Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 Lite aka SM-N7505 coming at MWC 2014

by: Chris SmithDecember 2, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 aa (30)

After being recently spotted on a logistics website, the previously unidentified SM-N7505 now has a rumored commercial name: Galaxy Note 3 Lite.

Sam Mobile reports that one of its insiders confirmed that Samsung will launch a “Lite” version of its newest flagship device at MWC 2014. Following the announcement, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will reportedly hit stores in February or March, although actual pricing details or launch dates aren’t available yet.

Hardware details aren’t revealed either, as the publication has not been given any specs. The listing on that logistics website revealed that the handset may have a display with a size between 5.49- and 5.7-inch. Furthermore, Sam Mobile speculates that the Galaxy Note 3 will feature an 8-megapixel camera and an LCD display instead of a Super AMOLED display.

We’ll remind you that before the Galaxy Note 3 was launched, the same publication suggested that the company may launch a cheaper Galaxy Note 3 version. At the time we half-jokingly called it the Galaxy Note 3 Mini, but Samsung never confirmed the existence of such a model.

That said, this is still an unconfirmed rumor at this time, so don’t get too excited about a cheaper Note 3 just yet.

In addition to this unofficial Galaxy Note 3 Lite, the same publication claims that a Galaxy Grand 2 Lite will also arrive at MWC 2014.

  • jmoney510

    It may be the galaxy note 3 active. They did the same with the s4. 8mp camera and lcd display

  • Siphiwe

    Galaxy Grand 2 Lite, really? C’mon, give us a break now Samsung.

    • Galaxy Grand original is meant for the poor people. Is Samsung designing the Lite for the poorer than the poor.

  • samsung

    Thank you samsung for bringing us lots of choices, this is very good for people who had no money but want bigger screen & mid range specs. please also release a note3 active & note 3 with snapdragon 805

    • No money but liked the S-pen, S-note. Poor people have a lot of options when it comes to bigger screen.
      Regarding the ‘Region SIM Lock’ issue, I already had my first hand experience. The first day I purchased the Note3 I immediately inserted a roaming Sim the is not belonging to the region of the unit I purchased. The moment I switched on, The ‘DISMISS’ ‘SIM LOCK’ icon immediately greeted me. I switched off and inserted a local Sim then it went normal.
      After 4 days of using I reinserted the foreign Sim (SMART Philippines) roaming then it worked just normal.
      Personally I have a closure to the issue of ”Region Sim Lock’ which has been bothering my thoughts for sometime.

  • Say What?

    Yep. Now for $199 or $249 with a new contract we don’t get a flagship anymore, just a watered down version. You get less for your money nowadays.

  • Tanner Hoyt

    Gaining market share by flooding the market. They SERIOUSLY need to cut down to about three or four models. Rather than making so many products, focus on a few and make them even better.

    • Toss3

      Or just focus on making the old ones work/better before releasing new models.

  • Groud Frank

    I’m guessing it might come with Kit Kat, either a dual core or a not so powerful 1.2 quad core Cortex A7 with a 720p , 5.4 inch LCD display and a 2700 mAh battery. Maybe, just maybe they will try to sell it cheap to answer back to the Moto G and the Nexus Line

  • Traser

    I would like a smaller samsung phone (5 inches is more than enough) with the note 3 specs.

    Should I wait for the Galaxy S5?

  • Sams Helper

    720 x 1280 pixels is good but 1080p is more appreciated
    Quad-core processor is good
    RAM – must be more than 2GB (2.5 or 3GB)
    because we don’t want recycled version of “NOTE 1 or 2” With High price point…