Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 to come with better build quality, as HTC One “worries” Samsung

by: Chris SmithApril 13, 2013

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A new report says that the next-gen Galaxy Note 3 model will not follow the “design guidelines of the Galaxy S4,” as Samsung may be exploring ways to improve the build quality of its mobile devices.

According to a Sam Mobile insider, Samsung is apparently “’worried’ about the design and build quality of [its] mobile devices,” now that the HTC One is out in the wild. Accordingly, the Galaxy Note 3 could move away from plastic, although the insider doesn’t mention exactly what changes Samsung has in mind.

Samsung is apparently only worried about what potential buyers think about the build quality of its flagship devices, Galaxy S4 included, especially when compared with the HTC One, which is made of aluminum. As for the software on top of Android – Samsung’s Nature UX interface – the company seems to believe that its software “is better than the one on HTC devices.”

However, we’ll remind you that not too long ago, Samsung made its case for plastic choices, basically saying that by using that material in favor of anything else, it’s able to produce the large number of mobile devices it needs to satisfy consumers. Therefore, it will definitely be interesting to see what material Samsung will choose for the Galaxy Note 3 especially since Sam Mobile says that an internal metal-based Galaxy S4 version was built, and it was “very popular internally.” Samsung ultimately went with plastic as it couldn’t mass-produce the metal model in time for launch.

Naturally, we’ll take everything with a pinch of salt as we’re still looking at an unconfirmed rumor, even if it does come from a publication that has been mostly right in the past about upcoming Samsung products.

The same source says the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 6-inch FHD AMOLED display, Exynos 5 Octa processor, 13-megapixel camera, LTE and “the latest version of Android, which could be Android 5.0.”

  • MasterMuffin

    “6-inch FHD AMOLED display, Exynos 5 Octa processor, 13-megapixel camera, LTE and the latest version of Android” I didn’t know I had such an amazing phone o.O :D

    • Shaked

      I guess they confused and ment to write Galaxy Note 3….

      • MasterMuffin

        That’s quite obvious, I was joking….

  • About time Samsung realizes that their phones looks like a poorly recycled plastic beer cup.

  • Dean Vandaele

    The same source says the Galaxy S3 will feature a 6-inch FHD AMOLED display, Exynos 5 Octa processor, 13-megapixel camera, LTE and “the latest version of Android, which could be Android 5.0

    note 3 ;)

    if only they could make the design nexus-like

    • MasterMuffin

      Hanshen commented about this 1 hour ago above this comment..

  • Marlon Milligan

    Samsung fans just defended The hell out plastic. Is that a good idea?? From what I got of the conversation from the past two weeks is plastic is more durable & only a fool wants a metal phone.

    • Don’t wrry .. the Sammy fans will be just as quick to defend a decision to switch to tinfoil or wood if it meant supporting samsung. They just want to support Samsung, that’s all … but can you imagine (heh heh) what a 6 inch phablet device would have to weigh if it was made out of metal :) … never mind the ridicule they would have to suffer from copying the real innovators !!

      • APai

        who are the “real” innovators you are talking about ? last checked, everyone made incremental updates in software and hardware. no one came up with a jesus phone that did not improve upon existing designs

      • Cameron Clowers

        Lol probably not Samsung supporters, probably someone that Samsung hired to bash their competitions, just read that they hired some students in Taiwan to criticize HTC online that is just not fair competition!!!!!

  • inda mitchell

    LOL I’ve had Motorola metal (Droid X) now happily rocking plastic on this awesome SGN2. (which has dropped a few times, nary a scratch) But to each her own ;)

    • Amine Elouakil

      HTC One as was the One S is scratch free, because it’s not just aluminium but coated and ionized, I never used the Droid X, but I used several Aluminium HTC Phones besides the Samsung ones I owned and I know that they are durable.

      • Doug Lippincott

        I think the word you wanted was “anodized.” A case featuring ionized metal would be, well, very interesting.

        • Amine Elouakil

          Exactly, had to deal with the french keyboard correction for each word :(

  • Well I’m not surprised at all… Samsung the copy master

  • freedomspopular

    Competition FTW

  • means there is again a big bang by Samsung.
    S4<Mega 5.8<Mega 6.3<Note 3.
    So lots of to entertain.
    I'm just waiting release of Galaxy mega series.

    • Enes Taşdemir

      Haha. Have you seen the specs of mega series phones?

      • Filip Justin

        The specs of the Mega line-up are actually pretty impressive.. Simmilar to those of the Nexus 10 in terms of CPU and GPU..

        • Jusephe

          It is not official that it is exynos dual, considering the mid end targeting of these phones it’s very likely NOT.

      • not so but some what known.

  • Filip Justin

    I’d love it if they used titanium..

    • Yes, And a total of whooping 1000 phones will be available for purchase worldwide every week..

  • Quryous


    Personally,I like the plastic used in my Note 2 just fine. Even after dropping it it shows no scratches, dents, or dings.

    PLUS, manufacturing and materials cost is VASTLY higher with quality aluminum cases. Does anyone want to quadruple the case cost? It is already one of the most expesive parts of ANY phone. It DEFINITELY would raise the cost of Samsung phone quite a bit.

    • lil bit

      Thats a nice way to twist reality. Shouldnt you be more worried that Samsung as of today is overpricing phones by using the cheapest materials that are faster and cheaper to manufacture?

  • El

    hmmm, metal casing is RF enclosure

    • You’re talking old news (about the iPhone) … Have you tried an #HTCOne ?? .. Have you read the reviews ?? There’s no signal attenuation at all. HTC have found the answer and implemented it already. It’s here, today … As they say – Everything your phone isn’t

  • mohdamr1

    Make the whole front casing out of flexible unbreakable glass and the rear only out of aluminium or matte finish polycarbonate – problem solved.

  • That’s how should looks Galaxy Mega 6.3.
    If Samsung want do so big screen devices, bezelless is welcome.

    • lil bit

      Again, how are you going to use and handle a bezelless phone with todays technology? The tech does not exists, small bezels are a nightmare in real world. Just wait till you get the S4 in your hands, a lot of people will ask to get the bezels back, they are there for a reason.

  • Plastic is just fine for me. Easy to remove and change… I guess if Samsung goes with aluminium, that would mean no replacable back cover and battery….. which would suck. That’s why I’m not interested in the HTC One.

    • And for what reason do you need a removable battery?

      • Doug Lippincott

        Because they run down in the short term, and they are the first part to die in the longer term. I used to carry a spare condom in my wallet. Now it’s a spare battery for my phone.

        • Oh ok, do you carry an extra can of gas in your car as well?

          • I use my s3 heavily everyday. Ran out of juice at 4 to 5pm everyday. Get my spare battery out and replace. Takes 10 seconds. If my phone is an iphone or htc one, my option would be to take a powerbank or charger everywhere. Both are bigger than a battery and there might not be a socket available for the latter. Just because you don’t see the need for removable battery, doesn’t mean there’s no one that appreciate the feature

          • lil bit

            I think a heavy user would appreciate the continuous operation that a spare battery cannot give you. Powerbanks are not bad, if they are flat and compact.

          • The guy was asking “for what reason do you need a removable battery”
            I gave him my reason
            Personally, i would not consider buying a phone without removable battery

          • Christine Vance

            Lol this is humorous! :D

      • Axel Yates

        not to mention if you get the note 3 you cant remove the back and replace it with a flip cover, yeah you could get a case but that would add to that all to necessary thinness.

  • Anon Schmorell

    Good, I don’t like when innovation slows down. Galaxy S4 looks pretty lackluster for me; I don’t have anything that makes me want to trade in my Note 2.

  • Warren Armstrong

    I think this article is a total fabrication. Samsung would never admit to being “worried.” Yes their designs are mediocre and their build quality cheap but they’re probably deluded enough to think it’s anything but. They should be ashamed of their design after the HTC One

    • spg210

      I’d rather be ashamed of design rather than ashamed of rock bottom profits, poor marketing, being reduced to second tier status by suppliers and pending financial disaster (see Palm) if HTC One isn’t a sales blockbuster. Having this cult like fixation on having the best looking device, regardless what the buying public is asking for, sunk last year’s HTC EVO and One line. Looks like it’ll happen again this year.

      • Ashamed?, come on, the average user doesnt give a rats ass about profits or marketing. Everyone keeps complaining about people choosing the HTC One primarily for its looks, please, read the specs one more time, I did a 24.440 score in antutu recently, and together with the kick ass screen and audio makes a very high end device, not only in looks.

  • Well about damn time. I’ve been going HTC instead of Samsung because Samsung have real ugly plastic devices. Kinda late now though, because I have my eyes on Sony and Motorola…

  • JamesTT77


    It’s pointless to have only 16GB and 10GB of user accessible storage for apps!

    I mean we know that samsung’s phone can be said as the fastest phone, but what’s the point if we can only install just a few apps due to large storage high-end apps will consume.

    I’m an S3 and Note 2 owner but will replace them for only HTC One X+ just for it’s storage!

    • APai

      especially, since the memory prices have become so low. 32 should be the absolute bare minimum for a flagship.

  • amit

    Good to have competition isent it??? Praise HTC for giving Sammy a hiccup..!

  • noTnxSammy

    Its the pathetic looks that worry me the most, very sub standard. Its ok to make plastic phones but why they choose to let them look and feel like plastic phones beats me. Xperia T is also mainly a plastic phone, but it does not look or feel that way. The design was not too bad when S3 came out, the Note 2 was also acceptable, but same again now, and same for all the cheaper devices as well? Talk about using up a design to the point where it becomes distgusting, Samsung has lost the touch, seriously.

    Im not surprised that they now admit they use plastic coz its fast and cheap to manufacture, its a shame that samungs cost the same as well built phones with expensive materials.

  • Valkaneer

    The plastic sumsung was a major part in me not buying one. Watch the drop test of the Iphone 5 vs Gs3 and watch samsung get its butt wooped big time. There phone is made of cheap feeling / looking plastic and worst than anything is there reception sucks compared to a Motorola or iphone. I don’t care about how nice it’s programs work if the calls keep getting dropped. My wife as a Gs3 I have and old Motorola Android X that boot stomps that Gs3 on reception reliability. Better build quality and reception and I would seriously consider a samsung, but till then nope.

  • Alex Murphy

    They don’t they just release both a plastic and aluminum model? Samsung’s all about letting the market decide…charge a little extra for the aluminum and see how much traction it gets.

  • OpinionatedChas

    I’ve parted ways with my S3 and with Samsung due to build quality. Now the proud owner of an HTC One.

    • Joshua Locket

      Yea same I love my Oneeee got it yesterdayyyyy!

  • lordoftehnoob

    I personally do not think that the note 3 will feature aluminum, glass or any other materials. Even with the hyperglazed crap people(samsung fanboys particularly) are still buying their products. So the note 3 will just be larger while having an upgraded specs version of the note 2. If this continues Note 5 would probably be15 inch or so with the exact same design.Its like carrying a tv.

    • Joshua Locket

      Haha a TV a cheap plastic toy TV for all those fanboyssssss

  • The next day after the launch, Apple will file a case. HTC has nothing to worry about because they’re in a 10 year agreement with Apple. I guess HTC One is the reason why they settled in the first place.

  • JGaLaXY

    I just think it feels like a toy, I don’t want to pay 500+ for a phone that has a plastic casing, I do love Samsung’s software and innovation and THAT is the only reason I will get the S4…

  • BigJ

    Amazing that Iphone people still talk smack about Samsung users, Until the I5, Iphones were 80% Samsung material. Morons