Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 camera to include optical image stabilization technology

by: Chris SmithMay 27, 2013
Galaxy Note 3 concept

Galaxy Note 3 concept

A new report says that the Galaxy Note 3 could feature an improved camera capable to offer users optical image stabilization (OIS) features.

According to etnews, Samsung is apparently working on including OIS capabilities in the unannounced Galaxy Note 3, a feature that should help improve the pictures and videos taken with the phone’s main camera.

OIS is a technology that’s used in various cameras but also in some mobile devices to reduce image blur caused by motion when taking pictures and/or recording videos. In addition to OIS, the Galaxy Note 3 team has apparently also considered including 3x optical zoom capabilities in the phone’s camera, but it looks like that’s not an option for the handset, as it would affect the thickness of the device.

Modern mobile devices already offer software-based image stabilization features but OIS would actually deal with issues caused by motion right at the lens or sensor level.

Obviously, we’re treating such reports as rumors at this time, as there’s no way of confirming them just yet. There are plenty of other reports and rumors detailing the next-gen Galaxy Note model but Samsung is yet to unveil it. The handset is said to be announced at IFA in Germany, which is where its predecessor were also unveiled.

Since Samsung also makes plenty of digital cameras – including the Android-based Galaxy Camera – we’re not surprised that its teams are trying to improve the camera experience of upcoming smartphones, especially flagship devices. After all, it looks like smartphone makers are starting to pay more attention to the other features of a camera phone – see HTC’s UltraPixel and Nokia’s PureView technologies – other than megapixels, and Samsung will surely try to improve the cameras of its smartphones.

Samsung is also said to release a Galaxy S4 Zoom camera phone in the near future, a device that would pack better camera features. The device is rumored to offer a 16-megapixel sensor and 10x optical zoom, and it will certainly be interesting to see whether it will also feature OIS capabilities.

  • MasterMuffin

    A real surprise would be that Samsung would go and make the note III of aluminium (like in that picture)! A big risk, but that would certainly be cool and a BIG surprise

    • Anonymousfella

      THAT would be awesome! :D
      But then they can say the same thing as they did with the s4- higher production costs,less profit.The note3 is gonna sell well for sure and Samsung knows that so that may not happen.However, we can wish…

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      I agree, HTC’s rumored 6 inch phablet device with HTC one design has me drulling. I need to compare the two before I buy note 3. Gota feeling its gonna be better “rooted” hopefully expandable SD to 64GB. If not no deal drinking da Note coolaid instead.

      • simpleas

        If you need Wacom pen tech, there is no challenge. And Samsung is sure to impress with their slew of advanced technology.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          Damit feel so old saying this. But this android market is the same as what the PC market was in the 90s and early 2000. The best model is a dynamic thing as far as brand goes. You would have done badly buying one brand consistently.

    • Abdul

      You can always snap an Aluminium back cover (hardly 15$ on ebay) on your current Samsung flagship and you are good to go.

      • MasterMuffin

        I don’t even want aluminium, just said that THAT would be a huge surprise!


      You don’t want Aluminum if your a gamer. I’ve found a big issue with the HTC ONE’S metal build, it causes the entire phone to heat up quite hot and actually to a point that the phone begins to lag and stutter badly. This is when playing graphic intensive games. I thought it might be the game just not playing nice with the ONE but I did a benchmark test of hot and cold device and the proforma drop was enormous. Antutu scores were 23,000 cold and 15,000 hot, where as the Galaxy S4 which has the same processor but a plastic build only dropped by a max of 3,000 at its hottest. Metal is not good for phones with super processors if you want to push your device like it should be able to do.

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        Ah damit why do I need to be the smart ass. Aluminum is a super conductor used to deliver power to your house. Consequently a fantastic heat sync. I’m a BSCE by the way and I didnt flunk material sciences. In this case the so called “gamers death grip” especially if ur a husky dude can created said heat sync issue. You did right by chosing the “One” over the S4 I would aswell.

      • MasterMuffin

        As I already replied to “Abdul”, I don’t even want aluminium, just said that THAT would be a huge surprise! :)


    Make the camera ms in their phones better? The Galaxy S4 is already the best camera available in a phone right now.

  • phatman the phat man

    I really like the concept pictures above.

  • Anirudh

    “the Galaxy Note 3 team has apparently also considered including 3x optical zoom capabilities in the phone’s camera”- -Sources ???/

  • Rooney-

    I know, Note 3 will be as good as note 2 was. Just hoping for a better camera which should smoke the competition! Whatever that Ultrapixel,Pureview OIS etc etc!! bring it on sammy!