Rogers Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade now available

by: Chris SmithJune 20, 2012

Unfortunately for Android device users, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is not seeing the widespread adoption Google has probably hoped for, and, more than six months after it was introduced, ICS is only available on just over 7% of Android devices.

Sure, ICS is not compatible with older hardware, but even former flagship devices from various Android device makers are receiving their ICS flavors a lot later than Android users would have wanted.

Today, we have good news for Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 owners, as their highly anticipated Android 4.0 update is finally being delivered. The news comes from MobileSyrup, and the above screenshots reveal that the actual ICS version Rogers Galaxy S2 users will be getting is Android 4.0.4 .

According to the publication, in order to get the update, Galaxy S2 owners will have to connect their handset via Kies. But, other than that everything should be fine and they should finally experience ICS on their beloved devices.

Just a few days ago, we heard that two other Canadian carriers have released ICS upgrades for other Galaxy S2 versions that are available in the region, Bell’s Galaxy S2 and Telus’ Galaxy S2 X, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see Rogers join the party.

We’ll be following closely the ICS upgrades for other major Android smartphones and tablets, so keep your eyes glued to Android Authority for more detailed information.

  • Kies is asking me for battery code. Which number is it?

  • S2 owner

    when is sprint getting the update?

  • I have started Kies and connected to my desktop browser and I am not a getting a notice about this update. Has this worked for anyone else?

    • Adrian

      Be sure you have the last Kies Version.

  • mike

    i have yet to receive the update notice ad well

  • Apparently you need to install the Kies desktop app: and connect your phone via USB and upgrade that way.

  • mike

    i have my phone plugged into kies, and still no upgrade

    • Chaya

      My android os is 4.0.3 i tried to update 4.0.4 through kites but it shows uptodate

  • The Real Slim

    Rogers’ Razr getting it anytime soon?

  • yup

    someone post a video of ICS on their phone on YOUTUBE please and thank you

  • It worked for me. I installed an update to Kies, backed up my phone, and then installed 4.0.4. Works great although Rogers locked some stuff down. Cant disable the lock screen for example. Cant use a pattern unlock either.

    • Alejandro

      I did the update thru kies desktop version and it seems fine. However i cant adjust my brightness using the notification status bar at the top and i get a keyboard lag during txt messages. anyone able to adjust brightness thru the status bar using 4.0.4? I really use that feature a lot.

  • Gabe Snooks

    I got 4.0.4 this afternoon through Kies, bout friggin time! No problems found so far, facial unlock seems to work properly.

  • Sean

    upgrade went super smooth. Like the gmail app changes the most.

    • help me

      how did u get it i did the whole kies and everything got nothin went to att and they didnt help me at all

  • Debbie Mann

    uploaded icecream sandwichto my s2 today, had to go through usb to kies on my notebook…the only thing im upset about is i lost some things such as my telus email icon but email is still there and I lost some of my live wallpaper, has anyone elae had rhis issue other than that it works great!

  • Dean

    can someone confirm this rogers update is a 4.0.4 and are there any problems? Ive been hearing about phone lags, pattern unlock issues and battery life problems. Can someone confirm this is a good update and give a rating?

    • Bouds

      Confirmed. Lags and freezes completely on occasion… Not really impressed to be honest..

    • Mike Meakin

      I updated my Galaxy Note to 4.0.4 and my pop3 email started having connection problems (download only) every 24 to 36 hours requiring me to erase and recreate the account each time to fix it. After about ten days even that didnt fix it and I’ve now lost my primary email.
      I’m going to try to back out ICS completely

  • rose

    i keep logging in to my kies and its saying it cannot be updated

  • cy

    updated my s2 to ice cream 4.0 for my galaxy s2 and there are problems that i encounter. i cant adjust the brightness on the notification bar