Rogers Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean now set for ‘early December’

by: Chris SmithNovember 22, 2012

Last time we spoke about the Jelly Bean update for Rogers’ Galaxy S3 version we told you that the handset was going to be soon updated to Android 4.1, without providing you actual details other than an ambiguous “late November” timeframe.

We’re approaching “late November” and we have some not-so-great update for you on this Rogers Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean upgrade: it’s not going to come this month after all.

For whatever reason, Rogers decided to postpone it to “early December,” whatever that means, because we don’t actually have a release date for you or an explanation for the delay. Mobile Syrup does say that “Samsung Canada promised that it’ll arrive ‘before the holiday,’” although, at the end of the day, it’s still up to the carrier to push it through.

Rogers subscribers that purchased the handset aren’t the only ones waiting for the official Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update to be released, even though the update is available in various markets. Naturally, we’ll be back with more details as soon as we have them.

  • Ron

    This is just bull shit android 4.1 has been out since may. Bloatware that most of us dont need are taking 7 months to make?

    • That’s true, but you have to admit at least manufacturers are taking some initiative. While we might not see Jelly Bean on this phone for a while, custom ROMs are pretty solid as of now and I personally like the feeling of stock Android better than Samsung’s bloated Touchwiz. Here’s a post that instructs you from start to finish on how to install Paranoid Android v2.55 on the I747


        • Joe


  • RarestName

    Don’t bother getting the update. My friends who own this phone somehow had slower phones and worse battery life after installing Jelly Bean. And it’s not only them.

  • Nick

    Get your act together telus rogers bell and give Samsung the ok to push instead of you gos holding onto it for months

    • Nick

      Instead of you Guys*

  • At least Rogers has given some sort of time frame. AT&T hasn’t said jack shit -.-

  • Angry consumer

    Shouldn’t even be complaining, at least you guys have an announcement of the update Att and Verizon still didn’t get any announcements that they were getting the damn update.

  • Amanda

    Updating as we speak – appears the update for Rogers was released yesterday.