Although it was officially unveiled way back in February at the MWC, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet hasn’t yet seen the light of day. Initially set to enjoy a June worldwide release, the 10-incher was recently pushed back to a yet to be specified launch date.

If you remember, we told you about a month ago that we’re suspecting the delayed launch to be caused by one or several technical changes Samsung is planning to make to the Note 10.1 we saw in February. Now, this suspicion seems to gain confirmation, as the guys at are reporting to have caught a glimpse of a Galaxy Note 10.1 with a couple of very significant alterations.

First of all, it seems that the 1.4 GHz dual-core processor that Samsung initially advertised for the Note 10.1 has been upgraded to a more impressive 1.5 GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 chipset. That’s not exactly news, however, as we already picked up on a couple of rumors saying the exact same thing last month.

What is news, though, is the GPU which might “accompany” that powerful quad-core CPU under the Note’s hood. Back in February, Sammy announced a Mali 400 MP graphics processing unit, which is strong, but not spectacular. Now, the guys at NH have discovered a benchmark that show the Galaxy Note 10.1 to be powered by a generic “ARM” GPU.

Based on that and on the amazing scores obtained by the device, we can speculate that  Samsung will replace the Mali 400 MP with the new Mali T-604 GPU, a graphics chip that has never been used in a device before. ARM, the designer of both the Mali 400 MP and the Mali T-604 GPUs, claims that the new graphics circuit is 5 times as powerful as the old one, which itself was pretty snappy.

The benchmark picked up by the guys at shows the GNote 10.1 as twice as speedy as the Galaxy S3, which uses the same Exynos 4412 processor, but a Mali 400 MP GPU.

However, the Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji test might be a bit misleading – the GNote 10.1’s actual performance could be well off the charts, or four or five times as powerful as the S3. That’s because the benchmark results are probably limited by vsync and, therefore, are not showing the true potential of the tablet’s GPU.

If the Galaxy Note 10.1 will, in fact, come with an Exynos 4412 SoC and a Mali T-604 GPU, the Galaxy S3 might not be the only “casualty” of the performance war. Even the new iPad, considered the snappiest tablet on the market, could fall victim to the extremely powerful CPU/GPU duo in the Note 10.1. That’s pure speculation, however, as there’s not a single benchmark showing off the GNote 10.1 against the new iPad.

The Taiji performance test leaked and picked up by is not to be trusted 100%, as it could be fake or inaccurate. Also, there’s no way to know if that benchmarked gadget is actually the Galaxy Note 10.1 expected to hit the market this summer, or if it’s a future version of the tablet currently tested by Sammy, but due for a release in the winter or maybe next year. Either way, though, it’s nice to see Samsung push the envelope and no matter when will this gadget come, you can bet that it will be spectacular.

What do you guys think? Are these benchmarks results real? Will Samsung hit it big with the Galaxy Note 10.1? Will this added performance be enough to challenge Apple’s reign on the tablet market? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

  • function69

    I sure hope this is true. If Samsung pairs this T-604 GPU with a 1920×1200 screen, then it’s a first day buy for me.

    • Jay

      Me too. As long as they keep the price below $650 or so I’m in! I really want that S-Pen. I played with the Note and fell in love but can’t buy new phone for another year or so but I’m in the market for a tablet. The only catch is if Samsung releases it a month away from a Win8 tablet also with an active digitizer I’m waiting for the Win8 tablet.
      I’ve already started looking for microHDMI to VGA adapters so I can show the sweet white boarding you can do with this on the projectors at work.

    • Striderevil

      I agree completely. The only thing holding me back and instead looking at the Asus Transformer infinity is the fact that the screen resolution is low. I wouldn’t mind foregoing a Asus keyboard dock for a dedicated Pen. The current fat tip pens just don’t cut it period.

  • Fred

    Awesome, just imagine how powerful the next iterations of the Phablet version of the Note and the Nexus will be, plus what Tizen has in store is also promising. The one master that is still to be beaten in terms of raw specs, my trusty 11 year old Nokia 6310i :-D

    • AppleFUD

      That’s what I’m waiting for. A Nexus Phablet powered with something like this or a quad-core OMAP 5 and a great docking system to use it as a “desktop” computing solution — would be great if they could figure out a wireless docking solution for it. Everything I need in one small device that can go everywhere with me and do everything I need. . . . the future is coming.

      • John

        Have you looked at the OMAP 5? Its a bit crap compared to Exynos 5250!

        • AppleFUD

          Haven’t seen it compared to the Exynos 5250. I’ve seen it compared to the Tegra 3 and it was a beat down. . . and that was a dual core OMAP 5.

          I do expect Samsung’s Exynos to be tops however, TI has always produced chips that excel with video and have good battery life with 4G data. I expect it to be a good chip, better than most in all around usage, but probably not close to the Exynos for gaming.

  • NoteAble

    Is Samsung increasing screen resolution in the 10.1 Note?

    • Eric

      Yes, most likely full HD as it is still the old 4412 module and not the 5250 which goes up to ultra HD or 1440p resolution, greater than the new ipad.

      • Eric

        Sorry, meant extreme HD!

  • Blithfulsoul

    The delay in release is as good as killing the product………ipad has a lead

    • Litlprince

      yeah but if they released it with the original specs it had at MWC then it wouldnt of sold very well regaurdless.

      As an example i wasnt impressed when it was announced. was willing to pass it up for either the prime 700 or the still no word 11.6… but now.. I truly cant wait for this.

  • Mo

    if this is true and samy add 1920*1200 screen resolution ,,, this will be my firs tablet :)

  • ForGoodnessSAKEppl

    Not everyone cares about the latest and greatest hardware specs. I for one don’t give a toss about processor, pixel density, HD whatever. There’s *** NO CREDIBLE/USABLE 10-INCH TAB FOR HANDWRITTEN NOTES AND DRAWING IN THE ANDROID SPACE***. This is ridiculous. A lot of business users are waiting for the notes ability and a lot artists and creative types are waiting for drawing and painting ability. There are going to be great new apps supporting these in android market from Samsung, Asus too I think and definitely Adobe and the people that make Autocad. And all everyone can go on about is exynos this and snapdragon that. Not even a single commenter has mentioned the S-PEN / dual digitizer, which is the whole point of this product in the first place otherwise it would just be another fairly pointless boring android tab. This is why Apple kicks our collective behinds everyday, because ppl worry about specs while they (Apple) worry about end USERS and USAGE SCENARIOS of which gaming is but just one thing. Expand the rhetoric, for goodness sake, and encourage Samsung to get this thing out of the door while we’re all still alive instead of holding back to meet every last demand from every last hardware geek out there.

    • Ludditehater

      Did you like your own comment. Intolerable whinging old man

      • He’s made some very good valid points and he’s entitled to his opinion so I don’t see why you should shoot him down for that.

    • Totally agree! I use Apples iPad for school but I would really like a way to write on it. I would get a Note if it was already out and had some PDF annotation software and good palm recognition. Looks like i’ll be upgrading to the new iPad since this thing is taking too long to hit market. I don’t care about specks as long as it can do PDF annotation fast enough to keep up with the lecturer and with my scribbles. Can’t wait to say goodbye to textbooks AND notebooks. That would rock.

      • Striderevil

        If you use ipad for school then I see no point in buying a new ipad unless there is something else that attracts you to it? Apple environment and hardware has not changed much for each generation and if you own the first ipad then the ipad 2 is the perfect investment. I’d seriously wait for this though as the pen makes a huge difference note taking wise

    • Striderevil

      End user experience is a valid point, however I do not believe Apple really cares about that but rather squeezing out the use of its system by putting small hardware increases while encouraging more software and ultimately selling the system for a profit. If they truly cared about end user use they would have made itunes much easier to navigate, given some level of flash support and slowly phased it out, provide plug and play ability. Provided continued support for devices greater than 2 years old. Allowed free use of Google maps instead of having to pay for it. Apple cares only about locking their end users into their Apple environment and while its nice, dictating so much control and being restrictively expensive while their competitors offer so much more for so much less is disheartening. This is why their sales has dropped, and Android is selling devices at a rate of 3:1. 53% of the market share is already owned by Android ad still growing. Developers are going to switch gear and provide more content than they already do for the android and maybe even Microsoft environment. Apple lost to Windows in the 80’s for the very same reason and now they are doing it again. Sure everyone complained that Windows copied Apples iOS but that did not stop people from adopting it overwhelmingly. Windows and Android do really provide the real end user experience and value for money while Apple well…. lets just say if another innovative Steve Jobs type of person doesn’t come along and do something new, Apple will be in the history books of marketing successes and failures.

      Samsungs is trying to adopt Apples marketing strategy and ape their environment but are quickly learning whats failing in Apple. They introduced the closed environment Galaxy Tab 10.1 which was mediocre and not popular, then the next version which had micro sd support etc which was more successful, then the Tab 2 which was minor changes and old hardware with high price point and right now its a colossal failure. Learning from that they held back their Note 10.1, improved its hardware to now people realize a certain value for money but are going to be a disappointment to artists as their screen resolution is now considered a mid level to last gen screen resolution. An artist would want as high a resolution as possible and 1280 x 800 just does not cut it. It is good for note taking and normal student work and board meetings but for marketing, drawings, video editing, architectural planning and design a higher resolution is a definite must. Should Apple actually produce a Pen exclusive for the iPad its sales would be colossal. But I can safely say that Apples innovative person passed away untimely and the old failures of Apples heads continue to do exactly what drove Apple to the brink of failure.

  • lilmoe2002

    The thing is, these charts show that the Galaxy S3 is a “dual” core, which is wrong obviously. Also, I don’t think Samsung would pair the Exynos 4 with the Mali t-604. Too many bottlenecks to slow down the new Mali. A15 is needed to take full advantage of the new GPU.

    Samsung needs a Galaxy Note 10.1 with Dual/Quad core cortex A15 cores and that huge 12.8GB/s bandwidth. Pair that with the Wacom digitizer, a minimum lag touchscreen (so that the actual movement of the s-pen/touch is lag-free), a full HD or higher resolution color-accurate screen (since it’s a tablet), and bug-free feature rich software that takes full advantage of all of that. Do that and they’ll have a massive edge over competition.

    The iPad is already the only touch tablet to go for these days, but a Galaxy Note 10.1 might really change the game. It might be Samsung’s only chance in succeeding in the Android tablet space.

    It might take some time for to pick up, but when it does, IT WILL. Lots of users, pros, artists, and enthusiasts will be all over that thing, dragging with them the rest of the crowd.

  • beraru

    T-604 and higher resolution screen would make the GNote 10.1 one of the best tablets ever made (considering also the benefits of the S-Pen). Even at a slightly higher price tag I will probably buy this tablet when it finally hits the market.

  • Sam

    I think that it’s good samsung is holding off the release for some upgrades. For one reason, if they went ahead and released it, without the upgrades, it would only be a little different from other tabs. Also, its good to anticipate for something, so when it finally comes out, you can be excited for it. However, I think enough is enough, and the GNote should be released no later then the 1st of July, Mid-June would be appreciated. :)

    • But oh why Sammy… why wait so long? They could have released a penabled tab comparable to the galaxy tab and people would have been all over it!

      Instead they make a rebranded Galaxy tab? So they can win some stupid spec war? the people who need the pen couldn’t care less about 3d performance.
      I’ve already spent 100 bucks trying to find a capacitive stylus that works! I would have bought your “only dual core” tab! And a huge chunk of ipad owners too, mind you.

      Oh Sammy…and frankly all you other android tablet makers.

  • fuzzy

    i wouldn’t get to excited the powervr 6 series is on the horizon although i would love ARM’s design to win.

  • Will

    I think it’s good that Samsung are pushing back the date of this tablet. Rather than what other companies might tend to do, Sammy aren’t releasing a ‘low’ spec tablet which will be bought by the masses and shortly after offer a slightly-upgraded reincarnation. They’re responding to people’s desires and feedback *before* releasing a finished product, and I think that deserves some kudos. When I bought my iPhone 4 I thought ‘this is what my 3GS should have been like all along’. So personally I thing they’re making the right choice

  • Striderevil

    It’s pointless having a t604 gpu if it has to support a 1280×800 screen. It already does that pretty well already when paired with the T400 with the latest exynos quad core and it does everything smooth. Can’t see the t604 being released unless its to support a higher resolution screen or the next gen tab with a win8 os