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Best Android Apps for Managing Household Tasks

From waking up early and preparing breakfast for the kids to buying groceries after work, life as a family man or woman can be tough. Fortunately, help is available when you ...
by Conan HughesNovember 8, 2011

Best Android Apps and Options for Persons with Disabilities

With the swiftness with which technology has drastically changed over the years, it can be easy to get so caught up in all the hype and excitement of how the latest gadgets ...
by Brigitte NovabosNovember 8, 20115

Adaptxt for Android: The Keyboard App That Adapts to You Rather Than You to It

Another predictive text app? Groan. We’ve all been there before. We know what it’s like. “Oh, that’s a useful app.” Then you download and install it onto your Android ...
by Brigitte NovabosNovember 7, 20118

Why the iPhone Never Went Beyond 3.5-inch Displays (and Probably Won’t Ever)

For a product line touted to be magical, groundbreaking, and intuitive, the iPhone never went past the 3.5-inch mark for its display ever since the original product was ...
by Conan HughesNovember 7, 201140

S Memo Stylus Review – A Closer Look At The Galaxy Note [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the latest devices from Samsung. It comes with the revolutionary S Pen – which allows users to use the “stylus” as as ...
by RandyNovember 6, 201112

Handy Android Apps for Unwired Interaction with Desktops

  There are lots of things that can be done on an Android device; it’s one of the main reasons why we go for Android. You might already know a ...
by JoseNovember 4, 20111

Best Android Apps to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a TV Remote Control

The television has always been a good stress reliever after a hard day’s work. It is just so relaxing to watch your favorite TV shows, or probably a movie or two. The ...
by JoseNovember 4, 20113

Catch a Cheating Partner with the Aid of StealthGenie

Have you ever faced the dilemma of cheating partners? Or, are you a parent who constantly monitors your children’s whereabouts in school?  Cunning as it sounds, there’s an ...
by Paul NuñalNovember 4, 20113

Best Android Apps for Managing Files

We all have our own important files stored somewhere. Most of the time we store them in our own hard drive, sometimes we put them in external storage devices like USB flash ...
by JoseNovember 4, 20112

Android App Review: NetQin Mobile Security

Are you feeling insecure on your Android mobile device? Do you think some apps are “spying on you”? You can stop worrying about this anymore–with NetQin Mobile ...
by Will G.November 4, 20118
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