Rogers and CIBC launch Suretap, a NFC mobile payment service

by: Varun RajNovember 3, 2012

Finally, Canadians can now get rid of the good old credit card. Well, at least that’s the dream.

Rogers and the local bank CIBC are partnering to make the dream of NFC mobile payments a reality for Canadians. The two companies announced an agreement to launch Suretap, the country’s first joint mobile payment solution, which will allow CIBC credit card holders to pay using their Rogers NFC-enabled smartphone.

Although Canada is somehow lagging in the tap-and-go payment wave as compared to the US and European countries, the launch of dedicated carrier-bank ventures is a significant step in making the wallet old news.

Partner to the launch event was the Tim Hortons cafes chain, where local Olympic triathlete Simon Whitfield purchased a cup of coffee using a Rogers BlackBerry smartphone, paired with a CIBC credit card account.

Okay, Rogers is able to sell the technology convincingly to me! But what is less convincing to me is the carrier’s loyalty to RIM. It is also surprising that with a host of amazing Android based NFC devices available, Rogers opted to jump on the sinking ship by rolling out the service exclusively on BlackBerry devices. It will be interesting to see the uptake of the service, as many customers are switching to iPhone and Android phones. No timelines were revealed, but the companies say that the Suretap service will be available for Android, WP, and other platforms.

So Canadians, are you willing to lighten your pockets to get this payment ability? Tell us what do you think of NFC-based payments. Are you excited? Skeptic?

  • swtrainer

    Screenshot on a Blackberry…that’s funny!

    • Nevi_me

      TL;DR if you don’t have time :)

      That’s likely because that: with the exception of the Samsung S3 and other phones with NFC, *all* phones that RIM have been shipping since early last year have NFC.
      We keep talking about iPhone and Android devices on an international scale, so much that we forget that BlackBerry still has good market share in some countries.

      For example: in South Africa the market share is a healthy double digit (can’t remember the recent stats, but probably twice the iPhone share), with many people owning a BlackBerry on contract (meaning they have upgraded to newer devices), along with an Android or iPhone. As a result developers end up losing out on these niche markets with NFC.
      To be honest, that’s one of the reasons why Apple is praised every time they catch up, most people are walking with NFC chips and not knowing it. So when Apple comes with their brilliant marketing, it seems like nobody ever had some features. (Remember RIM with ‘push’ email? My Sony Ericsson K800i had IMAP support, and this was 2007, yet everyone thought BB was the only device with push capabilities. Yes I know it was better).

      In conclusion it makes sense why CIBC would go the RIM route, hopefully Canadians are still loyal to their company, and BB definitely ships more devices with NFC (as percentage of total devices, not quantity of units sold)

  • Because we need another one right? *rolls eyes*

  • charles

    What kills my buzz is that it’s only CIBC right now

  • It’s not a good enough reason to go back to a BB. WTF? Really? Rolling it out on RIM devices?

  • I will gladly open a bank account with any bank that lets me pay using NFC on my phone. I’ve been waiting YEARS for this… why isn’t it here yet?