Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 specs include 5.99-inch display, Exynos 5 Octa CPU and 3GB of RAM

by: Chris SmithApril 28, 2013
samsung galaxy s4 vs galaxy note 2 2 aa 600

Galaxy S4 (left) vs Galaxy Note 2 (right)

A new rumor reveals certain specs for the upcoming third-generation Galaxy Note model, although we’re yet to see the device confirmed by Samsung.

The report mentions the display, processor and RAM for the Galaxy Note 3, but also other specs details, as follows :

  • 5.99-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution)
  • Exynos 5410 Octa processor with 2.0GHz quad-core A15 CPU and 1.7GHz quad-core A7 CPU
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of storage
  • microSD support
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

Chinese site MyDrivers also provides an image (see below) of two Samsung handsets. What appears to be the Galaxy Note 2 sits on the right side of a bigger model, supposedly the Galaxy Note 3. The image also appears to reveal the model number for this purported Galaxy Note 3 model, I9500, which is really puzzling.


The Galaxy Note has model number GT-N7000, while the Galaxy Note 2 has model number GT-N7100, so I9500 doesn’t make any sense considering especially considering that GT-I9500 happens to be the model number for the international version of the recently launched Galaxy S4.

We’ll also remind you that Samsung has already announced a couple of smartphones that are bigger than the Galaxy Note 2. These are the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3, part of a new Galaxy subfamily of devices.

In addition to the top image from our Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2 comparison, the following picture helps us visualize the size difference between the new Megas, the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4. When looking at all these images, it seems clear that the unspecified Samsung model in the image provided by MyDrivers isn’t one of the Megas, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the Galaxy Note 3 either.


Image Credit: PhoneArena


The Chinese site also seems to suggest that the new Galaxy Note 3 could be made official in mid-June, which is a lot earlier than expected. Previous rumors indicated that Samsung would unveil the handset at IFA 2013 in September, the same event where the previous Notes were announced.

That said, we’ll hold firmly to our grain of salt when going this new Galaxy Note 3 rumor, as there’s no way of confirming any of the details in this new Galaxy Note 3 rumor yet.

What would you like to see from the Galaxy Note 3?

  • 32GB built in plus microSD support is nice to hear. Hopefully they stop making devices in 16GB.

    • I seriously hope so!

    • RarestName

      Didn’t people say that getting the 16GB and buying removeable storage is better?

      • Oh I’ll be using removable storage in addition to whatever is built in.

      • kascollet

        More fast inboard storage is ALWAYS better, with or without SD slot.

      • whoknowswhereor

        um no? 64+sd > 32+sd > 16+sd. All of which are still infinitely better than NO sd found in other generic android manufacturers.

    • markt9002

      Hopefully the device can do OTG + MHL + power. The smart dock is way too expensive, and Samsung could easily implement this into the kernel like they did with the Qualcomm SGS3. A resistor on an OTG y-cable can emulate smart dock mode (Exynos SGS3 and Note II), but people shouldn’t have to resort to that.

    • jusephe

      and 16,5 GB will be free XD

  • So much time until it is released :

    And if it comes with a metal casing… sweet :D

  • Dotdotdotz

    Dunno shld call it a smartphone or tablet phone.. lol..

  • Will Stewart

    Sounds like a sexy beast!…I just hope they continue to include a removable battery though.

    • freedomspopular

      True that. After getting an extended battery for my Note 2, I could never have it any other way.

      • Will Stewart

        Yeah, from what I’ve heard the Note 2 has great battery life but I like having the option to replace my phone battery with a bigger one.

        • fadilkarim

          Yeah the note 2 has really great battery life, im a heavyuser can easily make it through a day, maybe even two. But they make extended batteries that are like triple the original size… youd probably have to charge your phone once a week with that! Lol

          • Yeah and it takes 2 days to fully charge it… a battery that lasts for a day is fine in my eyes. Just connect it to a charger before going to sleep and it’s all good. I don’t understand people who want their phones to last 5 days and are ready to add triple weight and twice thickness to it. Everyone goes to sleep at least once a day. Use that time to charge your phone.

          • fadilkarim

            Well actually the zero lemon extended battery for the note 2 takes a little over 12 hours to charge and its a 9300mah battery. Its very convienient if your traveling or if your just too lazy to charge your phone every night:p haha its just an option that is available. But it does add quite a bit of thickness

  • Souske

    Why would they increase the bottom bezel…… Why…

  • the same ergonimic design, I really hope to see something different, just a little bit

  • give me snapdragon800 and and better materials and it will be my next purchase

  • Peyton

    I’d like to see the mega series off because that could stub the market for notes

    • Maybe the Megas are a one time thing.

    • Megas are cheap phones appealing to a completely different target market. Could even increase market for notes when people with megas upgrade

  • fake

  • TechGuy

    Nice to see a 32Gb model but would also like a 64Gb variant thst is actually made available. The larger memory variants of the Note 2 and S4 don’t seem to have appeared. Would also like removable battery, card slot and true multi-colour led indicator. Maybe I won’t buy an HTC One just yet!

  • Roshan John

    Samsungs gonna see a falloff in sales if they don’t change up the design and build quality soon.
    Top notch performance and screen quality, but the looks played out and pales in comparison to the HTC One.

    • whoknowswhereor

      Oh Look, another HTC fanboy. Why would anyone support a compromised product I don’t know. Only online bloggers care about metal.. Good thing Samsung doesn’t listen to those whiners and go with market data and sells millions. Oh by the way, enjoy your HTC nONE

      GS4 Airtouch vs HTC n’one
      GS4 Thermometer vs HTC n’one
      GS4 Pedometer vs HTC n’one
      GS4 Humidity Sensor vs HTC n’one
      GS4 SD CARD Support vs HTC n’one
      GS4 removbatts vs HTC n’one

      This is just the tip of the iceberg. So many practical features in Touchwiz.

      THE NEW HTC n”ONE!!!

      • amine ELouakil

        Yeay the S4 has random gimmicks that are useless! but let the hardcore fanboys likes you they are bringing something new and makes you buy it! on the other hand HTC tought about stuff that might be usefull for the average sound, better sound, better low light camera performance, best front facing camera for your video calls and so on, Premium materials and design (you are paying premium for it) .

        His comment has some arguments, yours has none appart listing what’s samsung has listed in their conference. there is a reason why the HTC One is getting better reviews than the S4

        • whoknowswhereor

          I don’t think people are calling HTC one the best phone ever made so so it’s not getting better reviews. please… htc owners = isheeps. only care for metal lol. keep your metal junk (same material as soda cans I throw away everyday…) that dents and ruins reception.

          • amine ELouakil

            They aren’t calling it one of the best phones ever? are on self denial now? please check your facts, I can list at least 10 reviews where it was praised as such, one of the most complete reviews is from Anandtech I invite you to read it.

            iSheep? so this your sole argument when confronted to fact, talk about who’s the sheep here really! I doubt I mentioned the metal on previous comment but a list of stuffs but again what do you excpect from a blinded fanboy.

            You are confused, sure there are some soda cans that are made from (aluminium, but it’s not the same the one used in the HTC One, first the composition, secondly the process of fabrication thirdly the coating…… Aluminium is way more expansive than any plastic in terms of producing phones, as the process is casting unlike the expansive aluminium machinning, and you know why in luxury cars you find real brushed alumunium and on cheap one you find only fake plastic insurts like in the Galaxy S and Note phones.

            talk about a cheap here.

          • whoknowswhereor

            yeah too bad the Galaxy S4 costs more than your metal junk to make. says a lot about the quality of materials used considering it’s using some sort of chinese metal.

          • amine ELouakil

            source or GTFO, and I’m not talking about parts costs, but the whole phone built.

    • Look it doesn’t help getting all rude about the Samsung or HTC, but I don’t think HTC is gonna beat Samsung. The s4 is just better on a lot of levels. And so far the plastics have worked. But it’s good to have competion. But I do think that Samsung can change the look of the phones a bit now, the s3 shape is getting old.

      • Arthur Vincent Simon

        There was an article around here that says Samsung was “worried” about the build quality of HTC One.

        Hopefully, it leads to better build quality for future S and Note series phones.

    • Look it doesn’t help getting all rude about the Samsung or HTC, but I don’t think HTC is gonna beat Samsung. The s4 is just better on a lot of levels. And so far the plastics have worked. But it’s good to have competion. But I do think that Samsung can change the look of the phones a bit now, the s3 shape is getting old.

  • uu

    Well i dont like that design coz its d same w/ s4 and the mega series.. i know thats fake but samsung pls change it coz only note3 can beat my note 2 :) and i also wish that their r&d will nlw focus on low light camera ability and have another touchwiz mode.. i wanna have basic, easy and elegant modes :)

  • Junior

    I’m going to need bigger pants pockets. Sweet.

  • Kevin A-Z

    Maybe samsung should come up with something original.

  • Danny Solon

    Cool, but these devices are really huge they’re just like smaller tablets and I don’t like my phone to be used with two hands because in my opinion the phone should be portable, if you want a big screen go buy a tablet!!!

  • Filip Justin


  • Might as well get a nexus tablet

  • Elizabeth S.

    Removable battery, micro SD, visible capacitive buttons, and speakers on the front.

  • Jusephe

    iPhone 5S:

    – dualcore CPU at less than 1,5 Ghz and “twice” as fast statement
    – GPU from SGS 4
    – 1GB RAM
    – 4 inch retina display (best display on the planet…)
    – 12 MP camera
    – 16-32-64 GB at 199-299-399 price.

    Who wanna buy ?

    • Give that phone android. Phones love android.

    • No One

      As long as they can do all the tasks that people want, play all the games smoothly like what they are doing now, people will buy. People with a bit knowledge about this will know that, core power is not only factor to make device running smoothly. You can be iOS hater as you want but the fact is the fact: iPhone or iPad still running everything without lag. The only thing that iOS is not good at is customization. So talking about CPU, GPU or RAM crap here just to prove that you know nothing about IT stuff.

      It sound like a none IT person going to a computer shop and buy a PC: “Oh yeah, this PC have better CPU and shit it must be running fast” LOL.

      For me not because of iPhone has too small screen which is no good for me to watch movie, I will buy it over android any time for quality build and quality apps, stable OS and I don’t have to wait month and month for OS update.

      • markt9002

        You can be iOS hater as you want but the fact is the fact: iPhone or iPad still running everything without lag.

        You’re wrong, sir. The iphone 5 is the only device that doesn’t lag on iOS 6.0+. I own a 4s, and I’m aware of its limitations. Without jailbreak, I’m frankly disappointed. Also, the 4s has a decent GPU, which is actually better than most GPUs from 2011. The iPhone 4s has a GPU that pisses on the Galaxy Nexus, and the Gnex runs 4.2 very nicely.

        Games on iOS are optimized for PowerVR GPUs, but optimization isn’t everything, and one generation later people will be disappointed in the quality of games. Furthermore, you probably don’t understand the difference between lag, and loading.

        Adreno 320 nearly delivered, and nVidia’s Tegra does provide decent optimization (even on shitty Tegra 3). I really hope Tegra 4 is worthwhile because there is some much needed competition.

        The Nexus 4 with Paranoid Android is nearly everything I want in a smartphone. I want better OTG support (OTG on the Nexus 4, however, does work), calibrated displays out of the box (Franco or Faux kernel fix this, and nothing like this is available on iOS), and a DAC that’s superior to the competition (all OEMs should be using Wolfson DACs). iPhone’s have decent DACs, but they’re absolutely a nightmare to work with, especially when you have a large music collection that consists of mostly FLAC.

        Also, I have a Subsonic server, and the dSub client on Android is hands down better than any Subsonic client on iOS. You’re also wrong about customization on iOS. If you have jailbreak, there are tons of options. The problem is that most of them are still severely held back by Apple and iOS. iTunes makes me want to throw my computer against the wall.

  • ckh14

    Thats the m pai royalty n7100+…a chinese replica of note 2….the massive bottom bezel is the dead giveaway…it has the mtk6589 a7 quad chip, with a screen of 5.99…there is no way samsung would use such hideous bezeling on the note 3….just a heads up…someones tryin to pull one over on us waiting for the note 3.

  • antxjets

    They should use the galaxy s2 skyrocket design and lose that physical button asap.

  • Don’t know what sort of material it’s made of, but I hope it comes with a microfibre cloth.

  • Alix8821

    Smaller footprint, but bigger screen like they did with S4. Full HD Screen. Love the 3GB RAM rumor. And also like the “better build quality/materials” rumor. But doubt it….

  • Dean

    Zopo ZP950+ is the name of the phone to be exact, hope these specs are true though

    wonder if they’d consider leaving out that home button on such a big phone, prob not seeing those mega phones :(

    features + design + monster specs = note 3 :D

  • fadilkarim

    I really hope they dont have that large bezel between the lower screen and home button luke they did on the s3. It looks hideous and disproportionate inmy opinion. I’m glad they fixed it with the s4

    • I was just thinking that very same thing. That was the deal breaker for me when deciding whether or not to get the note2 or s3

      • fadilkarim

        Yeah I ended up getting the note 2 as well:p. I just wish they’d make the note with aluminum I’d be drooling…

  • ckh14

    Dean…thats not the zopo 950+, “to be exact” since the zopo 950+ has a 5.7 inch screen…that is the m pai royalty n7100+ with the 5.99 inch display as I previously stated.

  • Foldable screen?? At least that curved bezzled screen that they showed off a few months ago. Also more solid design I dont mind plastic but nicer plastic please

  • What I like to see is a Note 3 which doesn’t look only slightly different than an s4. I want people to say, “wow, that’s a Note 3!” and I don’t mean it should be a heavy metal thing. Plastic is fine. I’d like a home button which is capacitive, but you’d have to put more pressure on it like you do now with the home button.
    -then the 3 gig ram and the processor sounds good.
    -5.99 inch screen sounds good, with a more unbreakable screen.
    -it should come with Android 4.3
    -and like someone said, a bit of a different touchwiz, maybe themed or just a bit different

  • RaptorOO7

    If true then Samsung finally got smart and is going straight 32GB devices.

  • Speakers on the front .. samsung could fight the courtcase with htc and come out still on top win or loss

  • So….another phone with that crappy PowerVR GPU ?

  • No One

    By the way it look now that Samsung is increasing 0.5 inch screen size every year, then by 2021, Galaxy Note XI will have 10 inch screen LOL. Samsung fan will love that.

  • joey

    Its fake. Dont trust the chinese.

  • Shane

    By the time it reaches the states it will be quad core, with oooooops. 2gb of ram for the USA version.

  • Babs Oyed

    Here is my wishlist for the Galaxy Note III

    1. 1080P Super Amoled HD screen with excellent sunlight legibility (those saying Amoled cannot have good sunlight legibility are actually wrong. there are some phones – by Nokia and I think BB with Amold and yet have excellent sunlight legibility – so I’ve read)

    2. Minimum internal storage of 32GB, (16 is a joke) and 64GB and 128gb internal storage options available everywhere on day one (I don’t care if the 64gb and 128gb options are much more expensive. I actually am inclined not to buy another 16gb phone because apps don’t install to SD and if you hack it, you get endless problems like I’ve experienced with my current Note II and with every other phone I’ve tried this with)

    3. Fix the darned Gallery

    4. Let’s have much better battery life. If Motorola have a 3300mAh battery in the thin and smaller Rarz Maxx 2 years ago, then Samsung should be able to shoehorn a 4000mAh battery into the Note III in 2013. I want my battery to always last a full 24 hours with the screen on full brightness all the time and no matter what I do with the darned phone

    5. Much better back camera than on the Galaxy S IV and an excellent 5MP FFC

    6. Much better – louder, clearer and richer sound producing dual speakers – Just copy HTC in this department and even exceed them, darn it!

    7. Make the phone more beautiful, thinner and lighter, and fix the finger print magnet nature – don’t care what the shell is made of – plastic, metal or paper, just make it solid, beautiful looking, extremely thin (0.7mm) and much lighter

    8. Exynos 5 clocked at 2Ghz with 3gb of RAM and give us a GUP that’s second to none on the market

    9. All the software features on Galaxy S IV and more and please optimize them by then. What’s the point of features that are a hit or miss. Make sure the darned thing works and works reliably.

    10. Include Nox or whatever it’s called

    11. Expand the S Pen and S Note features and make sure the menu and back buttons can be activated by the S Pen.

    12. I wish they would just delete S Voice and use Google now, but of course they will rather include that POS

    13. Shrink the darned central button and make room for more screen real estate

    14. Wireless charging of course right out of the box

    15. Keep the removable battery (have no plans to go for a phone without removable battery)

  • ghfh

    That’s a fake knockoff. It doesn’t even have Samsung on the phone

  • no rply

    it seems from china… coz no logo on it and also large bezel …

  • King Pajaro

    Please Samsung, for the love of tech, build it with an option for 64Gbs/128Gbs and consider me a happy customer =)

  • lollicup04

    Its been confirmed that this picture is the ZOPO ZP950 (Galaxy Note 2 knockoff) and not the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. However Sammobile just got an update saying that there is 3 prototypes of the Note 3. One has the same design as the S4, one has a completely different design, and one has a flexible display. But since they are having problems with the flexible display they might not use it in the Note 3. Im hoping that Samsung chooses the one with a completely different design

  • Rohan patel

    Since when can the octa be clocked to 2ghz? Absolutely everything ever said about the octa before these rumors was that it had a max clock speed of 1.8ghz. If that isn’t the case then why put it as the max? Also if its not the max, what phone would you put at that speed? It has to be higher end then their current flagship and lower then their fall flagship.

  • Human

    Don’t you guys think that 6 inches is just too big?