Rumor: 5.2-inch Sony Sirus flagship smartphone tipped for MWC 2014, Cantor tablet also leaked

by: Chris SmithJanuary 7, 2014


Sony unveiled “only” a Z1 mini version at CES 2014 (check out the Z1 Compact above) – although this isn’t your regular dumbed down mini device bearing the names of flagship models – but the company may have new next-gen devices in the works, set to debut later this year.

Most likely future Xperia versions, these are codenamed Sony Sirius (the 2014 flagship smartphone) and Sony Castor (a new tablet), with the former reportedly scheduled to arrive at MWC 2014. The news comes from famed @evleaks, who has been accurate with most mobile-related prediction/leaks.

The Sony Sirius will apparently pack a 5.2-inch display, a MSM8974AB SoC – a fancy way of saying the handset will pack a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor that should offer better performance than the 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 model found in other Android devices – and Verizon support. That last part is certainly interesting, suggesting that T-Mobile may be joined by Big Red in the USA when it comes to selling subsidized mobile devices.

Interestingly, the Sony Sirius has been mentioned in a previous rumor we kept tabs on, with that report suggesting the device would arrive at CES 2014, something that did not happen. Furthermore, the same story said the phone would include the new Snapdragon 805 CPU and mentioned a 5.2-inch display with 2560 x 1440 resolution. We’ll note that the Snapdragon 805 CPU is set to equip late 2014 devices, and we would expect Sony to unveil at least a new flagship in the first half of the year to take on similar devices from Samsung, HTC and others. Therefore, it seems unlikely to see an Xperia model with a Snapdragon 805 inside in the first half of the year – although that’s just speculation from our part.

The Sony Castor on the other hand may or may not be Sony’s next-gen flagship tablet – it’s not clear from the tweet above. It’s also not clear whether the device will be unveiled at MWC 2014 alongside the Sirius or not. @evleaks says the device will also pack the same 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU and arrive in Wi-Fi-only and 4G LTE flavors.

We’ll be back with more details about Sony’s new mobile devices once we have them, meanwhile keep in mind that these are just rumors at this time.

  • Jayfeather787

    Love the CPU in both devices. Looks like great devices, and definitely real competitors to start off the Android flagship game this year.

  • McFresh

    With the absence of the release of a 2nd generation nexus 10, i suppose the castor will be one of the few non-samsung direct competitors to the ipad air that are actually worth looking into. I would hope battery life is not compromised in the interest of an overly thin body, the price point is not set too high, and sony ditches the factory-applied screen protectors this time around.

    • David Rutla

      I actually prefer the applied protectors. I think more companies should do this. Its thick and provides great protection against scratches and can be taken off if the damage is severe to the protector film. Its just overall better quality when it come to Sony’s build, BUT the need to work on getting OTA’s out in a much faster fashion. 4.3 has been out for the ZL for weeks now and I haven’t received the OTA

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        It doesn’t give protection against scratches. Because of this, I put a 3rd party screen protector because I don’t want to scratch the pre-applied film but it causes the screen to lose responsiveness.

        • David Rutla

          Mm touche!

  • Memphis May [S]unjay

    Sony is currently one of the best Android OEMs.

    • Jaun Lombard

      Its actually crazy how good all of them are becoming….choice will come down to brand preference!

  • Drem

    If Castor will keep refined design of Z tablet with modern specs (3GB RAM, 2560*1600, 32GB etc.) – count me in.

    • K

      I hope the same too, but in a 9 or 9.4 size the size of sony’s tablet S in 2011. You cant beat the ipad air in weight in a 10 inch form factor.

  • raj

    SONY has clearly upped the ante

    Their mobile division is finally doing good, with their waterproofing and dust proofing and followed by contemporaries(read as Galaxy S4 Active)

    Their wearable devices have been noticed and followed by contemporaries (read as Galaxy Gear)

    Their camera modules are used in most of the devices in the market today like iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, Oppo N1 etc

    Their Xperia Z1 Compact is on the way to turn the fate of Mini versions and establish that “Mini” doesn’t mean “Stripped down versions of the Original flagship”

    Their Lens only NFC enabled camera’s are a thing to look forward to

    Their Xperia Z Ultra has caught the imaginations of people and manufacturers are not afraid to cross the 6″ category screen size

    Combining all their services into a One Sony strategy, clearly has paid off

    Looking forward to more cool and clean devices and ideas from Sony!!!!!

  • Luka Mlinar

    OMG stop pushing past 5 inches FFS.

    • K

      I agree but they feel the need to do it, as they think people will be expecting some thing ‘more’ in every annual flagship refresh. Also packing more and more into 4.7 or 5 seems to be getting harder esp when stuff like thinness and more battery life at the same time are expected in these annual refreshes.

      But i think 5.2 will be the last mainstream size people will tolerate…for a smartphone! Anything more than this is phablet territory (even if the companies market them as phones)and will find lesser and lesser appeal among people as sizes increase more and deeper into 5+ territory. Once phones go 5.4 or more, it will be a downward slope. The Gnote is selling because of stylus and all. Most people dont hold it to their ear, something which people will still expect from smartphones.

      • Luka Mlinar

        There is no reason to go past 1080P anyway. I got no problems with a few manufacturers doing it but by the looks of it all of them seam to be going past 5 inches; Sony, Samsung, OPPO, LG is already there.

        • K

          Since they cant go smaller for their flagships….i guess they are going bigger :)

          • Luka Mlinar

            They can hold it at 5. Nothing wrong with that, I mean only two things can happen in the next few years. We will reach a size limit or we will walk around with dinner plates like a bunch of idiot.

    • K

      i think it will begin from 5.3.

  • jjordan

    Okay so a Sony with a 5.2 inch display would probably be about the size of the note 3 in terms of footprint, because Sony puts no emphasis on small bezels or curved designs…I like Sony but rethink your design a little bit and update your phones quicker

  • tron

    Sony has proved worthy of being probably the better OEM in the Android world, i mean look at how they might have just made a game changing move for the “mini” smartphones, theyre the only company to have answered to the consumers call to a beastly mini phone. Then you get the Z Ultra that shows how theyre not scared to make a bold move in the phablet market, its like theyre promoting bigger screens, and im a fan of that. Then you get their wearables, unique and different, just great… and if this tablet is anything like the Tab Z … then were in for a winner !
    Kudos Sony on really establishing yourself in the smartphone game again! :)

    • K

      I agree with the mini. But 6.4 is too large. They should have gone 6 or 5.7 instead.

    • Amadeus

      Let’s not exaggerate now. Sony have become a much better manufacturer and designer of phones as of late, but that does not absolve them of their past in an instant. Xperia S will probably never see 4.3, despite other phones of the same period having it. Xperia Tablet S became a farce when it received a minor bug-fix 4.1.1 update no more than a couple of months ago — an update that was as redundant and archaic now, as it would have been 6 months ago. Owners of the Xperia T, a very good phone around this time last year, are still stuck on Android 4.1 with a promised ‘end of 2013’ 4.3 release still missing and probably not coming before the end of February 2014. Their previous phones have also always had problems with updates, or software that has bugs or slows down after a few days of use. The Xperia Z still have issues with battery consumption, and the Triluminos doesn’t quite justify its flashy name when compared to the other high-end displays such as the one on LG G2.

      If anything, Sony is seemingly making the right moves to steer their Android ship back in the right direction, but it is far too early and far too soon to call them the best OEM in the Android world. LG, more than anyone else, deserves recognition for improving their devices and update mechanisms.