Galaxy S5 concept

A new report from South Korea says that Samsung’s Vice President and Head of Design Strategy Dong-hoon Chang revealed various Galaxy S5-related details in an off-the-record discussion with reporters. Strangely though, these details have been published.

According to him, the reports that say the Galaxy S5 flagship will be unveiled around MWC 2014 are about right – if accurate, that means the phone will not arrive at CES 2014 next week, as some fans may have hoped.

Furthermore, the exec revealed that a “new material” is considered for the handset, without saying what it was, therefore it’s not clear whether the phone will be made of metal or not. Considering that the Galaxy S4 had a Galaxy S4 Active brother, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Galaxy S5 Active this year as well.

Finally, the VP apparently also said that the use of a flexible display for the Galaxy S5 is “under review,” although we’d certainly be surprised if the handset will indeed pack such a screen. Several reports have revealed that neither Samsung nor LG can manufacture flexible display at a large enough scale to equip flagship devices. However, it may be possible for Samsung to create a special curved Galaxy S5 version later this year, although that’s only speculation from our part at this time.

We’ll remind you that while this report certainly sounds interesting, nothing is confirmed just yet, so don’t be surprised to see more Galaxy S5 rumors to arrive in the following weeks/months.

Meanwhile, we’ll remind you that CES 2014 will kick off on January 7, with Samsung expected to unveil a couple of new Exynos processors. Furthermore, the company is rumored to introduce a bunch of new tablets, including a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro model.

  • mustbepbs

    I think Samsung needs a new name for their flagship line. I bet even Apple is going with the iPhone Air this year instead of the ridiculous iPhone 6.

    • KK

      well Apple is just stupid. The name Galaxy s5 or Iphone 6 has more brand recognition than iphone air or Galaxy S whatever

      • mustbepbs

        The iPad seems to have forgone the numeral naming just fine.

        • KK

          not quite. How many people actually know which ipad is newest and the best between ipad 2, the new ipad, ipad with retina, ipad air, and ipad whatever else there is??? The names dont tell much. However if they were all numbered, people would all instantly realize which is newest and better. Not to mention, when you change up the naming of a series of products, it makes the consumer question if the new product is a serious upgrade, or just a minor upgrade with a new name.

          • mustbepbs

            Who cares which consumer knows. The people who buy iPads just ask wherever they’re going for the newest iPad. The only people who care about the actual names are enthusiasts. Most people are like “Uhhh I want the newest Galaxy preez.”

  • AndroidBoss

    I bet the new material is a new type of plastic.

    • Marcus Winchester

      Multi coloured plastic?

    • João Grácio

      And it will look like metal or leather

      • AndroidBoss

        Yeah for sure fake metal or leather.

    • MasterMuffin

      Carbon fiber would be nice

      • SimonC

        or Kevlar like Motorola

      • Abdel Aziz Farhi

        You do know that carbon fiber would be way more expensive than typical metallic chassis’s such as Aluminum which can be bent, machined, and extruded, all relatively cheap processes whereas carbon fiber has to be molded and typically requires a long cure time, so slow and expensive. The only scenario where a company would use carbon fiber is when they need high strength to weight ratios. Which is not the case here :).

        • p-09

          Faux Carbon fiber…

          • Jusephe

            Plastic carbon fiber… Like that plastic leather on note 3

            BTW note 3 was also rumored to be made from “new materials”

          • Abdel Aziz Farhi

            Well that’s not “Carbon fiber”. Usually Faux Carbon fiber materials are much cheaper materials like brushed plastic or metal sprayed and handled to look like carbon fiber. Which would actually look good on a phone .

        • MasterMuffin

          That’s certainly premium I’d say :)

      • Ricky Sam

        Gusta Gusta gustaaaaa

    • adrian strozier

      Knowing samsung I wouldn’t be surprised haha.

  • Jack Parker

    If they dont use metal and ditch that awful laggy touchwiz I wont be getting one in my next upgrade

    • truepopo

      enough with the touchwiz bashing..who cares…put on another launcher and be done with the small gripe..jesus..i havent even seen touchwiz on my phone in 2 years….novaprime….done

      • Jack Parker

        True but its not the launcher that’s laggy, its the UI. scrolling through the menus and settings is jerky and slow

      • Kash Gummaraju

        That still doesn’t fix the ridiculously high amount of space it takes up on the phone. The fact that Touchwiz occupies more than half off a 16gb s3 or s4’s storage is what pisses people off even more. Yeah sure there’s a microsd to store stuff, but not everyone uses it, mainly because they don’t know what it does exactly.

        • AdazeeI


  • adrian strozier

    I care more about the design and the hardware. The name and software matters very little to me. That being said Samsung devices have been the cellphone to avoid especially the galaxy line. Its design up to now have been very meh at best. its a rinse and repeat process adding more gimmicks with each variation. Now if they decide to step it up a lot in the hardware and design aspect of the phone then I may finally consider getting one.

  • Kareem Glasgow

    Well, after reading this and a previous article, it’s quite clear now that the Galaxy F will be on the same level with the S series but with a flexible display or curved display. I mean not everyone would want a flexible/curved display on the S5 right? I know I don’t… not now anyway.

    • Noel

      No curved or flexible displays for me..just keep the form factor very compact with minimal bezel as possible. OEMs plssss…2014 is the year to finally deliver on a huge capacity battery with more stamina, n preferably removable that can go all day and more with active use. I am quite sure Sammy can deliver this…i just wish for a GPe of said device. I don’t mind the use of plastic but good to explore use of other materials.
      I mustn’t go without saying just how good the sound of the GS4 is…if Sammy can duplicate that or better on the GS5 or Galaxy F but this time make dual speakers it will be awesome.

  • Guru Tim

    Lose the hardware and capacitive soft keys. It’s not 2008 anymore. Google Now swipable from the home on-screen button is the way forward, plus it aids phone hardware design. Apart from that, I’m hoping for a more premium material, not necessarily metal (see Nokia’s phones). Just not that cheap, shiny, £3 toy plastic

  • phalanx

    It’s useless, the screen will still break, no matter what material you use for phone body.
    Phone strength is only as strong as its weakest side.

  • Jeff Miller

    A Droid Maxx with onscreen buttons and better hardware will hopefully be my next phone. If not I will go with LG G3?

  • Xavier_NYC

    I’d prefer my display not be curved. Would be a nightmare having it in my pocket.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      Actually the curve helps, if it’s subtle, it’s less conspicuous like that, the htc one’s back is one example

  • Collin dubya

    are we forgetting the samsung galaxy round, it’s the same size at the note 3, them not being able to produce ones for flagships is inaccurate.

    • Cole Raney

      The galaxy round won’t sell nearly as many units as Samsung’s flagship’s

  • teotsi21

    would love the GPE of this phone.