Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 launch set for September 27 in Taiwan

by: Chris SmithAugust 28, 2013

Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly launch on September 27 in Taiwan, with September 16 said to be the pre-order date for the upcoming flagship smartphone in the region.

The news comes from Taiwanese site ePrice, although it’s yet to be officially confirmed by Samsung. The site further said that these dates may be slightly changed, although it doesn’t expect significant modifications.

Assuming the launch date for Taiwan is real, we would expect to see the handset hit other markets around the same time, as Samsung usually goes for almost simultaneous launches in major markets.

In the past weeks, we heard that Samsung may be interested in launching the new smartphone as soon as possible after the September 4 announcement, with reports saying that the handset will start selling in various markets by the end of September.

That said, the Galaxy Note 3 rumors are still popping up day after day – we have an updated Galaxy Note 3 rumor roundup for you – with just about a week left until the company officially announces the device at its pre-IFA 2013 media event, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see more launch-related Galaxy Note 3 reports appear before the handset becomes official.

Are you buying the Galaxy Note 3 first chance you get?

  • Arturo Garcia

    No.. I’m done with Samsung for good.

    • John

      Dumbest comment ever. You may not like Samsung now, but you don’t know what Samsung will be like in 10 years, or 5, or even 3. Get outta here.

  • Ruz

    the difference btw Note 2 & 3 will only be processor?

    • jimbo

      No, there’s leaks that it’s coming with a built in jet engine.

      Think s3 to s4 that upgrade will be similar to note 2 to note 3. It is not possible to reinvent the wheel (or phone) every year.

      You want something magical, go look at wearable tech

  • dlm11133

    Since I don’t have a note, I will be buying. Looked at Sony but the Z1 Ultra is just too big. I had to talk myself into the size of this thing. Saw that Spigen is selling GN3 screen protectors on amazon. They will be in stock on September 20th so maybe the pre-order date of Sept 16th is correct?

  • John Enejo


  • xtriker360

    So that means it won’t hit US before September 20th?

  • Dominick_7

    Definitely looking to upgrade from my Note 2 to the Note 3! Can’t wait to see what it will really be like!