Rogers Moto X promo apparently leaked, says release date is set for August [video]

July 14, 2013

    Rogers Moto X video leak

    What looks like an official Rogers Moto X promotional video, has made its way online via a Google+ user who posted it way ahead of its time.

    While the source of the video is rather strange – we’re looking at a Google+ Ukrainian user that goes by the name of Дима Прокопенко, who uploaded it– the device shown in it seems to match the handset we spotted in existing leaks and recent videos when it comes to design but also user interface, especially for the voice features.

    Rogers Moto X video leak

    The two-minute video presentation, available below, goes through some of the features of the handset, without mentioning hardware specifications.

    Always on voice commands

    As you can see in the video below, the Moto X will be listening at all times to answer your questions. And you won’t have to actually light up the screen and press any buttons to get your question in.

    The video tells us that the feature will help users with directions, alarm setting and pretty much anything “just by talking.” The user interface for this always on voice feature is pretty consistent with the video we showed you earlier today, although, as you can see, this is a professionally shot presentation, not a quick recording of the a test phone unit in action.

    Active updates

    The Moto X will not come with LED notifications, but the display will light up whenever a notification comes in, with the user deciding whether an action is required or not.

    Rogers Moto X video leak

    Camera gestures

    To launch the camera on the Moto X, users will apparently be required to only “twist [their] wrist” twice. The camera app will then be launched and you’ll be able to take pictures by touching anywhere on the screen. To take multiple photos, you’ll have to touch the screen continuously.

    Rogers Moto X video leak

    This isn’t the first time that we hear the phone will know when you want to take pictures and automatically launch the camera app. Moreover, Motorola took to Twitter a few hours ago to sort-of troll every smartphone maker out there, basically saying that their handsets aren’t quick enough to capture special moments. The subliminal message there seems to be that the Moto X will fix that issue, and this leaked Rogers video seems to indicate that indeed the Moto X will offer quick access to the camera.

    Release date

    From the beginning, the video tells us that the Moto X will be available only at Rogers, suggesting a carrier exclusivity for the handset, and at the end it says it will launch in August in black and white.

    The device used in to demo the shown features is a black one – we saw the white one used be Eric Schmidt a couple of days ago – and there’s no mention of customizations support.

    Rogers Moto X video leak

    That’s not really surprising considering that not too long ago, a report suggested that carriers would get “standard” versions, while buyers purchasing the Moto X directly from Motorola will be able to customize the handset.

    More Moto X information will apparently be available at at some point in the future, when the page will be made available.

    Wrap up

    The video leak is certainly surprising considering that the handset has not been officially unveiled yet – Motorola only mentioned its commercial name, a “summer” launch, and some of its features back in May at D11.

    However, in case we’re looking at a controlled leaks campaign, then it only makes sense to see Motorola and carrier partners gradually reveal more and more details about the handset – after all, Google will reportedly invest $500 million in marketing the phone, and such leaks only bring extra free attention to the upcoming handset.

    In addition to seeing Google and Motorola execs using the device, we’ve seen the Sprint, Verizon, AT&T (and now Rogers) versions of the phone leak, in this particular order. And it seems that with each day that goes by, more details regarding the phone’s functionality are unofficially revealed.

    That said, a proper Moto X announcement should be coming soon, since the device will most likely start shipping next month.


    • Jean-Claude

      I like the new camera interface…

      • Steve

        Picturing it in my head that’s probably wicked fast. Taking the phone or of my pocket an shaking it would take only .5 seconds versus 4 seconds with normal use. I just shake the device as I’m taking it out of my pocket and it’s instantly ready for picture taking.

        • Joe Martinson

          Because it is so hard to hit the power button and swipe left? This twist for camera thing seems really dumb and a poor example of the phone knowing what you want to do. This video made me less excited for it. (I currently can hit my power button as I pull from my pocket then simply swipe and aim… rockin the Verizon Galaxy Nexus)

        • Balraj

          Are you telling that it’s cool to shake your phone inside your pocket, every time while wanting to take a pic….
          It’s so awkward to even imagine lol !!!

          • Steve

            Probably uses the unusual pressure sensor to know if a person is holding the device. Therefore it wont initialize the camera w/o having a person holding the device. And yeah, not shake it in my pocket, but as I’m taking it out and getting it into position. It will be one swift and efficient movement. Using your fingers to point takes a bit less energy, but the amount of precision needed to do it is a lot more than shaking your device.

    • Tamadrummer94

      That has got to be the weirdest and most annoying motion gesture I’ve ever seen.

    • True_Neutral

      Is anyone else getting sick of the Moto X? This is a cocktease that has worn out its welcome…

    • Msan

      It seems that the “M” in the front of the phone is not in this promo video.

      • Steve

        That makes me happy

    • Luka Mlinar

      Why does it have JB 4.1 on it O.o

      • Steve

        Because Google is trying to not show favorites. They’ll release it on the Nexus 5 & 4 first then send it to Motorola a week later… Probably that way

        • Luka Mlinar

          Ah Steve.. Steve..

          • Steve

            Not like I can predict the future, just a guesstimate.

    • Jusephe

      Always on voice commands ?
      Thanks NO !
      Can’t imagine how many silly people will try to command my phone !

      • Mobile Phones Fan

        Your concern is understandable, but it’s plain that Google is working on voice-recognition.

    • Jason Murray

      The YouTube video is from Dan Tyson and was posted on Ausdroid’s article regarding this leak:

    • mobilemann

      lock screen notifications and always on google now. is this Google’s catch up to iOS release? They borrow more from each other with every iteration.

      • MasterMuffin

        This is not a new Android version so no.

        • mobilemann

          well, i very much doubt they would bring big changes only to their moto phones. The other oem’s remember.

      • Mobile Phones Fan

        Sure, but don’t confuse innovation with release-cycles. Ever since the first Google Now demos, they’ve been hinting about — and working at — an ‘always on’ version (cf: Google Glass)

        So, here’s the question: If Company A conceives the product first but Company B is first to ship their version, is B the ‘borrower’ or is A? What if B’s product is a beta, or simply inferior?

    • MasterMuffin

      Google just can’t keep secrets, N4 was the worst kept technology secret ever and now moto X :)

      • Jonathan G.

        Something tells me that Google doesnt care really if secrets get revealed, it is free press for them. :)

        • MasterMuffin

          But it spoils the surprise :(

      • kroms

        THANKS to Rogers. lol , Now i KNOW im not getting it , Not from Rogers !!

    • Ryan MORGAN

      This is not the same phone that Schmidt showed off a couple of days ago – something’s not quite right…

      • jjordan

        I agree with you this thing looks nothing like the curved moto x Schmidt was using…this thing looks clunky and thick. I’m wondering what’s going on myself

        • Julian

          After seeing Rogers video, I think Rogers is the Moto X, and I’m starting to think that phone Schmidt was holding may be… … a Nexus 5 prototype. Or some kind of Play Edition Motorola high end phone. But I’m still surprised they would do that.

        • Steve

          Psychology is messing with us. It’s the difference between the white on the front and the black on the back. The device looks slimmer because the primitive part of the brain all humans have will first see them as separate(and thin) parts due to different contrasting colors, and as a complete phone after. This makes the phone seem thinner overall.

    • Samcopy

      Booo.. This thing is so lame…

    • nicolas99

      The problem with no LED is that when you’ve been away from your phone for 25 minutes or more the phone’s screen is not going to be lit and showing you that something has happened while you were gone. Not having an LED is a dealbreaker for me. On my SIII the LED has different colours and is programmable so it does actually tell me a whole lot!

      • needa

        i would imagine you will be able to tell it how often to light up the screen. still not the same a blinking light though.

    • Bas

      Looks more like a Nexus 5.

    • Zach Mauch

      wow, this is SOOOOOOOOOOO why we haven’t heard anything about the New Nexus 7. Google is wanting all the hype to be focused on the Moto X. I bet they are holding off any announcements until after the unveiling. This steady stream of leaks is leading up to their official announcement. Given how heavy its getting, the official announcement can’t be far off.

    • spotlight79

      I´m sorry, but… this phone is ugly… Months ago when we had first rumours, I was totally excited, but phone will never be able to live up to the hype that´s being made. I have to agree – this wrist-twist is rediculous. And… the design is just awful!

    • Jacob

      Im not sure if this is real it looks nothing like the awesome looking ones that we’ve previously seen

    • Jacob

      Im not sure if this is real it looks nothing like the awesome looking ones that we’ve previously seen

    • endinsight

      I don’t think this is legit. My guess is that they made this video as a placeholder, but I doubt the phone will look like that in the end.

      Plus, the command is not, “okay Google now”, it’s “okay moto magic”, right?

      Sounds like some controlled leaks and some weird stuff.

      I will not get it if it looks like that.

    • JL

      I want this to be off contract like the Nexus 4. The carrier versions come with too much bloatware. I’d rather pay for the pure Android experience.