Rogers Galaxy Note 2 expected to arrive with a contract-free price of $649.99

by: Robert NelsonOctober 24, 2012

The Galaxy Note 2 release has begun for those in the U.S. (with select carriers), however we are still awaiting the release in Canada. The release date is set for October 30. Otherwise, we have seen some rumors and some speculation regarding the pricing. And well, as of today it looks like we have some details regarding the Rogers pricing.

What we have has yet to be confirmed by the carrier and at this point has come by way of a leaked screen capture. That being said, Rogers is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 2 for $199.99 on a three-year agreement and for $649.99 month-to-month. For those thinking the month-to-month offering is on the high-side, remember, Bell is expected to have it for $729.95.

Anyway, while we cannot make a direct comparison between the U.S. and Canadian pricing given the difference in standard agreement lengths, it is nice to see the Galaxy Note 2 with a $200 price point. After all, it seems the majority of U.S. carriers have it set for $299.99. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, T-Mobile has it priced even higher.

  • Joshhud

    The $299 price has me waiting till my contract is up in December instead of doing an early upgrade.. whomp whomp

    • Michal Zebrowski

      $199 according to the article…

      • alllogic

        299 is out of my price range for THREE long ridiculous years. Also, more ridiculous considering they imposed a penalty fee of 180 to upgrade a yr early- after 2 yrs. Oh, but we’ll be nice, and cut it in half- 90 bones. F-ck Rogers, if they roll this out at 299 AND THREE yrs.

        • Anonymous

          $199. How come you can’t read?

          • anonymous

            seriously 1.9.9. that’s ONE NINE NINE. that’s ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE DOLLARS. please try to read

  • Ron

    649.99. I’m buying with no contract. Rogers hurry up. 30th I hope. I want 16gb and marble white

  • Ron

    Called a rogers store this morning and was informed that the no contract price for the note 2 is 749.99 plus tax.

  • Musicman

    Was told in Mississauga Roger store today they could do note 2 for 99. 100 discount on 3 year corporate plan. Still don’t have them in stock yet though.
    What I would like someone to explain is the tablet side of this “phablet” What can it do a S3 can’t to warrant the tablet part of the name?

    • It has s pen features. Youtube it and you will know more. There are tons of reviews.

    • It has s pen features. Youtube it and you will know more. There are tons of reviews.