Reuters chimes in on Android’s initial market impact

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 14, 2008

There’s not a lot we don’t already know in this new piece on Android that Reuters just posted, but at least the author seems to have a better grasp on the industry and the possible effects of the open source aspects of Android than the Financial Times does.

The story once again touts a September 23rd launch in New York City for T-Mobile’s initial Android device, which they refer to as the “Google Dream” phone (ugh). It also talks about how Android isn’t going to have the same initial impact on the market as the iPhone did, which I think is certainly a fair thing to say.

The story is worth reading for those that are hungry for anything and everything Android related, but I’m really just pointing it out because I’m glad they are taking a fair and reasonably educated look at the reality of the Android situation.