Rogers pushes out Android 4.0 ICS upgrade for Motorola Razr

by: Bams SadewoAugust 26, 2012

We told you a couple of days back about the new ICS rollout timeline that Rogers has set for several devices, Motorola Razr included. Though we’re not quite at the very end of August yet, several owners of the Razr are reporting that they have received that oft delayed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update on their phone.

As mentioned by Mobile Syrup, the new Android 4.0.4 firmware is available via OTA update, which means you should see a notification on your phone to download and install the file. If not, you can check manually on your Motorola Razr by going to “System software updates” on settings.

Mobile Syrup

We know how terribly exciting and tormenting at the same time waiting for the notification to pop up on your phone can be. Even if you don’t see it today, it’s nothing to worry about. It will take a while for Rogers to roll out the update to everyone.

If you want to help other readers that are in the same position, feel free to share the update status of your phone, as well as your location, in the comments below.

  • Ace

    People really don’t have the ICS update yet? I’ve had it for at least two months. I’m in central Illinois

    • ignisfatuus

      US telecoms are light years ahead of their backwards Canadian counterparts.

  • Samantha

    Calgary, Canada.

    Updated my Razr 2 nights ago to ICS…. It is downright horrible!!!Base apps like my alarm clock, gallery & notification sounds no longer work; I get “not responding” errors or black screens that freeze when I try. Almost none of my installed applications works either.My phone is now extremely slow, and doesn’t pick up my finger half the time. It has froze about 10 times since the update while I was simply changing screens or trying to open an app.
    I also absolutely despise the background data situation. My phone died with 2 hours after the install, as I forgot that I would have to disable background data after the install… After finally figuring out how to disable it, I have a little white triangle in my notification bar, and if I accidentally touch that when I go to clear my task manager (advanced app killer), background data comes on!

    Very unhappy with this update!