Redbox Instant app now available through Google Play

by: Andrew GrushDecember 20, 2012

Redbox Instant

Last week we reported that Verizon and Redbox were preparing to launch their Netflix alternative, Redbox Instant. Now the app for the upcoming service has landed in the Google Play store.

At the moment, the service will require an invite access code before you can use it. You can request a code via their website, though that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to receive one. On top of needing the code, you will also have to pay $8 a month, though the first month is free.

So what’s included in that $8 subscription fee? You will get unlimited movie streaming and four monthly rentals from Redbox. You can also pay a dollar more to turn your Redbox rentals into Blu-ray discs. For now, gaming rentals aren’t included in the service, but here’s to hoping that this is added down the road.

While the price for the service might seem very low, it’s also worth noting that Redbox Instant will have a fairly limited selection when compared to more established streaming options like Hulu and Netflix. Redbox Instant is also only available in the United States.

For those wondering, while it is true that Verizon is Redbox’s partner for the new service, you are not required to have a Verizon phone or Internet subscription to use the service.

Outside of Android, the Redbox Instant will also support Samsung Blu-Ray players, Google TV, iOS, LG Smart TV and any TVs with SmartHub.

So what do you think, interested in giving Redbox Instant a try or will you stick with Netflix and/or Hulu for the time being?


  • Randy Sylmar II

    I see failure. Redbox isn’t for the internet savvy and/or the avid streaming video user. Not because it’s difficult, it’s because Netflix and Hulu barely provide a 100% solid service which 90% depends on our Internet Providers. To add to that, our Internet Providers (US) love to hold our internet speeds down anytime we do stream online content. They know that you won’t pay for that cable if that Netflix and Hulu would stream perfectly.

    Anyways, the people I know that use Redbox are people that have strayed away from internet streaming for any given reason I listed and just want a physical rental option. $8 is kind of stretching it given the fact that their library would start so small. Netflix included streaming free of charge when it first got introduced.

  • daniel carrillo

    um idk what in the hell this randy guy is talking about rebox is top when it comes to renting movies i have netflix and the internet and netflix sucks on content they never update their libraries all they keep adding is lame old ass movies and not even the great ones just wash out flicks there is only about 50 good movies on netflix instant but i kept on paying just because of the documentaries but now with rebox you will be able to have more modern up to date movies with the possibility that if the movie is not there just go out and rent it from a redbox this will definitely destroy netflix and hulu may survive since most of what they provide is tv

  • Jimmy Mackey

    A Blu-ray upgrade option is nice, and it is a dollar cheaper than Netflix but honestly, compared to Netflix, I would rather pay two dollars and have more choice with Netflix than use the limited Redbox kiosk. Well, I really wouldn’t want to use a kiosk at all, but I don’t have to with my DISH Blockbuster @Home service. I watch a lot of new releases on Blu-ray when my DISH coworker comes over with his family, which happens a lot, so I need access to unlimited movies and a lot of selection. My DISH Blockbuster @Home gives me selection and convenience, with over 100,000 choices by mail, streaming in my home, or, on the go with my iPad. Blu-ray is included and it costs less than both services from Netflix, which saves me a lot of money.