If you’re a European tech junkie who’s curious about what kind of device exactly is the Samsung Galaxy Note, then you’re now probably itching to get your hands on one with its on-going release in different parts of the continent.

The Galaxy Note raised many eyebrows when it was initially announced.  It’s an interesting mix of a phone and tablet – garnering it the nickname “phablet”.  It’s too huge to be called just a smartphone since you can’t really fit something that’s 82.95mm wide, 146.85mm tall and 9.65mm deep in your pocket, but its visuals more than compensate for its bulk; the HD Super AMOLED technology with a WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution makes for a beautiful display.  That’s 285 pixels per inch, as compared to 216 of other smart phones.  It’s also dual-core powered, and has a 16gb of storage that’s upgradable to 32gb.  Connectivity and network-wise, it has WiFi, HSPA+ and 4G LTE functionality, as well as Bluetooth and a USB 2.0 host. It currently runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Probably one of the main selling points of the Galaxy Note is its +S Pen.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just a regular stylus; aside from its plastic nib that increases precision, it also acts similarly to a Wacom pen, which uses pressure to determine the thinness or the thickness of a stroke.  Artists and people who generally like to doodle or quickly jot down notes will appreciate the +S Pen, but we’ll all have to see if there will be more apps that will come out that would support this additional accessory.

If this pretty basic overview has tweaked your interest and you’re based somewhere in Europe, then you should check out your local carriers for it.  Here’s a list of release dates:

Out now

  • Gemany via Vodafone, DT, O2

November 1

  • Netherlands via Vodaphone, KPN
  • Belgium via Vodaphone, KPN

November 2

  • United Kingdom via Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U, O2
  • France via SFR, TPH

November 4

  • Poland via Plus, Mediamarkt
  • Hungary via Panon

November 5

  • Austria via Swisscom, MOT, Three, Mobitel, SIM-free
  • Switzerland via Swisscom, MOT, Three Mobitel, SIM-free
  • Slovenia via Swisscom, MOT, Three Mobitel, SIM-free

November 7

  • Spain via Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange

November 10

  • Italy via Vodafone, Three, TIM
  • Portugal via Fnac, Worten, TPH, TMN

November 11

  • Greece via Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind, SIM-free

November 14

  • Romania via Vodafone, M-Tel, Globul, Vivacom, SIM-free
  • Bulgaria via Vodafone, M-Tel, Globul, Vivacom, SIM-free
  • Lithuana via Omnitel, LMT, EMT

November 22

  • Finland via Telia, Telenor, TPH, Elkiop, DNA
  • Denmark via Telia, Telenor, TPH, Elkiop, DNA
  • Sweden via Telia, Telenor, TPH, Elkiop, DNA

November 23

  • Croatia via Tenenor, VIP, TOP
  • Serbia via Tenenor, VIP, TOP

November 25

  • Czec Republic via XSK, VDF, XEZ, ORS

If live outside Europe, you can read our full article on the Samsung Galaxy Note while waiting for its release in your country.

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  • AppleFUD

    It sure does seem like Samsung has issues getting its devices into the US as quick as it can elsewhere. . . which I’m sure is due to our carrier’s monopolistic attitudes.

  • Tomrigodanzo

    I want it in the us!

  • TechGuy-Tech

    You didn’t mention that it also has a microSD slot – one of the reasons I chose it in preference to the Galaxy Nexus. I can wait for ICS and after reading the problems Galaxy Nexus owners are having with the volume turning itself down and no Flash support – I think I made the right choice. I can wait for ICS until the bugs are fixed!

    • One of my logical arguments too. For me it was a toss up between the Note and the RAZR

  • Young

    why is it taking so long for this to arrive in the US?!?! I’m dying waiting for this to come on over!

  • Anonymous

    the white Note looks so awesome…..

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note is not as big as you would think. It can fit into any pocket that I have including my smallest jeans nd only occasionally do I need to the phone out to sit down. The Note is an extraordinary device. The if you’re interested you can check out the review on AndroidGenus.com ( http://www.androidgenus.com/android-reviews/phone-reviews/samsung-galaxy-note-phone-review/).

    I wish that stupid moniker “phablet” would go away though. Who uses it? I prefer microtablet, because that’s exactly what it is. The tablets can be phones too remember?