Remote desktop app Splashtop 2 HD is free on Google Play, only for a limited time

by: Bams SadewoAugust 9, 2012

Who says you can’t use your Android tablet for both work and play? With the right software, some cross-device computing isn’t at all impossible for those who need to access their desktop software or important files on their tablet.

Splashtop 2 HD, the self-dubbed next generation of remote desktop software, is now available on Google Play.

Gaining access to your PC through your Android tablet opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Just think of all the productive things you can do on the slate, not to mention the work that can be completed while on the road. We’re talking about 100% compatibility between your Android tablet and the full Office suite and other native PC applications.

The new Splashtop 2 HD for Android tablets comes with an intuitive user interface, and features like pinch and zoom and Wake-on-Lan (WoL). Splashtop has also been optimized for tablets with HD resolution. Connecting the tablet to PC should be a simple affair, as it only requires setting up a user name and password, and off you go. This saves the hassle of configuring routers or firewalls and other complicated procedures.

If you don’t mind paying for the premium Anywhere Access Pack, you’ll get to use Splashtop 2 HD over 3G/4G connections. Also, you will benefit from added security while browsing the content on your PC, thanks to the software’s advanced encryption algorithms. The basic version of Splashstop 2 HD for tablets, which only allows remote connection via LAN, is free.

The app is compatible with tablets running Android 3.1+. If you believe you’ll find it useful, hit the Google Play link to download Splashtop 2 HD. We heard it’s free for a limited time only and that the developer will start charging $9.99 for the app, so better make that move quick.

  • too bad this is only for PADS (says uncompatible with my atrix phone) so i stick to teamviewer FTW

  • that guy

    The app is free but there is now a $10 a year fee for Android only because of the “Tegra” optimization or some BS the company is pulling. Its free for IOS upgrades but not Android. Get the Wyse rdp app pull your IP from router and connect to your own computer until you reboot the router. If you have cable you should be static anyway.

  • MasterMuffin

    Not for my country/phone, so sad :(

  • raindog469

    I think I’ll stick with AndroidVNC and Connectbot for an up front price of $0.00 and a recurring fee of $0.00 per year to control my machines over whatever kind of network connection I want. They’ve worked great since I got my first Android device and are both open source/free software. They even work on my phone, unlike Splashtop HD.

  • sylvester stallone

    Splashtop 2 HD is free on Google Play, only for a limited time. You may try R-HUB remote support servers android app. It is free for lifetimne.