Report: LG moves ahead of Apple to secure runner-up spot in U.S. phone market

by: Bams SadewoJanuary 21, 2013


Welcome to the Android era, where the top 2 spots in the U.S. handset market are held by proponents of Google’s mobile OS, Samsung and LG. Validating LG’s surge in North America is the latest report from Counterpoint Research, which highlights LG’s takeover of the spot that once belonged to Apple – though the race was pretty close.

According to the Hong Kong-based research firm, Samsung was number one in December of last year by grabbing 33% of the market share.  Coming in at second and third place – as mentioned – were LG and Apple with 13% and 12%, respectively. Completing the top 5 list were Motorola, 9%, and HTC, 8%.

It’s worth to note that Counterpoint’s report lumped both smartphones and feature phones together. LG may have a lead in the overall handset market in the U.S., but Apple is likely to have sold more smartphones.

Nevertheless, LG has stepped up its game big time against Samsung and the rest of the competition. The Korean recently announced that it’s sold 1 million units of the flagship Optimus G across North America, while the L-series smartphones have sold to the tune of 10 million units worldwide.

  • carlisimo

    My wife’s a big fan of LG’s… feature phones. I don’t think I’ve seen an LG smartphone out in the wild yet.

    • It’s because until the Nexus 4 came along, LG smartphones pretty much sucked. Just google up LG 2X / LG 4X “problems” and you’ll see how bad they are.

      You’d have to be mad to buy a LG smartphone unless it’s the Nexus 4.

      The Nexus 4 helped bring the LG name out there, but LG has always had OK hardware but a god awful software dev team but since the Nexus 4 uses official Google software then it’s not a bad device.

      • Marcus Thomas

        They definitely dropped the ball with the G2x. My first two smartphones were both LG and I got the G2x based on my previous experience. A mistake, obviously. It was a bad enough experience that I almost swore off LG completely over that one phone, but then the Nexus 4 happened so here I am on my fourth LG Android in a row (before that I owned two LG dumb phones…).

  • Andrew Mezzi

    Weird. It might just be where live, but I barely ever see a Samsung or LG phone in the wild. I know one person with a GS3, and one person with a Galaxy Nexus. Almost all the other phones I see are either low end Android phones or iPhones.

    • Marcus Thomas

      LG makes a lot of low end Android phones. My first two smartphones were low end LG. Good starter Android phones for sure.

  • Cycad007

    Really?! I live in NYC and I almost never see an LG phone on the subway lines here. Just a lot of iPhone and occasionally a Samsung or HTC.

    • democrapps

      you live in a blue state. end of story

  • steve cobs

    apple is 3rd, thats funny, where i live all i see is note 2, s3, s2 ans nexus 4, hard fto belive apple made it into top 5.

  • mohdamr1

    COOL !