Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 shipping in September (32GB and 64GB memory versions only); Galaxy Gear to follow in October

by: Chris SmithAugust 19, 2013

Samsung Galaxy

Expected to be unveiled in early September, the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear are now said to start shipping in September and October, respectively.

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone and its first smartwatch are going to be introduced on September 4 at IFA 2013, where the company should announce release plans for both devices.

Sam Mobile says that one of its sources revealed that the Galaxy Note3 will start shipping in week 36 (September 2-8 ) and that the Galaxy Gear will follow it four weeks later, in week 40 (September 30 – October 6).

We don’t have actual launch dates for the two devices just yet, and it’s not known what countries will get them first. We expect the Galaxy Note 3 to launch almost simultaneously in various major markets, but we have no idea whether Samsung will have a similar policy when it comes to the Galaxy Gear.

The publication also says that depending on region, delays of a week or two are to be expected.

Interestingly, Sam Mobile seems to have confirmed the fact that the Galaxy Note 3 will not be available in a 16GB version, saying that the base model will have 32GB of memory, as previously hinted.

Even though Sam Mobile has been fairly accurate in the past about Samsung products, remember that nothing is confirmed at this time.

  • Cl3V3rName

    take my money :o

  • John Enejo


  • HitokiriX

    GN3 it is…. then. Just in time for my arrival to Korea.

    • Maher Salti

      can you grab one for me too? :)

      • HitokiriX


        • Maher Salti

          I might just wait 2 weeks after the release to read some reviews.. Still happy with the Galaxy Nexus.

          Which one are you tempted to get? LTE or 3G version? Unless there is just 1 version of course..

          • HitokiriX

            I’m going to check with my friend over there first. He works for LG but he knows I’m likely to get the GN3 so he’s gonna advise me on which way to go about it. If there is an LTE version over there, I’ll definitely be getting it though.

          • RahulMacwan

            I like that u got onizuka’s pic as ur profile pic

          • Maher Salti


  • Glad to hear there’s no more 16GB. Hopefully 64GB versions are available all around.

  • Scott Niemczyk

    I just hope they keep the price the same as last year and not try charging a extra 50-100 dollars cause of the memory bump.

    • blowntoaster

      hope so too. Get the price right and I’ll be a proud owner before Christmas.

    • I expect the pricing should not be higher as the pricing of Note2 on its 1st day.

    • keithh81

      They will not make the price higher because of the memory bump however the 32GB storage size will. It is around $100 for every storage upgrade. 16GB is around $200. 32GB most likely will be $300. 64GB will be around $400 with contract of course, if you are buying the phone full price then you got to see what the prices are but most likely will be around $800-$900 since the 16GB is $700-$800.

      • Please don’t joke like that. Samsung maybe listening to you.

        • keithh81

          That has been the price model for Apple and Samsung for the last 2 years. I do not see why they would change it now.

          • I hope Note3 will follow previous opening price of $700 and below. Memory technology is advancing and getting cheaper.

          • keithh81

            true but remember there is a difference between memory and storage. Every upgrade in storage from 16GB, 32GB and 64GB is a $100 difference in price. Storage is basically the harddrive of the devise.

  • jjordan

    Say what you will about samsung build quality, but samsung is the only oem that as a consumer your not sacrificing anything you want in your flagship. I mean they never surprise us with a non-removable battery. They are the only oem that still gives us an sd card slot everytime. Now, after the galaxy s4 space issues, they decide 32gb has to be standard…im exicted for the note 3….just hope yhe battery is bigger than 3200mah

    • Anotherworld

      Yes and thats why Samsung will always get my money. Screw everyone else. I need my SD card badly.

  • googlre10

    Im in a plan to buy new watch. Will it be worth to wait and get a galaxy gear? I have a note 2.

  • tomn1ce

    It’s about time that a OEM makes the 32GB version of their flagship the base model. 16GB is not enough when the OS is taking up about 5-7GB of storage space. It would be nice to see the 64GB model more readily available instead of making it an exclusive for one particular carrier. The G-Note 3 seems to be the one that I’ll be upgrading from my G-Nexus, especially if it comes ready to make use of vzw VoLTE. That’s one feature that my next phone has to have.

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      I always find it a bit odd that there would be an advertised “storage space” and have it used by the OS. It’s silly. Like saying you have a 6 seat car, but only 4 are user accessible because of the space taken up by the engine.

    • Maher Salti

      I was thinking the exact same, also upgrading my gnex to this beast

  • Julian Martinez

    I’m so ready for the GN3!!! I’ve been waiting all year and hope that the wait is well worth it. Come on 9/4/13.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    No doubt, those and the gear will be AT&T exclusives. The rest of us will get the 8gb model. lol

    • freddieboy


      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        *note the “lol” posted on the end just there…it is intended to infer an absence of seriosity. Sorry to confuse…I’ll high-lite it next time.

  • freddieboy

    Very accurate report, refreshing to have someone b informed about what they say & not just try to copy other folks story & still not get it correct.
    Looks a lot like an oversize I-5, guess Apple will b thrilled & want to go to court again, poor babies. P.S. How do u like the dedicated camera button, below the power button.?

    • If you have seen the galaxy Mega 6.3 – the architecture is in this direction. I like it. I don’t like the looks of the back of my S3. That’s why I have extra military type casing in it.

  • Babs Oyed

    Very good!
    I hope they will make 64gb versions available and maybe even a limited version with 128gb of internal storage.
    I also hope it will have more than a 3200mAh battery. There’s another phone (I forget the name now) with a more than 4000mAh battery and it’s smaller than the Note II. The addition of a 4000mAh battery will just make this phone perfect.
    I’m definitely getting this phone unless the battery life is inferior to that of my Note II.

    • keithh81

      It is said they upgraded the battery from the Note 2 plus the snapdragon 800 processor like the moto x will also help battery life because of the 8 cores that each handles its own thing which makes for better batter life.

  • Good news!! Means I will be sleeping soundly with my Note3 by the 2nd week of September. ROUGHLY IN THREE WEEKS FROM NOW. I hope I can use it to control my TV, listen to FM. etc…. I assume shipping means AIRFREIGHT – not by container shipping.

    • mobilemann

      this is pretty much how i feel about new phones that come out. So sad, but still so citing.

    • Jo Meza

      “listen to FM” ?? So GN3 finally comes with a built in Radio receiver??? WWWhhhhoooooohhhhoooooo!!

  • Mundher Abbas

    Finally no 16 GB and 3 GM RAM. Hopefully same size as Note 2.

    • keithh81

      The dimensions of the phone is supposed to be the same, like the S4 they made the bezels smaller to add more screen estate.

  • 16 gb isn’t enough for my needs. My note 2 shall turn to 3 very soon

  • mumusen

    With all those gimmicks which Samsung recently placed in S4, making 8 gb of space available out if 16 gb, it was righteous of them to ditch 16gb and grab 32 gb as base model.

  • johnny

    THANK HEAVENS this is the news ivebeen waiting for so long. NO MORE 16GB VARIANT WOOHOOO!! Please let this be true otherwise i will still need to make a trip to Korea

  • OD

    Well if the GN3 is going to be the same size as my note 2 then I will move on. Me, I am very disappointed in samsung stating that they are going have this size of screen then changes mid stream. Sounds like they can’t makeup their minds. I was really looking forward to the 6 in screen. More landscape for easier presentations. So I am also looking at other options in case this deal falls through. Oh one more thing. Why not call it the Galaxy Note 2S. For second variant of the note 2. It would make more sense. After all it is really going to be about same size. Same phone with a bigger processor and some bling.
    What do you think?

    • Grman Rodriguez

      Galaxy Mega, Z Ultra? The Note 2 is a niche product because of its size yeah but it was still acceptable for most, giving it 6 inches would make this even a more niche product than it already is, so sales would be down. For the tiny amount of people that still want to go higher there are the phones I mentioned.
      Also, if you use your phone for presentations I’d recommend a tablet, note 8.0 maybe? Or even 10.1 if you have no problem with the size.

    • freddieboy

      It’s the same increase n screen size from the Note 1 (5.3″) to the Note 2 (5.5″). So Note 3 (5.7) is more appropiate & correct. Hello.

  • NarutoNamikaze1010

    If this is true then I’ll forgive Samsung for the lack of 64gb S4. If T-Mobile carries the 64gb N3 then i will forgive them as well for not carrying the 32gb S4 like AT&T. This 64gb N3 is T-Mobile last hope for me as a 10 year customer :P

  • note 3 fan

    hope the 3gb of ram is still true

  • ProudToBePinoy

    32 gig, 15 gig usable XD

  • Jason

    “Sam Mobile seems to have confirmed the fact that the Galaxy Note 3 will not be available in a 16GB version.”

    “remember that nothing has been confirmed at this time.”

    So, did the meaning of “confirmed” change from one sentence to the next?

  • Toi Robinson

    I want to get the galaxy note 3

  • Xenomorph Predator

    I want a flexible screen on the Note 3.

  • 新阿修羅(ShinAsura)

    Just give me the Exynos 5