Rumor: Compact Sony Honami “Mini” flagship in the works, to take on the iPhone 5S

by: Chris SmithJuly 13, 2013

Sony Logo

Sony is rumored to be working on a smaller Honami handset – a flagship Honami Mini version – that would take on the iPhone 5S this fall.

Obviously, the “Honami Mini” is not going to be the official name of the product. It’s just a placeholder name used to describe this particular rumored handset.

Sony is expected to unveil the next flagship smartphone on September 4 at IFA 2013 in Berlin. The Honami is said to be a high-end device that will feature high-end camera technology, and was recently rumored to be unveiled at a July 4 media event in Paris, but that didn’t happen.

More interestingly, a new VR-Zone report says that the Honami Mini will be the kind of small smartphone that many Android users could be waiting for – a compact handset that will come with high-end hardware, and not just another “Mini”-branded mid-range device like, say, the Galaxy S4 mini.

The Honami Mini would compete directly against the iPhone 5S – that’s the unconfirmed name used to refer to the next-gen iPhone that will hit stores this fall – but also against other Mini handsets. The iPhone 5S is expected to have a 4-inch display, just like its predecessor, as Apple is not going to move to bigger handset displays this year – or at least that’s what most rumors say.

According to the publication, the handset would pack a display with a screen size of 4- to 4.3-inch and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The camera of the Honami Mini may not be exactly on par with the Honami’s, but its performance is said to be “really close.”

We’ll point out that this is just a rumor at this point, and while it makes plenty of sense, we’ll still have to wait for Sony to make everything official.

  • MasterMuffin

    About 4″ device with S800? That’s just fantastic, now iUsers have pretty much no excuses for not buying an Android device!

    • najiy91

      s3 mini,s4 mini,one mini,i5 all will be dead! haha :@

      • MasterMuffin


    • kascollet

      100% right.
      And ex-Android users like me (GS2) who switched to Apple (i5) just to keep a small high-end phone will be able to come back !

    • Luka Mlinar

      Ill believe it when i see it. Thing would probably catch fire when you turn it on.

      • Too much awesomeness I guess? Glass doesn’t exactly catch fire, but neither does plastic…

        • Luka Mlinar

          Based on what? 1000 glass products of witch most are worn by Google employes. Not that it will. I was more thinking about the number of S3 devices and other 4 core phones that catch fire every day.

    • Jusephe

      We need to see with what Apple will come out and how A7 will compare to snapdragon 800.

      • kascollet

        That’s a good point but if the iPhone’s screen resolution stays the same this year (very likely I guess), the device will still have much less pixels to push than the full-HD phones that use (and need) the S800. Apple could stay with a small and ultra-efficient dual-core with maybe slightly enhanced graphics.

    • Olaf

      The excuse is called iOS.

      • Not u

        Seriously, the name is ANDROID authority. ANDROID, ANDROID!!!!!!
        If like iOS so much then what the hell r u doing HERE?!?!?!?

        • Olaf

          It’s not that because I prefer iOS I’m not interested in Android. :-)

    • Olaf

      The excuse is called iOS.

  • Mike Bastable

    Really on a smaller screen i would always choose iPhone, Android rocks big screens, but Apple has the smaller screen market sewn up.
    ( now everyone can tell to fuck of to apple forum fanboy hell, but the sales figures support this)
    Apple dominates on smaller screens, Sammy on large screens and the rest basically fight for the scraps.
    I own an iPhone 4s for when im travelling, and a Sony Xperia Z for fun….both awesome products.
    BUT…maroon me on a desert islamd and take away all my luxuries, bar one…..i would chose the 4s because it just works all the time everywhere easy…the Z, though brilliant lags and has many quirks.

    • Jimbo

      My experience with iOS is the complete opposite. Apple devices frustrate me more than anything – sick of having to find a workaround…
      Now, have you considered that Apple has the smaller screen market “sewn” up because, as other people have said, there are NO small high-end Android phones? For whatever reason that may be…

      • Mike Bastable

        interesting….the apps available tend to be the work arounds i find, they add functionality. The lack of small screen Androids is probably due to iphone dominance, as i pointed out. I suppose i have to also be aware that because i use a mac computuer some things just seem logical to me that are unlogical to others.

        • I own a Mac but I also run Windows on it. Same goes for my iPad and Xperia. Just because you like Apple doesn’t mean it is always better.

  • Mike Bastable

    Thinking somemore, the Z has got Sony back in the US market but seems to have sold less units than was expected globally. Sony, being a owner, has poor software, poor cross platform integration, no OTA updates for Android, awful LG-like customer service and the thing wont even play nice with Sony products…as usual with Sony, you will love it and hate it.

    • lil bit

      I updated my Z to 4.2.2 OTA, no popup telling me to connect to PC Companion.

      • Mike Bastable

        Must be Sony Holland fucking up again

        • Zoh

          Uh, here in Holland you can update the Z OTA as well. I know, because I did.

          • Mike Bastable

            not according to sony xperia helpdesk, on Telfort….

          • Zoh

            That’s a Telfort/KPN problem (being slow), other providers have since (around july 2nd) come with their OTA updates. Has zero to do with Sony. For updates, you always have to refer to/wait for your providers since they tend to be provider specific, so contacting Sony will be of little avail to begin with.

          • Mike Bastable

            Thanks, clear. Just hate Telfort, lol

    • oldman_60

      I could update my wife’ Sony Xperia Z OTA. However I admit I did not like Sony for missing OTA. Not every one has a PC or a MAC. I have a Chrome book.

      • Not every one has a PC or a MAC, but NOBODY uses a Chromebook. I will take Ubuntu over Chrome anyday.

  • Ram

    Wow! Finally a Mini High End Device unlike what Samsung and HTC One, they have Mini Version but mediocre performer :)

  • Mark Rich

    Now all they need to do is sort out their insane product naming too help consumers know where a product fits in the range and which generation it is. At least Apple have some sense there. I love the Sony phones and am no Android noob but damn, it’s confusing with Sony sometimes and their phone names.

    • Mike Bastable

      Totally agree Sony naming is awful, no differentiation or indication of the phones status in their product line up.
      and: Sony needs to understand that not everyone only owns Sony! and also that Sony should work with Sony!
      Lastly act like Sony!!!!!!, good customer service, premium products, no lame-ware, and INNOVATE (not just waterproof, it is a fad!)

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        I agree with most of your comment but waterproofing is NOT a fad. If anything it should be DEFAULT by now! No more losing phones to water damage.

  • Bone

    Sony Honamini

  • harrold

    Sony Xperia i (i for iPhone competitor) :D

    • schneid

      but they already have Xperia ion O.O

  • Ashad Mamood

    Bring it on Sony!

  • spade

    Whatever SONY, just put a bigger battery!

  • :(

    Long time ago SONY is leader innovation , But now they are follower :(

  • Anukul

    4.3″ will be best

  • roiji

    i would love to have a device this small and supposedly thin. make it waterproof and front-facing speakers for the win!

  • Joshua Hill

    4.3″ device with snapdragon 800! Finally a phone worth upgrading to from my 2 year old galaxy S2.

  • lyu334

  • damafan rtrtt

  • CpuKnight

    Why couldn’t it be called the Xperia Honami :P then I could tell my friends hey i have this phone called the Honami :P

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      The supposed “Xperia i1” name is stupid. How do you pronounce that, -ai-uan-? That sounds bad, i really hope it’s not the real name.

  • marcus

    I know when sony make quality….don’t play…….welcome. sony….to…..phones…….multimedia……..u will see

  • marcus

    I hope someday…make deal with Sprint…..

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Oh magical and mystical device, PLEASE be real!

  • Jacob

    I was planning to buy Experia ZR which I like a lot. Now, they are making new device in less than 2 month?