Upgrade HTC Rezound to Ice Cream Sandwich via leaked firmware build 3.11.605.22

by: Paul NuñalApril 1, 2012
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HTC is working hard these days to bring Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) to its older devices.  One HTC device getting the official Ice Cream Sandwich update is the HTC Rezound, although official pronouncements from HTC say that the device is not among the first batch of handsets to receive official ICS OTA upgrades.

Thanks to a leaked firmware (version 3.11.605.22), owners of the HTC Rezound can upgrade to stock ICS firmware, albeit a release candidate and not a final release version for OTA distribution.

Leaked firmware version 3.11.605.22 includes a handful of new elements that HTC has added to the popular Ice Cream Sandwich.  These added features are known to improve the Rezound’s overall performance and speed.

Apart from fixes for issues in earlier releases, other notable features of the leaked ICS 3.11.605.22 firmware include the following

  • Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • CMAS support added
  • IPv6 over eHRPD supported
  • UI updated to Sense 3.6
  • Caller Name ID app added
  • VMM/BUA plus updated
  • New storage UI (under settings menu)


  • Take note that this leaked firmware is official from HTC.  But, it is not the final version for OTA update.  So, expect several bugs and issues, which expectedly will be ironed out in the final version.
  • If your HTC Rezound is rooted, flashing this firmware will bring it back to an unrooted state.


  • HTC Rezound
    • must be running on stock firmware (i.e., non-custom ROM)
    • must not have an unlocked bootloader (i.e., bootloader must be locked)
  • Fully charged battery or at least 70% battery left.


  1. Download the update package from here, here, or here(rezound_ics_androidpolice_3.11.605.22.zip, md5sum: 58b0f42defc689650ddd5128f195dc7d).  Save the file to your computer without extracting the file.
  2. Rename the downloaded ZIP file to PH98IMG.zip.
  3. Connect your HTC Rezound to your PC via USB cable.
  4. Copy PH98IMG.zip to the phone’s SD card (i.e., /sdcard).  Do not place the file inside any subdirectory.
  5. Disconnect your phone from your PC.
  6. Switch off your phone.
  7. Reboot the phone into bootloader mode. You can do this by pressing and holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons until you see the HBOOT screen.
  8. Once in HBOOT, your phone will automatically detect the update file and will automatically apply the update.
  9. Your phone will automatically reboot once the update is completely applied.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 3.6 on your HTC Rezound via the leaked firmware build 3.11.605.22.

  • Josh

    this did not work

  • Junior

    This didn’t work also. Booted in HBOOT but nothing else happened.

  • James

    Files are corrupted. :(

  • Storieddeth

    Worked perfect for me! Thanks a ton!!!

  • AjayS99

    Did not work for me. Phone is stock, bootloader locked, file properly copied and renamed into root of SD card and nothing. Waste of time downloading these files.

    • Mgfox8300

      You have to.make sure u put the file on the root of Ur added sd card. so I put my zip image in astro you go to the sd slash txt file which is your other sd card and then it should work you’re probably putting the file on the htc in internal memory sd card

  • Shane

    Tried all 3 downloads, fail…….so had my hopes up!

  • Shane

    Just rename the file PH98IMG
    otherwise it renames the file PH98IMG.zip.zip (which will not work)

    • Shane

      THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovin me some ICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paulbputney

    Worked perfect for me. Have had it working for over tow weeks now. The only thing is that the battery only charges to about 88%

  • BetterFasterCheaper

    I can never understand how people can be SO impatient that they jump through all these hoops and risk messing up their phones just to upgrade to a potentially buggy pre-release version of ICS.

    Sheesh … just wait for the official update like a grownup ….

    • slabhead

      I would have loved to wait for the official ICS release but my hotspot (the one I pay Verizon for, btw) was useless. VZW sent me a new phone but same problem. It would work for a while (measured in minutes) then stall then sometimes restart, etc. Try being productive when your remote desktop session or VPN connection keeps evaporating and you’ll want to run over your phone with a truck full of other phones that have working hotspots.

      Anyhoo….I absolutely needed a working hotspot and gave the ICS build a shot. Not only was the upgrade trivially easy but I now have a perfectly working hotspot (2 hours without a single dropped ping back to the mother ship!) Thankfully I didn’t mess my phone up and instead have a faster, cleaner phone THAT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT I BOUGHT IT FOR. And what I pay Verizon for.

      So speaking for official grownups everywhere, I say maybe you might like to understand the legit reasons for an upgrade other than just needing the latest greatest new shiny object.

      • Jon

        Do u have a 3rd party hotspot that works? Or the stock? How did u get around the tetherguard

  • Dantheman

    This worked great for me! Loving some early ICS!

  • Gardnebm

    I installed it, but now Beats audio is missing.

  • Chrish

    did not work for me either, now it won’t read my sd card at all and ive already tried factory resetting still not working. waste of time!!!

    • Josh

      My sd card won’t work either… I’m pissed.

    • Mike

      did u find a way to fix it?

  • brad99

    Does this wipe the phone?

  • Seemed to have worked update took a while to boot.

  • Lucidreamer357

    I did the update and it is now showing the “htc” logo on a white background for 30 mins or so. Did I brick my phone, should I wait, pull the battery our or it is risky?

    • RLWLK911

      Mine did the same thing. Do the update again and make sure you read the screen and reboot it when it asks for it. I did it again and it worked perfectly.

      • Son_of_soren

        Did all these steps… Sill 2.3.___

  • Tom

    Didn’t work for me.

    Looks like the official Verizon ICS update for Rezound may not be out until June/July.

  • mitchel

    my phone is stuck in hboot

  • Mike

    can some one help, after trying to do this update, my phone storage is unavailable and, when i press mount sd card it quickly tills me that its safe to remove the sd card. i did a factory reset a few times and still same problem.

  • Scott Smith

    just says no image after it loads it.

  • Scott Smith

    never mind got it to work, not only does my battery charge fully, but i am getting much better life out of it. very pleased with the new os.

  • Will C

    Did all of that. it even asked me if I wanted to apply the update in the bootloader screen. it rebooted and ics. Do I need to put the file on the HTC internal storage or the sd card or does it matter? I want ICS

    • Will C

      sorry no ics

  • Jon

    So after installing can I still root? If so how? All rezound roots I find are for 2.3 not 4.0.3

  • jon

    Can I remove this and go back to stock?