Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 to shoot 4K video, offer 24-bit/192kHz music playback

by: Chris SmithAugust 26, 2013

Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2

A fresh report from South Korea says that the Galaxy Note 3 will let users record 4K video and offer 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Fi music playback.

The Korea Economic Daily apparently has it from industry sources that the Galaxy Note 3 will be able to record 4K UHD videos – that’s a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (2160p) or 8.3-megapixel – which will feel right at home on those new 4K TV sets out there.

Do we need such recording capabilities in phone cameras? Or is Samsung just trying to make up for the rumored lack of OIS support in the Galaxy Note 3 by offering a different kind of camera-related exclusive feature to potential buyers?

We can’t answer such questions at this time since there’s nothing official about the handset yet, and these are just new rumors that are flying around.

We’ll remind you that the LG G2 is going to offer users a camera with OIS features, something that was expected from the Galaxy Note 3 as well.

The same publication says that the Galaxy Note 3 will offer 24-bit/192kHz music playback support – thus matching the LG G2’s sound capabilities. When announcing the G2, the company did insist on the phone’s sound capabilities, and it looks like the Galaxy Note 3 may join it in offering better-than-CDs sound.

Again, these are just some fresh rumors about the Galaxy Note 3, so we’ll have to wait a few more days to see the phone become official – the handset will be unveiled on September 4 in Berlin, Germany.

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  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    I like the music playback. 4K video is beyond my eyeglass prescription…

    • MasterMuffin

      4K on a TV isn’t beyond

      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        Wonder if they’ll do a bundle…

        • gamer4life

          exactly my thoughts, just because some don’t have 4k tvs yet we have to push before the margin comes.

    • Wade06

      I hope there more that one speaker but doubt it.

  • Milind Sagar Vashist

    Let’s hope for it on September 4

  • jusephe

    well nice.. if it will come with base at 16 GB they are dead to me… 4K video ??? WHAT ? A second of high quality 4K video @ 30 FPS weighs in about 2,24 GB uncompressed !!!
    Let’s say we will compress the video 100 times (greatly exaggerated) so we got about 23 MB/s. That means we can record about 400 seconds (6 minutes 40 seconds) of video before our internal memory (9 GB samsung) runs out. And guess what ! No micro SD card can write the video so fast so it will not help very much with the maximum length of the video. And even with 64 GB the amount of storage able video is just too small.

    What samsung and sony will do to solve this ? They will offer a low quality 4K video ! At as low as 20 FPS i think. And even then it will consume a lot more memory than a typical FHD video.

    The result ? Most people will not notice the difference between FHD and 4K but MANY people will see the difference in quality of video: color depth, color model and mainly FPS !

    So thats why think the 4K is just another marketing gimmick.

    • John Mortimer

      The 16gb is cancel or limited

    • Philo

      No one is forcing you to record at 4k.

    • Mohammed Alkhaledi

      interesting, i downloaded a mp4 4k video sample, it was 4096*2304 and the total length of the video was 2mins and 27 seconds, and it was 337 mb big. and it was running at 23 fps, and almost every single frame was full of detail.

  • xtriker360

    By the time I have a 4K TV the note 5 will be out lol, so that’s something useless for me.

  • lycan codex

    All these capabilities are native features of the snapdragon 800 processor. Its great but Samsung are not innovating it! I am a bit disappointed with how Note 3 is turning out. All other manufacturers are finally catching up…Great days ahead for Android.

    If only all 3 button headsets are compatible on all new android phones..I am looking at you Apple!!

  • Jason Yuen

    The large majority of people can’t even identify 24bit. Not to mention that to fully take advantage of that, you’ll need an amplifier and a pair of earphones that are capable. Lugging around an amplifier already nullifies >99% of the note 3 users.

    • Joshua Hill

      Your statement is incorrect or incomplete. If you decode a 24 bit source on you phone and output analogue it doesn’t matter what audio gear it’s hooked up to.

      • Jason Yuen

        Yes, that’s getting into the intricacies, but the point I’m trying to make is that this feature being marketed is a null point for most people. People aren’t about to switch away from the 3.5mm jack any time soon.

  • listerene

    4k o.O

  • Cristi13

    Does that mean that note 3 can record 1080p at 60fps?

    • Rhino”

      i can tell you the LG G2 does as its been reviewed already so the note 3 will too i guess.

  • Miles Edwin Cleave Wallace

    One word …

  • John

    Just give us OIS Samsung, we’ll wait to re-up when supply is short. We’ll understand, we’ll understand.

  • IHung

    Meh…Rumour has it HTC one max will feature 16k capability :p

    • Rhino”

      video :D lol or audio

      future tvs :D HD>FHD>4K>16K>cerebral implant lol

  • Ruz

    its obvious for Samsung to offer better sound fidelity or else it would be of no use to have the underlying hardware and not using its feature. This also says that it will offer Snapdragon 800 processor. But i am unhappy of Note 3 to not build OIS in their camera. I shall look at the competition hence

  • Can’t believe Note III still doesn’t incorporate Small Call PRO type features. I think the cell carriers have final say over manufacturers’ interface and even dictate to Android and iOS (CallBar is only for jailbroke iPhones). Small Call PRO is a must have app but it should be a part of operating system or at least a part of the manufacturer’s interface.

    • Wade06

      I was going to bag you for trying pushing your own product…. however it does look pretty good. I will probably give it a go. :-)

      • Thanks soooooo much! We have been trying everything to get a little traction. We’re not programmers. We’re regular people that exchanged a great idea for a crash course in this industry. Thank you again!

        • Wade06

          I have installed the free version but will upgrade to the paid version.
          The only problem I can see is that the full screen dialer/contact photo flashes up for a split second when the call comes in.
          Looks good apart from that.

          • With more support like yours we can keep improving. Thanks again!

          • Wade06

            The issues with the dialer flashing up briefly has gone away.

            My only suggestion would be an option to answer with speaker… maybe by holding down the answer button or sliding it?

            Great app, keep up the good work.