Republic Wireless is now open to everyone

by: Kristofer WoukNovember 19, 2012

When we first started talking about Republic Wireless a year ago, the service was in beta. When we last talked about it a few days ago, it was still in beta. Now, the moment some of you may have been waiting for is at hand: Republic Wireless is officially open to everyone.

In a post on the Republic Wireless blog today, EVP and GM, Jim Mulcany announced that after a lengthy beta period, Republic Wireless is now open for business. The Motorola Defy XT, currently the only handset usable with the service, can be pre-ordered starting today for $249, and will begin to ship in December.

Republic Wireless uses something they call Hybrid Calling, which will connect to Wi-Fi networks and use them for calling when available, or use the Sprint network when no Wi-Fi is available. Obviously this may not work for everyone, but we haven’t even gotten to the main selling point for Republic Wireless yet.

Aside from a $10 start-up fee, Republic Wireless will only cost its users $19 a month. If that fee only covered a limited amount of voice, data and text, it wouldn’t be impressive, but that isn’t the case. Your $19/month fee will get you unlimited voice, text and data.

Whether Republic Wireless will turn out to be a success remains to be seen, but it is certainly a big step toward hopefully shrinking smartphone bills.

Does Republic Wireless sound interesting to you? Would it seem more attractive if they offered a more powerful smartphone?

  • if it was gsm it would be awesome, but its utterly pointless to me for that simple reason

  • Rep. wireless, your two options here are to ditch sprint and get GSM or… wait you could just buy an evo LTE or sprint GS3 off ebay and activate it on the network, nevermind

  • Marvin Nakajima

    Not offered in HI or Alaska. :(

  • Sanjay Wilson

    Dunno about this, gonna wait and see..

  • Genus Boxx

    ummm, sounds nice but I it needs to allow phones with GSM or Sim cards. My next phone is definitely going to be the Galaxy Note 2, which I’m buying unlocked, but this doesn’t suit my cup of tea just yet