad it’s not Stinking little 7″ pad. So inclosing it’s the wrong business strategy.

  • Piggly

    I was looking to get a 7″ tablet even though i’d prefer the 10.1″ but realistically, i know the tablet will get jacked by my kids and the 7″ would be better.

    I was about to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or even a refurbished Acer Iconia a500 for the same price but started reading about an upcoming Quad core tablet for the same price of $250.

    I think I’ll hold off for a bit until I get the sales date or preorder is open. I will jump on that in a heartbeat if its $200 or even $250.