Rumor: Galaxy S5 may not launch with an OIS camera on board

by: Chris SmithNovember 28, 2013


Samsung is having supply difficulties with its smartphone camera optical image stabilization (OIS) plans, a new report says, which means the Galaxy S5 may not actually offer such a feature next year.

ETNews, the same publication that said the other day that the Galaxy S5 may be launched in March/April, revealing some alleged features of the handset in the process, now says that Samsung will be ready to include OIS cameras in handsets after April 2014. Since the Galaxy S5 is said to enter production in January, that would mean that buyers may have to wait for the next flagship Galaxy handset – most likely the Galaxy Note 4 – to get an OIS camera.

For what it’s worth, the Galaxy S5 is rumored to have a 16-megapixel main shooter, a camera module that’s expected to be found in 25% of Samsung smartphones released next year.

Comparatively, several 2013 smartphones already come with OIS cameras including the HTC One, the LG G2 or various Nokia Lumia models. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 (pictured above) was rumored to also have an OIS camera, but that did not happen.

At the same time, we’ll remind you that Samsung is yet to officially confirm anything about the Galaxy S5. Furthermore, since we’re several months away from the phone’s official launch, we can only expect more and more Galaxy S5 rumors to hit the web, including reports that further detail the camera capabilities of the handset.

Would the lack of an OIS camera on the Galaxy S5 be a deal-breaker for you?

  • mumusen

    “Would the lack of an OIS camera on the Galaxy S5 be a deal-breaker for you?”


  • Andy

    Yep. It’s about time that stuff like that was ‘standard’.

  • MattHail

    Imo, 13mp with ois> 16mp

    • Tommo

      For sure. 8mp with ois and a good lens > 16mp.

      • Mikael Chuaungo

        For sure 5 mp with ois and LEICA APO-TELYT-R lens > 16mp

  • marycontrary

    “Would the lack of an OIS camera on the Galaxy S5 be a deal-breaker for you?”

    Is AA really asking that question? It’s time OIS became a damn standard for our smartphones. We pay in the excess of $500 and our smartphone’s cameras are quite frankly… shit.

    • Hans Van Nieuwenhuyse

      “We pay in the excess of $500 and our smartphone’s cameras are quite frankly… shit.”
      Isn’t this a perfect reminder that smartphone’s are NOT professional camera’s… It is a handy tool in your pocket to quickly snap something, but as long you haven’t got an S4 Zoom, you shouldn’t expect too much from the smartphone’s camera…

      I also want a smartphone with a (more) decent camera, and I would love the OIS feature, but for now I’m fairly satisfied with the picture quality from my S3’s camera.

      Would it be a deal breaker for me? probably yes, if there is another phone with about the same specs and OIS…

    • Zoltan Hidegkuti

      Anyone who calls the Exmor RS sh*t needs to stop calling things entirely. It’s a great achievement in moderate to good light for such a small sensor, everything else is simply a money thing: you either choose the S-Pen and expensive Wacom digitizer, the fingerprint sensor and Apple build, or the larger Lumia sensor and faster lens. Quite simply, there is no single device that does everything great for $600, so it’s up to your skills to find the device best suiting your needs, if that’s serious photography on mobile (sounds like a contradiction), you choose one of the great Lumias.

      • Mikael Chuaungo

        Exmor RS on Xperia phones are nothing compared to the ones Sony fit on their camera, like the RX100
        However, the Z1’s Exmor RS is currently the 2nd best camera on a phone

      • needa

        its not a matter of serious photography.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    It wouldn’t be a deal breaker, because I will be looking at great phones that time and guessing here in South Africa there won’t be better than the s5. It’s either that or I’ll take the Note 3.

  • Rajkumar

    It would be a bummer next year to have a flagship device without OIS

  • ziplock9000

    It seems Samsung are slightly slipping behind the standard of innovation set by the S3. When the S4 was launched it was /meh and it might be the same with the S5

    • George Av

      Nah, Because the S4 was an upgrade for S2 users and the S5 will be an upgrade for S3 users.

  • Zoltan Hidegkuti

    OIS is always good but usually comes short when it’s most important: in low light it’s not just you that have to be entirely motionless, but your subject too, and even with OIS anything lower than 1/10s won’t tolerate the subject’s smallest move. So if Samsung’s solution really brings several times better low light performance, it could choose something like 1/30s and have better results than the G2 with OIS for example… we’ll see.

    OIS’ best use comes with video: Software stabilization can be quite good actually but it cuts away from the FOV so if Samsung’s serious about ppl. using their devices for video recording they shouldn’t miss out the optical stabilizer.

  • Balraj

    For the price will be a deal breaker

  • King Dong

    No as I have a s4 so my next will likely be a s6 or 7 so I will be able to look back in scorn at those with an inferior s5 :O

  • Josh

    They need to worry first about battery performance and second sound quality…camera is a distant 3rd for me

    • Shri

      agreed. samsung phone battery life is quite frankly- shit… without doing much the battery only lasts < 16 hrs and that is unacceptable

      • Brian Shieh

        How come their batteries get larger yet still can’t last very long?

        • Mikael Chuaungo

          common sense is seriously lacking with you bro.
          Bigger screen, Full HD resolution (4xtimes more pixel than 720p) over 2Ghz Quad core CPUs, LTE ….all these suck power..a lot

    • George Av

      The sound quality out of the Galaxy S series (except the s2) is top notch wolfson DAC Samsung phones EASILY have the best audio out of all android phones. HTC One beats audio chip is shite.

  • Xavier_NYC

    That would be silly considering that’s pretty much the standard going forward. I’d prefer a camera with less mp with OIS vs a higher one without..

  • Benedict

    They are copying LG and not surprising that they are the well-known copycat. Korean technology are never as good and reliable as the Japanese which is for sure.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      What Japanese company are you talking about?

    • Til

      Is true in other markets but there are no Japanese companies seriously competing in the cellphone market

  • Mikael Chuaungo

    No, it wont be a deal breaker, but it will leave bad taste in my mouth
    In my small town there is no 3G connectivity (every network is 2G here) but if my new Samsung S5 lacks 3G connectivity, it will pain me, even though it should’nt matter to me.
    ….the lack of OIS shouldn’t matter to me since i rarely take videos (almost never) but if my Samsung S5 lacks OIS, it will leave a bad taste in my mouth..

  • George Av

    The Iphone 5s doesn’t have OIS…. and is better than most android phones that do yanoe..

  • Hassen Belaifa
  • needa

    lol. people dont care if it has ois. all they care about is the samsung brand.

    on a side note. if samsung is indeed going to use an all metal chassis/shell… then there will be no money left for the extra dollar it will cost to put ois in the camera. just saying that rumor makes this rumor credible.

  • Androidphan

    If I was going to an S5 I would wait till after April when the cameras had ois.

  • Aude

    That would be a terrible mistake for Samsung to don’t launch the GS5 with an OIS camera. All the other manufacturers have smartphones with OIS camera… If there is no OIS I will go for Sony or Nokia