Rumor: Asus Transformer TF101 to get official Jelly Bean “soon”

by: AdrianOctober 3, 2012

With the Ice Cream Sandwich updating process being more or less a fiasco of great proportions, it was only natural to expect a much smoother Jelly Bean rollout at least for high-end Android devices. That hasn’t exactly happened, although things do seem to move a tad faster than the snail-like ICS pace.

One particular manufacturer going by the name of Asus is the pack leader and looks to be doing an above average work in updating as much devices as fast as possible. That’s clearly accountable to the company’s close relations to Google after the joint manufacturing effort of the Nexus 7, although this shouldn’t lessen Asus’ merits, especially thinking that Motorola, which is even closer to Google, is having a really tough time rolling out Jelly Bean.

After wrapping up Android 4.1 updates for the entire line of quad-core Tegra 3-powered 2012 tablets, some might have expected Asus to take a break and rest on its laurels for some time. After all, who else has three devices running Jelly Bean already?

However, Asus hasn’t forgotten about its aging Transformer TF101 tablet either, working as we speak on a Jelly Bean port for the 2011 10-incher. At least that’s what a Mobile Syrup tipster going by the name of Darren claims to have understood after having a chat with a U.S.-based customer service representative.

The Asus official, described as “a manager that had absolutely no incentive to blow smoke” up Darren’s private parts, said that Android 4.1 is coming to the original Transformer, although there’s no official date for the upgrade yet.

The TF101 was released in April 2011 with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU and Android 3.0 Honeycomb, being then updated in March 2012 to Android 4.0 ICS. That was merely weeks after the Prime got an Ice Cream Sandwich official port, so if that’s any indication for Asus’ M.O. we might not have a whole lot to wait for Jelly Bean on the TF101.

Still, you should take today’s report with a big pinch of salt, both because Asus is yet to release an official statement on the matter, but also thinking of all the cases customer service reps messed up or tried to be polite and ended up misinforming users. What do you guys think? Was “Darren” misinformed or was the “manager” telling him the truth? Will we be seeing Jelly Bean on the Transformer by the end of the year?

  • Michael

    If I recall, Asus had previously mentioned the TF101 is expected to “eventually” get Jelly Bean. A lot of people bought the TF101 so I think it would be very beneficial to customer loyalty if they do manage to put out a stable Jelly Bean update.

  • Jei Arc

    if my TF101 gets JB, Asus will become my go to manufacturer, I do hope they come up with a Nexus device, I over do for a phone upgrade :)

  • Arno Neemers

    I will eat my hat if this happens. I don’t expect to be eating my hat.

    The most recent statements from Asus were from the USA (stating that no decision had been made re: Tegra 2 devices, but that all Tegra 3 devices would get the update), and from Asus Italy (just a week or two ago, directly stating that we would not get the update.)

    And other than Asus Germany oh so many months ago, no Asus representative has publicly stated that the TF101 will be updated. Hell, it doesn’t even have a stable ICS build yet, let alone Jelly Bean.

    • paulswipe2011

      My Tf101 is more stable than you are. ICS is just fine on the vast majority of ’em. Go polish your Apple.

      • Mare

        My TF101 running ICS runs very smooth. Not sure where Arno is getting his info. Obviously doesn’t own a TF101.

        • giantyak

          My TF101 is stable with ICS.

          • Gong

            ICS is stable on TF101 but has problems with:
            – keeping the external microSD mounted (some say is a “feature?”),
            – ad-hoc wifi is a hit and miss (e.g. Nokia Joiku wifi hotspot stopped working but is just fine in earlier ICS versions and with HC, as well as with WIndows or iPads – so is not a Joiku / Nokia issue),
            – Native mail stopped working with Hotmail this past summer, but when keeps working fine on HC
            – the battery life is still shorter than HC

            So – ICS does have problems.

          • bez

            I agree, I still randomly loose sound or get verybad touch control. The touch issues are sometimes helped by locking and unlocking the screen, but the sound issue persists even after reboot sometimes. Battery time is also subpar.

          • giantyak

            I’d have to see it to believe it to be honest. I don’t see any reason why the things that you say are happening would happen. At best its possible there’s some discontiguity between the different tf101 models (-a1/-b1 etc).

          • Arno Neemers

            Nope. Among my stable are both TF101 A1 and B1 devices. Both randomly reboot without warning on a regular basis, and will do so even if you wipe them, don’t install a single app, and merely use the stock apps for a few days. They also gradually corrupt themselves over a period of a few weeks to where programs simply will not start up any more.

          • zAlbee

            Do yourself a favour and install a custom kernel. Guevor’s kernel ports many changes from Nvidia’s 3.1 kernel code to our 2.6.x kernel, and many users report RRs fixed (both stock and custom ROMs). It works for me ( stock ROM). Currently at 24 days uptime, and no random reboots nor app out of memory black screens since May 2012 when I installed it. I’m typing from this tablet now. Check the XDA thread.

          • giantyak

            Well that is unfortunate, but i have had nil problems with ICS. Battery life has been unbelievably good for me. Maybe check the battery monitor and find out what the battery drain is. /thumbsup

      • Arno Neemers

        You know, not everybody who disliked the TF101 has an Apple. I despise Apple’s walled-garden crap, and will never own an Apple product, not even an iPod.

        I own multiple TF101 tablets and they all suffer these problems.

        • James Cuthbert

          I own two and have never had the problems you mention, perhaps you should return yours as faulty.?

  • WT Pooh

    The TF101 is still being sold new, used and refurbished. Although it may be a product that is approaching the end of its new sales life the product still does an excellent job. By providing a JB upgrade ASUS will extend the life of a product that still sells very well and I agree does wonders for their reputation as a tablet maker and will help their sales of future products.

  • codebluechris

    Running Team EOS Jelly Bean build 74 on my TF-101 at this very moment. Stable, smooth as butter, battery life just fine, and to top it all off- it isn’t an Apple product. *smidge*

  • Panteradown2

    Just yesterday I called asus in Fremont California because my tf101 keeps having problems and tech support in Texas doesn’t know there associated from a whole in the ground. So I called Fremont he said there is a JB update coming and it should fix my sound issue where the sound cuts out. He said the jb update is coming with new sound drivers to fix the issue.

  • Carl Cassidy

    I bought my TF101 a year ago and I am more than pleased with my purchase and I just hope that the jelly bean update is more than a rumor. By the way, I receivced the ICS update within a few weeks of my purchase and it runs without issue.

  • claro g…

    I hope that jb update will come soonest to my tf101…more power to asus…

  • shonkin

    I just purchased this Asus tf101 last weekend for only $225 (a young veteran sold it to me via craigslist). I’m deeply enjoying it; my wife’s Nexus 7 is faster but if I can get Jelly Bean on this I wonder if there will also be a spee increase?

  • Carl Cassidy

    I was an original purchaser of the TF101 when it firs came out and still love it today. I am waiting to see the new 7″ google model and chances are I will purchase it when available as well. There is however, however. If I find Asus is committed to their products and provide an update for the new software for the TF101, then I will support them once again with a purchase of the 7″ talblet as it is much easier to carry in a pocket.

  • cooldude9778

    Jellybean doesn’t have flash

  • alexiz

    I’m the owner of this TF101 tablet, but when I asked a couple of days ago ASUS support a question if ASUS isgoing to release Android 4.1 to this device they answered “No, there is no such such afirmware and it isn’t expected in the nearest future”. So pessimistic i’d say. The device is not 4-5-6 years old, it was only released last year, so what’s happening to ASUS?!
    As for me, I’ll think twice in future before I buy anything else from this firm.

    • Fact is that Asus gives more update than any other manufacturers (only the Nexus have more updates). It’s not like the table isn’t working because you do not get the update.
      The problem is, for me, at Google side which gives too more liberty to manufacturers so they just sell devices without any support. Asus is one of the only one having a real support on discontinued products.
      It’s not like the TF101 sold by millions, I think we can already be happy to have the 4.0 version when I see some other still being stuck on 2.3…

      • grom

        Agree w belgeek.but i still hope they release jb soon my brother has jb on his tf201 and it improved in performance i wish i can update mine too i have tf101 :(

  • I love my TF101. I hope the update is out soon! All 4 of my home work stations have Asus motherboards in them.

  • Niral Ramesh

    Just root and install aosp jelly bean from xda

  • I sent an email to asus asking about the JB upgrade for the tf101. Their reply was that the tf101 would not recieve the update to 4.1…..about 3 weeks ago….????

  • Hope ASUS will roll out android 4.1 update for TF101, or even 4.2
    Not like HTC…..They leave my Desire(original) on 2.2 and Sensation on 4.0

  • Asus

    Any Update on when JB will be pushed to TF101’s?

  • NoMoreAsus

    No Jelly Beans for TF101 its official! What a …… Means for me no more Asus products to buy….

    • ASUS-Update

      That was from July 23 at 2:37am , maybe they are still working on it?? :)

  • ummmat

    Asus is already my preference in hardware, and i’ve had no doubts in their latest tablets and device releases. I’ve been ultra-happy with my TF101 to date, and if it gets jellybean…well, that would be icing on the cake.

    Asus fanboy 4 life

  • mason

    Yeah i agree as well i have been thinking of upgrading to the infinity but dont know if they went qualcom or not at this point cause i have not researched furthe r but shit if they give me a jb upgrade and i run faster then i will stick with my tf101 it is fast already runs the shit out of great games with no lag like wildblood and dead trigger spiderman also the browser installed kicks ass also still have flash installed so thats a fuckin plus i do wish th space bar on keyboard was more centered but hey what a tiny complaint for such i kickass device i have used like a motherfucker for a year and a half

  • bjblackmore

    Well, its now towards the end of March 2013, this article is nearly 6 months old, and still no sign of the official jelly bean update on my tf101! How soon is soon meant to be?

  • StepnSteph

    “Soon”, huh? lol @ you, Asus.

  • TF101TrueSeeker

    SHouldn’t you retract this or at least say you were completely wrong.