Rumor: Galaxy Note Pro specs and features detailed, tablet coming at CES 2014

by: Chris SmithDecember 26, 2013

Galaxy Note Pro

The 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro Android tablet has reportedly been demoed in South Korea a few days ago, with the device expected to be unveiled early next month at CES 2014.

According to ZDNet Korea, the Galaxy Note Pro will be released in the first quarter of next year, something we’ve recently heard from different reports. Interestingly though, Samsung is said to have privately shown the device to some staff members without actually touching the device, which could explain the rumored image from the other day (image above).

As for specs and features, the tablet is said to have a 2560 x 1600 resolution LCD display, 2.4GHz processor, 3GB of RAM, 9500mAh battery and Android 4.4 KitKat. Assuming these details are accurate, it would mean the Galaxy Note Pro would have the biggest battery on a Samsung tablet so far.

The device is also said to weigh 1.7 pounds, and measure 11.6 x 8.0 inches and 14.1-inch diagonally. The thickness of the Galaxy Note Pro is not known.

We’ll remind you that this is just a rumor so far, so don’t get too excited about it just yet. We’ll just have to wait for CES 2014 to arrive to see whether Samsung will indeed unveil this large tablet at the show or not.

Anyone looking forward to buying a large 12.2-inch tablet?

  • Jayfeather787

    Look nice, but not particularly interested. More interested in Nexus 10 2014!!

  • Arturo Raygoza

    big old battery

  • Wazzifer

    If it didn’t have the shitty quality and lag of the 2014 Note 10.1, I’m in.

  • apianist16

    Unless they tone down Touchwiz, not interested. The Note 10.1 2014 edition lags noticeably, and that is unacceptable in this day and age.

    • hoggleboggle

      Just stick a different launcher on it if you don’t like touch wiz. My note 3 has zero lag running nova launcher for example

      • apianist16

        Sure, but why buy something that you need to fix up when you can get something that works from the getgo?

      • Vardan Nazaretyan

        The average user doesn’t know what launcher is.

      • Burnone

        How do I load this Nova launcher?

        • hoggleboggle

          Very easy. just install the app from the play store and the next time you hit the home button it will ask you which launcher you want to use. Then just select nova launcher instead of the stock one. If you want to go back to the old one just remove the app and everything reverts back.

  • AndroidBoss

    Touchwiz sucks.

  • T.J.

    If it’s not a Nexus, GPE , or from Motorola, I won’t buy it. I can’t stand Samsung’s skinning.

    • Collin dubya

      Root it and put a aosp rom on it, Problem solved, now you have a super power full nexus tablet with spen and expandable memory.

      • T.J.

        Or I can use my money to support the companies who make devices that aren’t skinned beyond recognition. Maybe if enough people did that, companies would catch on.

        • Collin dubya

          The same companies who decide for us that nexus devices don’t need expandable memory and we should all just be okay with cloud storage?? Ya no thanks. Expandable storage is a dealbreaker for me. I will not support any device that doesn’t give me that option

          • T.J.

            Good thing there are tons of devices out there with all kinds of configurations. Now neither of us has to buy what we don’t want to.

          • thearmslave

            I totally agree. I HATE not having an expandable storage option! What is wrong with tech companies that don’t get this?!

        • renz

          go buy nvidia tablet

  • Kurkdon1

    I’m down. Hell this is what I have been waiting for. I needed this for all of the creative working

  • venorme

    Pity to say but I see screen that big, only suitable for work. And Android is still crippled as working machine. I`d rather pay more and get Surface pro (1 or 2) as full working mobile platform.
    And first my complain about all those android tablets that are “for work” – I need full sized usb on my tablet. If its for work I have to be able to plug in all devices without using all those wires and hubs.
    Second – I need full HDMI port to use tablet as nettop when I am at work.
    And third – android needs plug n play – I want to able to connect that old printer at work without being a shaman and creating cloud printer. well this one goes to Google and device manufactors – first need to add online driver repository and other need to drivers.

    Still most apps for Android, I might use for work, are just cut versions of their desktop brothers. So I`d rather have possibility to use full version. But its still a problem even for a Linux. Developers just dont see those platform as full sized market.
    Also as Android devices are primary touch controled – developers dont even try to add reall mouse interface to use for work.

    • needa

      tbh… loading printer drivers can be as mundane as setting up cloud printing. google cloud print is actually easier than getting windows update to trigger and get the drivers most of the time. that said… my next tablet is going to be windows. because i absolutely agree with everything else. not to mention the surface pro is a beautiful piece of equipment.

  • Jusephe

    9500 mAh battery ? What a joke !

  • Brendon Brown

    I hope Samsung changes their Touchwiz skin …

    • Guilherme Ameijide

      Amem to that.
      Personally, being a Galaxy S4 owner i really love the functionalities that comes with TouchWiz, but i hate the skin, it looks extremely outdated when you compare it to stock android, right now im using custom CyanogemMod + NovaLauncher that helps with kit kat’s look and feel.

      But im betting high that Samsung will update the skin in order to make the devices more appealing to gerenal public, probably we’ll see some changes by the time that the galaxy S5 arrives.

  • loQ-on

    I can’t wait. This is a beast. Great for art, reading comics, watching videos, surfin, & again digital art. I’m 6’2″ & this is the form factor I’ve been waiting on. I use a Galaxy Note 8.0(black/brown international) as my daily driver(handset). I had the original Note & everyone said I was nuts & i said it wasn’t close to big enough yet. I love my Note 10.1(original). Touchwiz doesn’t bother me in the least(I use Nova Launcher like the person above) & i don’t root anymore because I don’t see the need & it’s a hassle to me to keep up w/ the best ROMs. I wish Samsung could speed up their updates but it’s not that big of a deal either, I look at like I get what I pay for, & updates are icing on my cake. I don’t begrudge anybodys choice of tech, I hope people love what they buy. There are things I like about all the company’s wares (sony’s waterproofing, apple’s quality apps, htc’s build quality, etc…) but for the Note series continues to hit my sweetspot & speaking only for myself I couldn’t be any more excited about more screen real estate. Now I’m just waiting on folding em up or rollin em up & puttin em in my back pocket.

    • maaen

      How do you deal with battery issues in your tablets? I have always wanted a Galaxy Note tablet and stopped myself from buying one..because of the non removable aspect unlike Note1, 2 & 3.I would dearly love a tablet like 12.2 but again I will stop short of buying it unless it will be easy to get to the back to remove the battery…You see ..once I get some tech I want it around for a long time and I feel sad that the battery will let me down…but the Note 12.2 will have all the potential for a very long life if only the battery could be changed easily
      Let us know your thoughts
      And what do you make of a micro sd card bus in a tablet where you could have two or three card slots for removable memory cards so that you could have separate cards for your music,photos,videos,books etc etc. Obviously …you would only use one card at a time and you could operate them via a switch….look forward to your considered opinions ..Happy New year in a few days time..

  • Imagine winning the giveaway then buying this OMG EPIC!!

  • Wild

    Been waiting for a larger tablet…bring it on!