Rise of Mana – new 3D RPG coming this summer from developer Square Enix

by: Jonathan FeistFebruary 28, 2014

Rise of Mana Coming Soon

The Japanese game developer behind the great Final Fantasy Series has released a website and trailer for a new hack ‘n’ slash style 3D RPG Game. Rise of Mana will be based on the Square Enix produced World of Mana game series and will launch to Android and iOS this year.

Seiken Densetsu: RISE of MANA will be the full Japanese game title. The story appears to center around two main characters as they go about their normal day-to-day tasks of saving the world. The gameplay looks to hold true to the experience found in most later Final Fantasy titles on Android.

Square Enix Rise of Mana

Square Enix has successfully re-mastered 8 titles from the Final Fantasy game series to run on Android devices. Along with more than a dozen other Android titles, we have come to expect good things from Square Enix as leaders in the mobile gaming revolution. From all indications, Rise of Mana will be free to play with in-app purchasable items and power-ups. In-fact, the translation of their Japanese website includes the text “pay-per-action RPG,” which differs from their usual $15.99 price tag for most Final Fantasy titles.

Square Enix plans to launch the Rise of Mana soundtrack on April 23, 2014, leading into a summer time game release into the Google Play Store. Are you excited to see major single player experience game titles release onto the Android platform, or do you prefer the social aspect of many mobile titles available already? 

If you do not speak or read Japanese you’ll need your babel fish to get all of the details, but the trailer is still worth checking out.

  • Mayoo

    Oh look another SE game. They are dead for me sorry, it will take a lot to make me buy something else from them. Today, they updated Chrono to make it work with 4.3 and 4.4 … their sure took their sweet time.

  • Jaime

    Not really fond of free to play, but the game looks good.

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          No, it;s true! Her uncle is killin it!

  • Ferro

    Free to play with IAP ? I thought it was banned by European Commission.