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Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) VS HTC Rezound (Vigor): Omega Superphone Standoff

by: LucianOctober 4, 2011

There are 2 upcoming next-gen phones that will offer the the iPhone 5 incredible competition product-wise, especially if the “iPhone 5″ will be just an upgraded iPhone 4. Those phones are the Android Ice-Cream Sandwich powered Nexus Prime (which might actually be split in 2 versions: a global one called Galaxy Nexus, and a Verizon one called Droid Prime), and HTC’s latest superphone, the HTC Vigor. Let’s see what they are all about so you can decide what best fits you.

Let’s start with the easy part – the specs – and then we see how each stand up against each other.

Nexus Prime

Processor: OMAP 4460 dual core 1.5 [...]
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iPhone 4S vs HTC Rezound (Vigor): Which Will Survive When They Clash?

by: Ronald UyOctober 4, 2011


It seems that the guys at Apple are at their old game again. If there’s one thing that Apple has been exceptionally good at, it’s keeping us guessing while managing to “leak” information to keep our mouths watering.

With all the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, one device that manages to spark similar interest among mobile phone enthusiasts is the HTC Vigor, also rumored to be called the HTC DROID Incredible HD, the HTC Thunderbolt 2, or the HTC Rezound.  Information about HTC’s latest offering is much more forthright. This is probably the reason why so many techies are genuinely excited about the HTC Vigor.

The two are awesomely powerful devices, [...]

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How the iPhone 4S Can Pick a Real Fight with Android Smartphones

by: Matthew SabatiniOctober 4, 2011

With Android making its move and Apple’s big event scheduled for October 4, we have an exciting competition in the making. Apple had always been the leader when it comes to smartphones. However, in recent months, Android has made great leaps to overcome the smartphone giant.

Now, with Ice Cream Sandwich, numerous rumored Android devices, and the iPhone 5 right around the corner, aren’t you curious about who will come out on top? We definitely are.

To us, however, Android is still ten steps ahead of the iPhone.  But, we’d like the iPhone to be on par with Android so that there will be real competition.  Thus, we are doing Apple a big favor by offering [...]

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Best Apps to Customize your Android Device

by: Vinny MarinoSeptember 26, 2011

It’s a pretty safe assumption that everyone enjoys a little customization when it comes to their Android device. So, today I’m going to run you through some of the best apps to customize your Android phone.

Go Launcher ex (Free)

Go Launcher Ex is an app with many options for customization. This app will replace your default home launcher (HTC Sense, Motorola’s Platform, and Samsung’s Touchwiz) to a new highly customizable interface. Options such as transition effects, hiding apps in the app drawer (that you don’t use), custom themes, and choosing how many home screens you want are a few of the many options available.

Beautiful Widgets [...]
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Tegra 3 Project Kal-El Benchmarks Revealed – Not Quad Core – it’s Quintuple Core!

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 20, 2011

Nvidia has just dropped a nugget of gold at our doorstep – and it contains a bit of a bombshell folks. It turns out that Project Kal-El, also known as “Tegra 3″ is not actual a Quad Core SoC after all – it’s a Quintuple Core SoC.

Not disclosed publicly previously, is a trick that Nvidia has been keeping up their sleeve — until today. Employing a novel process dubbed Variable Symmetric Multiprocessing (vSMP) technology — NVIDIA’s Project Kal-El SoC includes a fifth “Companion Core” created using a special low power silicon process that executes select tasks like music playback,  video playback, reading loaded web pages, [...]

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Quick Note App Review – A Handy Reminder App for Android

by: Brandon SobottaSeptember 20, 2011

Quick Note is exactly what you think it would be, which is a little  note app that gives you the ability to put notes, as widgets, to yourself on your User Interface (UI). You can either place a note on your UI, or in the app itself, which is more like a to-do list then sticky notes. When creating your note there are a few options you can adjust, for both the in app experience and for the way the widget is displayed itself. You can chose to customize colors, a few styles, font size, and the alignment. The only option difference between posting the note to your UI as opposed to posting it in the actual app, is that you can choose the grid size of the widget, ranging from 1×1 to [...]

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Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime?) and Ice-Cream Sandwich

by: LucianSeptember 16, 2011

So you wanted to know more about the Nexus Prime? Say no more. Apparently, an anonymous 4chan user has decided to share the goods with all of us, and has posted a lot of details about the upcoming Nexus Prime, which he actually calls “Samsung Galaxy Nexus”. This sounds a little strange to me. If Google actually let Samsung name it like that, it makes me think this isn’t really a Google “designed” phone, but rather an improved variant of Galaxy S II, on which Verizon managed to get an exclusive (also the reason they didn’t want the GS2). The improvements, however, do seem significant.

It looks a bit like a Sprint Galaxy S II, has a [...]

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A Critical Look At Samsung Mobile – 2011 & Beyond

by: RandySeptember 15, 2011

In 2010, Samsung made headlines with their flagship device – the Samsung Galaxy S, which sold over 10 million units. They also had the privilege to introduce the Nexus S – the Google reference device – in the same year, and that helped concrete their dominance in the Android category. Without a doubt, the 1GHz Hummingbird processor really helped them soar high!

Industry experts, ABI Research, most recently took the Samsung Galaxy S II apart, and concluded that “Samsung took many risks by combining all these new technologies into one phone. ABI Research believes those risks will pay off; the Galaxy S II sets a new benchmark for almost every category on which [...]

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Free Game Picks of the Week

by: glennSeptember 10, 2011

I grabbed myself a few free Android games a while back from GetJar and the Market recently, and all of them were quite excellent. Here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts on each of them

Robotek HD

This game is from the makers of Totemo and Everlands and offers a very rich tactical game for the low price of free. You play the last hope of mankind during a time when machines rule the world. Your goal is to defeat these mainframes one at a time, improving your own human-controlled mainframe’s abilities and skills along the way.

Each battle, you roll a slot machine-like device to see what kind of powerups you get for that round. Getting a three in a row [...]

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A Thorough, Hands-on Video Review of the HTC Jetstream / Puccini

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 9, 2011

The HTC Jetstream, also known previously as the HTC Puccini, has just been released on AT&T as their first LTE tablet. Despite having a great form factor, and HTC’s great name and reputation for producing quality goods behind it, it’s looking like it will be something of a flop, however. Why, you may ask? The reason is simple: price. It is carrying a price of $699 if purchased with a two year contract, and the price of $849.99 if purchased outright. Still, if money is no object, it’s one of the most powerful Android tablets on the market currently, and is packing a marvellous set of specs. See below for more details.

Specs 1.5GHz dual-core CPU 10.1″ [...]
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