After receiving $47k from ISP’s in 2014, Blackburn wants to block competition

by: William Neilson JrJuly 18, 2014

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It sure does help your cause when you can bribe pay-off contribute money to politicians willing to help you eliminate competition. No, really, there are situations where politicians have explicitly admitted to having broadband providers (who contribute heavily to the politician) write a bill that the politician then submits for law.

This week, Marsha Blackburn (R – Brentwood) introduced legislation that would have barred the Federal Communications Commission from helping community-owned Internet service providers compete against private companies. Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved the proposal in a 223 – 200 vote.

Blackburn has received $10K from the corporate funded NCTA, $12.5K from Verizon, $10K from AT&T, $7.5K from Comcast and $7K from Time Warner cable in 2014.

Such an outcome would be a big win for the private telecom industry, which might explain Blackburn’s central role in the fight. According to campaign finance data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, two of Blackburn’s largest career donors are employees and PACs affiliated with AT&T ($66,750) and Comcast ($36,600). Those are two of EPB’s private-sector competitors in Chattanooga. Blackburn has also taken $56,000 from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the lobby for the big telecoms. – TechDirt

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The FCC’s plan would give power back to local governments to allow them to make their own decisions about whether or not they wanted to offer municipal broadband.

“Whatever happened to localism or local control? This amendment means the federal government will tell every local citizen, mayor, and county council member that they may not act in their own best interests. Any such amendment is an attack on the rights of individual citizens speaking through their local leaders to determine if their broadband needs are being met.” – Rep. José Serrano (D-N.Y.), TheHill

By the way, wasn’t Marsha Blackburn a supporter of SOPA? As Mike Masnick points out, funny how she loves to “regulate” areas of technology when it is in her financial interest to do so.

As has been noted by a number of sites, one of the most successful municipal broadband networks is found in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the local government offers 1 Gbps service for $70 a month (speeds that are roughly 100 times faster than the national average).

There is a reason that so many cities are now wanting to build their own municipal fiber networks. They either are being severely under-served or are not being served at all. Cities with a number of broadband providers that are serving the entire city are not trying to bring in their own municipal service. The failure of the private sector is why cities (even heavy anti-government cities) are desperate enough to build their own networks.

Have some municipal broadband networks failed? Absolutely. UTOPIA has been plagued by terrible management (and has spent millions defending pointless lawsuits by CenturyLink).


Yet, many municipal networks have been and continue to be successful and have spurned significant competition in the area. It must be purely coincidence that residents in Chattanooga have broadband options with AT&T U-Verse and Comcast and can receive speeds eight-to-ten times faster (at a significantly CHEAPER price) than those in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Does anyone want to take a guess why cities all over the country are bending over backwards doing whatever they can to get Google Fiber in their areas?

  • Amadeus Klein


  • JWolf_PDX

    Another scumbag politician bending to those who are lining their pockets with money. SHOCKER.

  • Havoc70

    A politician who is a money grubbing thief? color me shocked

  • SDB1

    Completely biased article. Every special interest donates to politicians. Many donate to both parties just to make sure they are on the good side of every regulator.

    That being said, I am not a fan of Government entities forcing me to pay for my neighbors broadband. Increasing taxes to fund government run services that I may not want removes my choice and options. Further more, these entities don’t have to abide by the same regulatory hurdles that they force on private entities. Creating unfair competition in the market.

    Call me a skeptic but I was against healthcare reform and now my health insurance is garbage and costs me over $900 when it used to cost me $340 for better coverage. I am completely against more government “help” in may daily life!

    The same could be said for the takeover of the student loan program. These government interventions always seem to decrease choice while increasing cost/debt to the consumer. Nothing more than government money/power grabs!

    • Chattanooga Guy

      Say what you will, but having 1Gbps fiber to my home for $70 is incredible. I get 350/250 via wifi on my phone – 850/750 on pc w/Ethernet cable. Comcast was TERRIBLE locally until EPB (our local city-owned power distributor) got in the game. Their service is unreal. They’ll pre-wire your house for you (for free) … have someone come to your house same day when you have issues … Their service is top-notch. And they claim to have used no electricity funding to build this infrastructure. I’ve never heard anyone here complain about their EPB fiber service.

      Btw, I helped my aunt get Verizon FiOS in California when I was visiting and it was a pain in the neck. Took several calls to get them to even come out and then they would only run the line to the location of THEIR choice. The wouldn’t go to any interior wall. It was just a good reminder of how good we have it here.