Galaxy Note 3 concept

Galaxy Note 3 concept

A new report says that Samsung may launch its third-generation Galaxy Note smartphone earlier than expected to counter Apple’s upcoming iPhone models.

DigiTimes says that the Galaxy Note 3 as well as the Galaxy S4 mini would arrive in the third quarter to take on new iPhone versions. The Galaxy Note 3 would arrive in July-August, which would be a lot earlier than anticipated.

Previous rumors said that the new Galaxy Note generation would be unveiled in September at IFA 2013, and hit stores thereafter.

Obviously, we’re taking DigiTimes’ report with the appropriate grain of salt, considering its not always accurate track record when reporting news.

The report does not mention other details about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, as it’s main focus is actually Apple and its iPhone plans for this year.

According to the publication, Apple would launch two iPhone models in the third quarter of 2013 including a “revised version of the iPhone 5” and a “low-cost iPhone model” that will be “comparable to the iPhone 4S in hardware specifications but with a lower specification display and processor.”

Apple is apparently preparing for producing 20 million new iPhones each month starting with the third quarter of the year. Launch details for the new iPhone models are not provided, but the report speculates that Apple could announce them in June at the earliest. The publication does say that iPhone shipments would start at the end of June, reaching a peak in August-September.

Other recent Galaxy Note 3 rumors claim that the handset would launch with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor on board and with a camera with optical image stabilization features.

  • Amadeus Klein

    Since I skipped the S4 an earlier note 3 launch would be awesome… And of course making sure to launch just before the iPhone would knock some of wind out of apple’s sails for launch hype…

  • Vireak Rascal

    Not that fast. My Note 2 is just 6 months old.

    • Johnny Garcia

      HTC is better

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        If their rumored phablet is better HTC can have my money as well. I agree I would buy HTC One over the S4 good sir.

      • chris


    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Yay!!! Totally dont care that my note 2 is 6 months old. Take my money!!!!

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      I totally dont care about my note 2 being 6 months old. Take my money!!!!

  • Asakura

    This somehow goes what my carrier told me, Samsung stopped to ship notes to the stores because a note 3 launch but even the clerk told me the launch could be even on Christmas because no date was said

  • kascollet

    Don’t fear the iPhablet Samsung : Apple won’t make any.

  • Ooh ooh ooh! An earlier launch is cool! Altough I don’t know what phone I could get next year then… It would’ve been cool of the Note was still ‘new’ next year 1st quarter..

  • Rooney-

    Samsung destroying apple in all fronts,every possible way!

    • You don’t be happy when someone or something is going down or destroyed. All companies have people depending on it.

  • Quryous

    I don’t care WHEN it comes out, as long as it has high quality, DUAL, Front Facing speakers.

  • Stranger from a far coast

    So people using the Note 2 and GS3 as well as Gnote and GS2 will get further delay on 4.2.2 :( Samsung why you no take priority on updating older devices?