Hands-on With the Motorola Droid 4

by 2 years ago

Motorola and Verizon finally announced the Droid 4 at CES this past monday, yesterday we were able to get some hands on time with the brand new device that will be launching soon on Verizon’s LTE network. It’s a pretty good looking device, looks a lot like the Droid Razr as far as design, but there are parts that make it like a Droid. Don’t forget about the awesome specs the Droid 4 has, for a reminder read below: 1.2GHz Dual-Core Processor Full-edge Lit QWERTY Keyboard Running Android 2.3.5 – Will be upgraded to Android 4.0 soon 4-inch qHD display…

Huawei Ascend P1 Smartphone Hands On Review with Video

by 2 years ago

Hey everyone! This is Darcy LaCouvee from AndroidAuthority, reporting live from the CES 2012. What I have here is the Huawei Ascend P1, it’s an incredibly thin device. We’re looking at a 7.69 mm profile, which is one of the thinnest phones on the market, it just blows away the thinness of the Galaxy S2 or even the Droid RAZR. With this device, We’re looking at an 8 mega-pixel auto focusing camera on the rear with an LED flash. Inside we have a 1.4GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 processor with a SGX 540 GPU. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.01…

How to Monitor Data Usage and Cost in Your Local Currency

by 2 years ago

Unless you’re subscribed to an unlimited data subscription with your mobile carrier, using data services through your Android device can get tricky. If you are not careful, you could consume data beyond your monthly limit and end up paying extra. The good news is that there are apps that can help you monitor your data usage. One highly recommended app is Data Detective, which does more than just help you with data usage monitoring. In a nutshell, Data Detective can monitor mobile network traffic (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi network traffic. show you how much data each app has consumed over a…

How to Use an Android Phone/Tablet to Control Another Android via Bluetooth

by 2 years ago

We have already seen many useful apps in the Android Market, apps that we probably have been using even now. Be they for productivity, entertainment, or whatnot, these apps are an important part of our Android gadgets. We recently ran into the Tablet Remote app, an Android app whose function confused us at first. After installing the app, though, we discovered that it’s actually a useful one. The app uses Bluetooth to communicate with fellow Android devices. It seems to be an interesting and unique function. If you’re intrigued about what this app can do, read on to find out…

Motorola Droid Bionic vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

by 2 years ago

We’re always fond of putting gadgets into some kind of dog fight. It’s a good way to give tips for people who are planning to buy one. By comparing devices’ specs and performance, the resulting comparison can help potential buyers make an informed decision on which device is a better deal. If you are looking for a details spec comparison, checkout our comparison section of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus VS. Motorola Droid Bionic. This year we don’t plan to break the tradition, so we’re pitting two great Android smartphones against each other. And, since it’s the start of the year,…

Best Android App to Download Torrent Files with Resume Support

by 2 years ago

A lot of people like to download stuff from the Internet using torrents or Internet download managers because even if you turn your computer off, you can just pause your download and resume downloading the next time you open your PC. This is an advantage especially if you are downloading a large file, which often takes much time to download. Instead of leaving your computer on for a long time just to finish your file download, you can just pause the download and resume it later. Now, this convenience can now also be enjoyed by Android users. An application called…

How to Copy Wi-Fi Profiles from Your PC to Android Phone w/ Wi-Fi PC Sync

by 2 years ago

Remembering wireless access points can be a hassle, most especially when you have tons of access points saved on your computer. Profiles of access points that are encrypted via WPA and WEP security can be hard to memorize if you transfer them from one device to another. Connecting to the Internet using your mobile phone is very much the same as connecting wirelessly through your computer or laptop. You still have to input the same access point name and security associated with each connection you make. One of the most daunting tasks of many users is that they tend to…

How to Check How Much Space Your Apps and Files Use on Your SD Card

by 2 years ago

  Aside from the processor, battery life, RAM, and Android version of your phone, the phone’s internal storage is one of the most crucial parts of an Android phone. How can you actually save your files, apps, photos, videos, and other data without having enough storage? Unless you delete some files on your phone, you won’t be keeping enough space on your internal disk. However, uninstalling apps from your phone may also leave some data behind. These data will begin to accumulate and will consume your phone’s storage space over time. To make sure those data are totally eradicated from…

Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs LG Nitro HD

by 2 years ago

LG continues to stay afloat in a sea riddled with tremendous competition from other mobile manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC. With its new flagship phone, the Nitro HD, LG is certainly keeping pace with the rest. First introduced way back in August, the device was reported to feature the award-winning AH-IPS screen with HD capability. The Nitro HD was marketed to be the best in its own category, with beefed-up specifications that taunt even Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus display powering many of its phones. The Galaxy Nexus, on the other hand, ushered in a new era in the competition,…

How to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Android Phones

by 2 years ago

If there is anything more awkward or irritating, it’s having people notice when you’re snapping a candid shot. One little annoying catch to using an Android phone’s camera is the little shutter sound it makes whenever you take a picture. It makes sneaking a spur-of-the-moment shot difficult, whether it’s at a meeting, a quiet room or even when you’re wandering the city. Fortunately, there are ways to turn this sound off so that you don’t have to be caught in the act. The basic way is to switch your phone to Silent Mode. This process is simple and easy, but…