Rumor: $200 Galaxy Note-like HP Android smartphone to launch “as soon as next week”

by: Chris SmithJanuary 10, 2014


The CES 2014 event may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with new product announcements, as HP is rumored once again to launch its first Android phone soon.

This time around it appears that sources within HP have talked to 9to5Google telling the publication that an HP Android handset that will resemble Samsung’s Galaxy Note will be launched “as soon as next week” with a price of around $200 – that’s the unlocked price of the handset.

The device will be primarily aimed at prepaid and emerging markets, although the publication isn’t actually mentioning any specific countries at this time. The phone reportedly looks like the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note “with obvious cost cutting measures to get the device down to the $200 price point.”

Interestingly, this rumor seems to echo what The Information said late last year, although that report wasn’t completely accurate – the publication claimed that HP would launch 6- to 7-inch smartphones by the end of the year and that didn’t happen. However, it may have been right about the size of the smartphone(s), especially considering that a recent Bluetooth SIG may have betrayed the name of the device, the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab.

That said, we’ll be looking forward to seeing HP’s first budget Android smartphone become reality. We already know the company wants to make smartphones of its own, and we already know it can sells affordable tablets.

Anyone excited to see an affordable Galaxy Note rival made by HP?

  • Patrik

    It will by tegra note, so the aren’t any news..

    • Guest123

      that’s a tablet @ 7″

  • Guest123

    Considering Asus just announced a decent 6″ device for $200, HP ought to be able to come out with something similar, though I doubt it.

  • Groud Frank

    I hope to God that it doesn’t look anything like the image I see in this article.

    • paxmos

      And what does look wrong with this phone please?

      • Groud Frank

        Beside the hideous and unappealing designdesign?

        • paxmos


  • AndroidBoss

    This thing will kill the Note 3 and all phablets for sure…

    • Abdel Aziz Farhi

      “with obvious cost cutting measures to get the device down to the $200 price point.”

      That means that things like a Snapdragon 800 CPU ,3 Gigs of RAM and a super AMOLED full HD screen won’t be on board. You get what you pay for fella.

      • AndroidBoss

        Wow… People don’t understand sarcasm these days.

        • Cal Rankin

          It’s hard to understand that sometimes, especially if being typed.

        • Tuấn Ankh

          Make it more obvious next time, man. There are people who would say the same thing, but seriously. XD
          I guess the three dots are not obvious enough :P

          • AndroidBoss

            Well, in my opinion, it’s way more than obvious. Who the hell would buy an HP phone? HP has always been a fail when making phones (and tablets).
            Also, for sure the specs will be total crap etc.
            BTW, it wasn’t the dots, it was the “for sure” part :P

          • Tuấn Ankh

            Man, I’ve seen quite a few people out there who would say some random crap is better than a Galaxy S4 or Note 3. Maybe they are the reason your sarcasm can look pretty serious. xD

      • Dominick_7

        He was being sarcastic.. hence the dots at the end…..

        • Abdel Aziz Farhi

          Looks like only your language those 3 dots means that someone is being sarcasm-ic. Last time i checked 3 dots usually mean that there is more to say or the sentence is not finished due to the in-necessity of mentioning everything.

  • Note Lover

    Curious to see it if it makes it’s way to the states, although it won’t beat my Galaxy Note 3!

  • Francisco Lopez Piña

    I still remember those early 2002 days with my ol good jornada 470… the last model i got was a hp ipaq 4700 and i loved those devices…

  • Dave Smith

    It’s identical to the tegra note 7. Just with an HP logo.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      Heck yeah, you’re right. I thought you were implying something else, but then I googled the images of the Tegra Note 7 and it was identical xD
      Oh wait, that photo up there was actually a HP Tegra Note 7 xD

      • Adrian Commins

        The device shown up top is the HP Slate 7 Extreme, HP’s version of the Tegra Note 7, but that’s not what the article’s referring to (I’m sure you’ve copped that but just in case).
        The Slate 7 Extreme comes with a stylus reminiscent of the DirectStylus from Nvidia but without that chiselled tip, it would appear, however the function of the stylus is most likely the same.

        HP Slate7 Extreme:
        HP Slate 7 Extreme Stylus:

  • Lyndon Johnson

    I have an HP Touchpad running Android and I’m impressed. At that price point, it’ll be hard not to consider it!

  • Looking to get one if it’s true, would be nice.

  • pasta

    Let us see the quality first.
    If it’s really good for $200, then why not :)

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    6 to 7″ screen tablets that make calls. Too big for my pocket, but to each his/her own. At that price point, it would be hard to beat.

  • george

    Well 99% of our activitvity isn’t voice calls anymore.
    For people who voice call<10 mins a day , could use the headset or a 10$ BT headset.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      i think the best solution is to carry with us a smartphone 4.5″ and a tablet 7″ or more.

      really, when i get out on saturday night i don’t need to carry with me a 6″ phone

      • Guest123

        you do realize YOU do NOT need to buy a larger phone. So, stop crying over the size of this thing and go play with your <4.5" thing. Just cause others like larger devices doesn't mean you have to piss and moan all over the comments.

        And why would you even bother reading about such a device if you think it is so horrid? It's like and apple fanboy trolling on an Android site.

        • Dario · 753 a.C. .

          in italy we call people like you “leone da tastiera”. that is such “lion behind a keyboard”, if we were at the same place and at the same time you hadn’t said anything of that, believe me! you haven’t had the possibility to open your mouth and said these things right my face.

          now keep on doing a “leone da tastiera”! ;)

  • Ocab19

    At that price point I don’t think it will be able to even get close to the Note 3

  • APai

    “6 to 7-inch smartphones.”
    hmm, does that remain a smartphone anymore ?

    • Abdel Aziz Farhi

      Anything above 6″ for me is no longer a phone.

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        6″ is too much too. in my opinion the limit is 5″, no more!

      • mmmmmbop

        You can have a 6″ with a small bezel that is about the size of a Nexus 5. Question is if somebody will make a phone with such a small bezel.

      • Dominick_7

        Same was said about 4 and then 5 inch devices. Maybe what people could do is have an open and objective mind.

        • Abdel Aziz Farhi

          There is a huge difference between being objective and insane. holding a tablet against your head while talking to someone wouldn’t only be uncomfortable but also ridiculous . With 4 and 5 inch devices people were still able to use the phone one handed but with 6 inches its just too big.

          • Dominick_7

            Huge difference meaning whys at, one inch? We’re talking about the size of the screen. Lessening the bezel more on the Note 3 you can fit a 6 inch screen in it and it remain pretty much the same.. So it seems like you’re saying that the huuuuuuge difference is not much difference in that case then yeah?

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      do i need to get out with my eastpack to have the smartphone with me?? or jeans producers are going to make jeans with bigger pockets?? o.O”

  • Luka Mlinar

    And that’s it. 5.5 is the new standard. FFS, so pissed right now. In two years time everyone will be walking around with serving plates stuck to their head. Might as well take my 12 inch laptop and use at as a phone now.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      if things keep going this way we gonna get out with a backpack really soon to carry the smartphone with us

    • Dominick_7

      Ridiculous comment. It’s not that big, I can use my Note 2 with one hand without a problem, for the larger screen real estate they could easily put a 6 inch screen on it by lessening the bezel more and it wouldn’t change the form factor. Am guessing you probably complained when phones were no longer rotary and computers were becoming more popular.

      • Luka Mlinar

        You must have large hands.

        • Dominick_7

          Not really average. There are 4ft girls who post about how the Note 2 isn’t too big as well. Hope yours aren’t smaller than theirs.

  • dar thlaan

    It won’t kill anything unless it has a stylus, and it won’t appeal to anyone with artistic talent unless it’s pressure sensitive. If it has a stylus, yes it will compete with the Note series, but people who want real performance won’t be swayed. I couldn’t give up my Note 3 for something that has a display less than picture perfect. Slow motion video too.

  • oscar garcia

    There is no way in hell am purchasing a phone or tablet from hp after what they did to Web os and knowing that maybe they will just end up not supporting the Device , no thank you, I’ll just way for their fire sale

  • swtrainer

    I’m a Galaxy Note 2 user and have said for some time that I think the sweet spot for phablets is probably 7 inches. You don’t need to hold a phablet up to your ear with the excellent, small borough headsets available today and the one drawback to current phablet is the aren’t great at displaying full Web pages. I think the 7 inches makes that possible. For those who carried a cellphine and tablet, a 7 inch phablet is the one true device that can replace both without compromise.

    • Abdel Aziz Farhi

      I don’t agree with you on this one. I have a note 3 and its already as big as it can get in my opinion. Anything beyond the 6″ limit is no longer a phone that i can use for making phone calls. its not that i don’t like big phone, i do actually but I believe that those who want to enjoy big screen sizes should buy full size tablets, Above 8″.

    • [A]dri[A]n

      7 inches?? That’s just a tablet, not a phablet Lol

      • swtrainer

        Call it whatever you want but if it can use my minutes and make and receive calls, then I don’t need to carry 2 devices.

    • Dominick_7

      I thought the Mega would be too big till I held it in hand and thought it was actually really nice to have all the extra screen real estate. Think the sweet spot is likely 6-6.4, 5, 6? Not sure where. 7 seems more like a tablet. Would give it a try. The thing I struggle with is wanting it to be big enough to make more pro drawings/paintings easier as opposed to how it is on a 5 inch screen but also want it to be small enough to use one handed. The Note 10 or 12 looks more ideal for straight up drawing, but it’d be nice to be able to have it all in one device. Can handle the Note 2 no problem one handed but it isn’t exactly big enough to do serious drawing on it. If it was 6 inches it would be better.. 7, makes me wonder. I know they could put a 6 inch screen on the Note by lessening the bezel more where it wouldn’t change the form factor really, so maybe 7 wouldn’t be that bad. The Hisense X1 is 6.8 which looks really interesting but does look a bit big, yet I’m open minded. Would love to know how that would feel in hand and how easy it would be to use.

  • guest

    Ah the irony… People would circle jerk to the max whenever Samsung allegedly copies something, but now that the reverse is happening, no one bashes HP for copying? Ignorism and biased fanboys at their finest.

  • Cal Rankin

    Hopefully it has multiple windows on it. That would make it a decent budget phablet.