Rogers rolls out Jelly Bean to Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE via Kies

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 19, 2013


After being delayed for a couple of times, Rogers said last month that the Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE will be pushed out in late February. It looks like the carrier is going to deliver on its word this time around.

In fact, the Jelly Bean firmware is reportedly already on its way to the Galaxy S2 LTE. Rogers hasn’t posted the information on its website yet, but some users have reported that the software package is available to download and install via Kies. We’re not sure for now whether it’ll be available via OTA as well.

What owners can look forward to seeing on their Galaxy S2 LTE soon isn’t the latest version of Jelly Bean, as it’ll only bump the device up to Android 4.1.2. But hey, it’s the same version that the Galaxy S3 is sporting.

Got the update yet? Let us know in the comments below how smooth Jelly Bean runs on your trusty Galaxy S2 LTE.

  • eses

    Just got the ota push, hazah

  • Aristov

    Get the update with bell mobility too

  • Got the update this morning ——- oh sh*t.. lost all my apps on the desktop. Need to replace everything.. And lost Wifi 360 (does’nt work anymore). Lost status of Wifi/GPS/Sound… now only available on the pull down status screen.

  • When is Telus releasing the update

  • Dave

    bricked my phone . .

  • aerialbender

    Installed on the 3rd try. How do you get rid of the irritating ‘Page # of 7’ announcements?

  • Shayne

    My GS2 wont update saying my firmware isnt samsung. what the fuck.

  • Cutra

    All is great one thing though can’t mute the picture taking shutter! Arg!!!

    • Cutra

      On Rogers, Galaxy S2. Update was painless!!!

  • Johnnymunn

    worth while updating much faster and better battery saving.

  • eugene65

    Roger S2lte. Awesome. More fluid and a better experience. I hope more people support the Android community.

  • Toan Huynh

    Updated through OTA Push, all was working fine, but now my lock pattern screen doesn’t want to show up when it is on. Only shows the basic slide to unlock and sometimes randomly when trying to access an app, the lock pattern shows up. And sometimes, when the pattern lock does show up, I first have to slide it to get the pattern, but then that brings me to the basic unlock screen, which I have to slide to unlock after.

  • Wtf is with the update for the samsung galaxy s2 i9100 in germany now..??

  • Found the update in my phone settings. Been on the new version of Jellybean for the last few hours and I notice a HUGE difference in perfomance and speed in everything! I was about to throw my phone out the window with the last ice cream sandwich firmware. For the last few months, my phone started freezing and crashing at least a few times a day. But this update has made those issues go away and made me love my phone all over again! Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE Thank you Rogers!

  • Jovan

    Is there an update for Bosnia and Herzegowina?