Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2

A new report suggests that Samsung may be interested in launching the Galaxy Note 3 earlier than initially planned, in order to compensate for poorer than expected Galaxy S4 sales.

Galaxy Note 3 – a savior?

Unfortunately, it’s not clear when the Galaxy Note 3 would be announced and when it would hit stores. Earlier rumors suggested that the handset would arrive in September at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany, just like its predecessor did, but at least one recent report did say that the handset could be available earlier, in July or August.

An earlier Galaxy Note 3 launch would surely not bring back lost Galaxy S4 sales, but it will help generate increased buzz around Samsung devices. Moreover, the sooner the handset is unveiled, the faster it will hit stores, and therefore the more money Samsung will make from early sales. More Galaxy Note 3 sales will make up for some of the lost Galaxy S4 sales, even though, historically, the Note models have not sold as well as their corresponding smaller flagship devices.

For what it’s worth, the Xperia Z Ultra (ZU or Togari) is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks and hit stores thereafter – Sony may be interested in beating the Galaxy Note 3 to market with bigger smartphones, just like it did earlier this year when the Xperia Z was launched a few months before the Galaxy S4. This may be another reason for the Galaxy Note 3 to arrive earlier than supposed to.

Is there a serious Galaxy S4 sales problem?

Galaxy Note 3 concept

Galaxy Note 3 concept

Now ETNews says that Samsung is dropping orders for Galaxy S4 supply components for the month of July down to 6.5 million units. That’s definitely an impressive drop compared to April’s and May’s numbers, 10 million and 12.2 million, reportedly. Still, not many other flagship out there can complain of such a “problem,” having to go from 12.2 to 6.5 million units from May to July.

Naturally, these numbers aren’t officially confirmed by Samsung at this time, and they don’t represent sales numbers for the Galaxy S4. The company only announced that it sold over 10 million Galaxy S4 units, reaching the milestone in less than a month after the device hit stores. Thus, the Galaxy S4 became the fastest selling Android handset so far, beating its predecessor.

But the handset is not quite ready to become the best-selling smartphone to date, a title still held by one of the iPhone versions out there. It’s also worth remembering that Samsung doesn’t announce handset sales numbers in its quarterly earnings report, but it does mention milestones – that means we’ll have to wait to see how fast the 20 million sales mark is hit.

Since Samsung announced its 10 million Galaxy S4 sales mark, we’ve seen a variety of reports saying that analysts and even Samsung expect sales to drop, even though Samsung’s CEO says the handset is selling well. Initial estimates suggested that the company could sell about 10 million units per month, but considering that Samsung is said to drop components orders, that may not happen.

Is the Galaxy S3 cannibalizing sales?

galaxy s4 vs galaxy s3

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3

In addition to dropping supply orders, the company apparently has other measures in place to try to increase Galaxy S4 sales. One of them is retiring the “old” Galaxy S3, which is still a worthy investment for smartphone buyers considering that last-year’s flagship is still able to offer an impressive performance. Not to mention that since it’s an old device, the Galaxy S3 is available for a lower price in various markets, which surely appeals to plenty of buyers who aren’t necessarily interested in buying the latest device available.

However, it’s not known at this time to what extent the Galaxy S3 is cannibalizing Galaxy S4 sales, in case that’s actually a problem for the company.

Healthy competition

Furthermore, other Galaxy S4-branded devices have been recently announced including the Galaxy S4 Active, the Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy S4 Zoom. While they’re yet to hit stores, these devices may also prevent some buyers from getting the original Galaxy S4. Of the three models, just the Active is a flagship device ready to match the original in performance, but all of them carry the same flagship name. But, at the same time, the fact that they are part of the Galaxy S4 family, could be enough for plenty of buyers to choose them instead of mid-rangers or low-end offers from the competition.

We’ll also note that, for the Android ecosystem, it’s certainly good to hear that the Galaxy S4 is having some sales troubles. That means devices like Sony’s Xperia Z, HTC’s One and LG’s Optimus Gs are worthy competitors. And then there’s also the iPhone, whose sales have not dropped once the Galaxy S4 sales. As always, more competition should benefit customers.

Wrap up

At the end of the day, nothing is officially official, so we can only speculate on available reports. Again, no matter how important the sales drop for the Galaxy S4, chances are the handset will still outsell its main competitors including the Xperia Z, the HTC One and the LG Optimus G Pro. And if Samsung wants to correct its Galaxy S4 sales issues by launching the Galaxy Note 3 faster than planned, then it’s even better for Android buyers – there certainly are a few of you anxiously waiting for the device.

We’ll point out that while this looks like bad news for Samusng – Galaxy S4 sales not matching estimates – the picture isn’t as bleak as some people paint it. Samsung is still shipping plenty of mobile devices, and it’s only Android manufacturer to really profit in this complex mobile business. Whether it will hit internal Galaxy S4 sales goals or not, Samsung will surely report better than average overall sales numbers in the following quarter.

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    looking forward

  • lean6

    Bring it on.

  • huntman592

    Honestly,I think they should hold off…people who just bought the s3 at its launch last year are still in contact for a few months…after that the s4 and note 4 would still far better! Coming from a guy who just got his upgrade from a iPhone 3gs to a gs4

    • huntman592


  • yoniinfante1989

    shut up and take my money

  • Jaun Lombard

    I want a Note 3…if Samsung can do what they did with the S4…making the body smaller and screen bigger…I will surely die!!

    • nvitone23

      screen is 5.9 inches, body is only .15 inches bigger

  • HanumanBob

    Samsung reached its zenith with the S3. They would have been better off waiting until next year or at least this fall to release an S4. I think the note 3 is also far too soon.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Please do not bring it as a bata. Make sure it works, don’t send it out half-baked!

  • NewTon GaIre

    Samsung just ship that note faster as possible to my pocket and empty my wallet..

  • asa

    Don Johnson
    I dont think that the GS4 is selling poor is because it is a bad product but i think it is because the GS3 + note 2 are one of the best phones that people do not need to upgrade…people sign up for 2 year contracts and so they do note need to upgrade their phones every year…so if companies made phones every 2 years i think they will be a massive improvement but saying this i do think that the note 3 and the GS5 AND GN3 will sell well

    • MariaxNY

      its selling poor we get many returns of the samsung s4 do to lag/overheating i work in at&t store stop defending samsung this will not help them.

      • Victor V.

        huh the htc one gets hot as hell? I’m not sure about the lag. Just remove the animations. anyways, the htc one is the only other phone out there that you can even compare to the s4. In my opinion at least.

      • john fragoulias

        Reason for the lag is the Touch Wiz UI, all you have to do is install Nova Launcher and you are good to go, but the majority of consumers today are clueless in regards to smartphones and it’s vast options offered to them via the Play Store, if people knew how to use an Android phone it would help, including all the tards working in those stores selling these devices, the majority of them are clueless, even more clueless than the customers in the store, I have seen it first hand, over and over and over, makes you wonder what the qualifications must be to work as a sales rep, LOL.

  • Cao Meo

    If Note 3 is designed as in the picture above, I think it will fail much worse than GS4.

    Samsung must understand that their design language is flawed and TouchWiz needs radical overhaul

  • Timmy

    Note 3 Google Edition (if made) vs. Experia ZU….tough choice.

  • dkbnyc

    Please don’t release it yet. Wait until late in the year or early 2014. The N2 is barely a year old. That was the problem with the S4. Came out too soon after the release of the S3. People who have the S3 are pretty much your customer base for the S4. They aren’t going to upgrade for a couple of bells and whistles. Once they get tired of the S3 then your S4 sales will increase. Same with the N2. I got it in November and will not upgrade to the N3 for at least another year. It would be great if they pushed an update to 4.2 but I can wait.

  • Samsung definitely released the S4 a little too soon. They should have waited through the fall and announced it just before the iPhone 5S is announced. That way they could have racked up millions more of S3 sales. I know at least 4 friends that got S3s after the S4 was already out, which made me scratch my head but they barely knew the difference.

    • Victor V.

      well the s3 is like 30 bucks with a two year contract. I was actually considering on purchasing it as well over the s4. I decided not to waste my upgrade though since the s3 would have been super old after two more years.the s4 should last me a year and halfish..I hope.

      • Sim Lash

        I still have a GS2 with a custom 4.2.2 ROM. I was going to buy a GS3 for about $250 but I started thinking Why? I do like some of Samsung’s software features but I really have no need. My phone is fast and the average person thinks it’s new because of the launcher, transitions, live wallpapers, effects, etc. Plus I have no contract so my bill is only $80/month with TMobile. Why should I spend more $?

  • G Mohal

    please samsung learn something from htc one and bring an aluminum body note 3.

    • Victor V.

      well if they do I hope they still add in an expandable micro-SD, and by some miracle a removable battery. i do like the aluminum body. actually just a micro-sd since the note will probably come packed with a huge battery!. I do love the htc one’s design. I wish the features of the s4 could come with the design aesthetics of the ONE. I’m not willing to give up the features though just for how a phone feels.Do you think it will be heavy though?

  • terminator

    They shouldn’t hurry to launch it. Imho S4 isn’t doing as well as they hoped cos the S4 wasn’t awesome enough to shadow the S3 and N2, and those are still selling like mad. And the S4 was released too soon. How will repeating a mistake correct that mistake? They would be becoming CrApple by releasing a phone barely to compensate for bad sales.
    Allow the N2 to stew for a year and then blow our minds away with a truly awesome N3. A very slight improvement over the N2 won’t help sales but drop it further. Take time and build a truly awesome phone.

  • aholsteinson

    They released the S4 too soon and their “release a new device every week” strategy is just cannibalizing the sales of their own devices, the S4 being perhaps the most notable victim.

  • MariaxNY
  • michele burgeson

    I just bought. Now I’m d9 confused 8f my money was worty of even buying my galaxy s4 ????..should I want to buy another galaxy which one shouldI buy niw .im very upset I just bought this phone????????

  • michele burgeson

    Im pissed off.. im just going to stop buying GALAXY’S PHONES