Rogers Canada schedules Motorola Razr HD Jelly Bean update for “late December”

by: AdrianNovember 16, 2012

Motorola RAZR HD

Show of hands, who’s disappointed with Motorola’s progress (or lack thereof) on Jelly Bean updates? Now that’s a lot of hands!

Still, even if Moto basically only upgraded a tablet and a phone to Android 4.1 and not even the Xoom to 4.2, you can’t say that Samsung or anyone else did a much better job. Furthermore, we’ve always had the feeling that Razr HD’s JB leap is just around the corner, and now we’ve started to hear official word on that.

Rogers Canada just updated its “OS upgrades” schedule, and what do you know, the Razr HD is slated to get Jelly Bean 4.1 in “late December”. That’s only a tentative date, so anything can happen until then, but there’s a very good shot that Santa Claus will be bringing Canadians something other than candy in their stockings this year.

And if Rogers customers will be spoiled like that, there’s no reason to think Verizon will not follow suite or even undercut that ETA, so Droid Razr HD users, but also owners of the Maxx HD should start to get excited.

A trio of Samsung devices also has Jelly Bean coming on Rogers, with the S3 LTE scheduled for late November and the S2 LTE/Galaxy Note duo for late December. That’s not news however, and, considering Sammy’s recent track history, is not to be trusted very much either.

  • nick

    And the message from all the RAZR HD and Maxxx ownerd is hurry the f%$k up :)

    • USMC80

      Just flash the leaked version, runs great

      • Kevin Larson

        That voids your warranty in many cases though. So while that is a nice idea, it’s a non-starter for over half of us.

  • Jared Persinger

    Can’t wait to make my razr maxx hd even better