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Best Business Card Reader App for Android – MobiReader Pro Means Business!

by: RandySeptember 8, 2011
Any full-fledged business person will appreciate DIOTEK’s MobiReader Pro. The application is a business card & document OCR (Optical character recognition) that lets you instantly capture, document, and organize everything from business cards and contacts to entire documents, easily and effectively.
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The Post-HTC Desire Syndrome

by: RandySeptember 3, 2011

It was in August last year that I contemplated purchasing my first Android phone. At that time, I loved the HTC unibody Aluminium concept and I was totally sold to the HTC Sense coloured bokeh look. I became a proud owner of a HTC Legend.

At that time, the HTC Desire was also a phenomenon on its own. The HTC Desire was the cream of the crop. It defeated the iPhone 4 to become T3’s “2010 Phone of the Year” and propelled HTC to the top, with them receiving accolades like the “Tech Brand of the Year”. You could imagine Peter Chou smiling ear-to-ear, while Steve Jobs must not have been very pleased about the loss.

After the Desire, HTC decided to milk the Desire [...]

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What’s the Next Best Android Superphone? What Phone Can Dethrone the Samsung Galaxy S II or the Motorola DROID Bionic?

by: Elmer MontejoAugust 31, 2011

Ah, Samsung Galaxy S II, who will stand in your way? You who have conquered the world with your alluring specs, is there anyone mightier that can smite your powerful claim over the hearts of many around the world, and those of the forthcoming many Americans?

Let’s forget about the legal demons hounding you for now. Let’s set aside for now your flustered feathers after Verizon snubbed your seductive charms. Let’s quiet for now that fear of natural forces conspiring against you in the form of the likes of Hurricane Irene.

As for you, Motorola DROID Bionic, you mighty power incarnate, despite the many hearts you have broken and have kept [...]

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Battle of the Rugged Android Smartphones: Motorola DEFY+ VS. Samsung Galaxy Xcover VS. Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

by: LucianAugust 28, 2011

I have a dream, and that dream is that a few years from now, most smartphones will be “rugged”,  which means being water resistant, dust-proof, scratch-proof, and last but not least, shock resistant. If the phone still looks good, it’s not much more expensive than without those features, then who wouldn’t want their phones to be like that?

Smartphones are becoming such important tools in our lives that we can’t live without, even more so than we can live without our PC’s or notebooks. We have them everywhere with us, and they keep us connected wherever we go. But because of that and because we keep these phones on average about 2 [...]

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Samsung’s Celox vs Apple’s iPhone 4S: Future Superphone Standoff

by: James Paguyo IIIAugust 28, 2011

Super AMOLED Displays compared to iPhone's SLCD

A new breed of smartphone is soon to coming to market to challenge Apple’s incoming iPhone 5,  and with the arrival of Samsung’s Celox — competition is likely to further intensify against Apple’s darling. After the huge success of the Galaxy S II, Samsung is gearing up for ompetition with Apple in a big way. Most notably, according to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung outperformed Nokia in the second quarter to grab the second spot in total number of smartphone sales after Apple. Now, rumors about Samsung’s Celox suggest that it may pose a great threat to Apple’s [...]

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App Review: OfficeSuite Pro 5.0 – Productivity Power Unleashed for Android Tablets and Phones [Video]

by: Darryl DoakAugust 25, 2011

The advent of smartphones and tablets has made it possible for you to carry your office in the palm of your hand. The mobile office market used to be monopolized by bigger mobile devices such as laptops and netbooks, but smarter smartphones and tablets have eaten into some of that space. Thanks to mobile office apps that squeeze office tools into palm-size devices, allowing their users to carry their workplaces inside their pockets or vests.

The key component of a mobile office on a smartphone is the office productivity application that provides the suite of office tools. There are many such Android apps. Most of them are great, but very few stand out from the rest. Of the [...]

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Of Dragons, Dice, and Good Samaritans — Best 3 Android App Games for August

by: Vinny MarinoAugust 24, 2011

August is about to come to a close, but the month didn’t just go by without some really awesome games worth recommending to you. If you’re like most Android users, you probably have a handful of great games installed on your device. In this quick review, I will tell you about three amazing games that made my August more fun. Try them–all three are free from the Android Market.

Dragon, Fly! (Free)

Dragon, Fly! is a very addictive and fun game that challenges you to work your way hard to get through the levels. I often found myself not wanting to put my phone down because I felt like I just had to conquer the level I was on. Your objective is to stay [...]

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Style and Color Your Android Phone or Tablet with DecalGirl Skins [Giveaway]

by: Aerol BibatAugust 23, 2011

Imagine a world where everyone looks almost the same and wears the same style of clothes (with the same colors). That is definitely a world so bland, completely bummer, and entirely fun-free. Would you survive a day in that kind of world? I know I won’t. I will miss out on a lot of fun.

There’s fun in differentiating oneself and in asserting individuality in a world of uniformity. Even in the world of smartphones and tablets. Towards that end, DecalGirl has been, for a long time, in the business of making smartphone and tablet skins that give electronic devices a character of their own. The Decal Girl skins practically make every Android device dress up in many [...]

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Best Android Apps to Help You Find Your Lost Smartphone

by: Alvin YbañezAugust 23, 2011

Worry no more about misplaced or lost phones. The Android Market has several apps that can help locate phones–primarily using GPS technology–if ever you lose or misplace them.

Losing your phone can be a scary thing. Your phone is not only an important device that you use for various tasks. It is also a device that can reveal important personal information about you or your contacts.

With these three apps, you have three solutions to the question “How can I find my phone?” when your phone goes missing.

Plan B

Everyone wants to protect his/her phones, but when lost, Plan B can help you find its way back. Plan B is a find-my-phone application created by [...]

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Three Android Apps to Start Your Week Right

by: Vinny MarinoAugust 22, 2011

If you own an Android device, chances are you’re always looking for the latest and greatest applications out there on the vast Android Market. For this week, I have three great recommendations–and all free from the Android Market. One makes your Craiglist ads-browsing life easier. The second keeps you up-to-speed on the latest news and scores in your favorite sport. And, the third provides quick shortcuts to your favorite Android apps installed on your device. As a bonus, I’ve included video reviews for the apps, so make sure you check them out.

Craigslist (Free)

The Craigslist Mobile app for Android makes browsing through much [...]

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