Samsung lists several reasons why Galaxy Note 8.0 is better than iPad Mini

by: Bams SadewoMarch 13, 2013


If you’re torn between spending your pocket money on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0 or the Apple iPad Mini, Samsung is here to the rescue, as the Korean has created a list of reasons why you should definitely, totally go with the Note 8.0.

So, what makes the Galaxy Note 8.0 a better purchase than the “A Pad Mini”? Most of the given reasons are legit, such as the Note’s multi-tasking capability and its S Pen stylus, as well as its faster quad-core processor. The Note also has a better and “more big” display. But will customers really care about the tab’s Reading Mode ? Meh.


Anyway, we’re pretty sure that these won’t end up in magazines or such, as they don’t look polished enough. It’s likely that Samsung has prepared the Note 8.0 slides for retailers or they could only be just for some internal presentation.

You can hit the link below for the complete slides. In case you haven’t done so, don’t forget to check out our Galaxy Note 8.0 VS iPad Mini post as well.


Are you getting the Galaxy Note 8.0?

  • RarestName

    Instead of telling people how much better it is better over the “Pad mini”, why don’t they just show what it can do instead?

  • If it would have OLED I would be interested


    yes ..depending on price

  • Note is one of the Best Inventions of Samsung

  • .

    I want an 8″ tablet that runs stock Android. Who will make that for me? Motorola?

    • JD

      Is it possible to put a custom ROM on this Note that is stock? Do they have that?

      • Jason Bailey

        You can put CM10 on most other devices so I don’t see why it won’t be available, going forward, for the note 8. Thats as close as your going to get to stock.

  • Jusephe

    What about battery life ?


    I’m sold just hurry up so you can take my money

  • I don’t get it. Why people keep telling number instead of result.
    If ipad can manage to do everything faster with only dual core, then it is enough.

    Another worst thing is battery capacity. iPad has 10Ah of battery and iPad mini with only 4.4Ah. But both battery last 10h. Does this mean iPad has better battery than iPad mini or both of them are equal?


    can someone tell me what that Pegasus Q processor is , samsung said its Exynos 4412 but is it similar ?

  • Quryous


    Actually, the BOOK mode is one of the most important features, for ME!

    I prefer a slightly bigger screen, though. It still seems a bit small to me.

  • kascollet

    PR stunt spotted.
    What about features consumers really care about ?
    Gaming abilities (sorry Mali400), form factor, battery life, screen estate (comparing diagos only is foolish), browser speed, Google services and of course apps : all these factors are top notch on the iPad, whatever the raw specs try to tell.
    Note 8 is just an average 2012 tablet, nothing more.

  • GalaxyNoteFTW96

    even though i prefer android smartphones to ios smartphones, I still gotta say that Android is still quite behind Apple in the tablet market. If I was to buy a tablet today, it would defintely be an Apple ipad. Maybe in a year or two, I will have an Android tablet in my hands.

    • kascollet

      My point exactly.
      My Nexus 4 and my iPad are good fellows and each does its job perfectly.

    • martin

      I think everyone’s need from a tablet is situational. If i am looking for a platform with the most amount of games, it should be the iOS. However, tablet for me is a device with a larger screen that allows me to read news and browse through data of the stock market. I require the mobility-screen quality combo, and my Nexus 7 does this job perfectly. With the tegra 3 cpu, i could even watch 720p mkv drama flawlessly when i need to.

      There is no standard to judge both platform, but there approach in satisfying most customers’ needs. In this case, price and hardware are the most solid points since other measures like security, user friendliness and style are very vague adjectives, which are situational.

  • Alain Lafond

    Yeah true the 8.0 looks a lot better, except for ONE thing… The IPad mini is available now…

  • Plastic Sam always does these cheap comparisons!New IPad mini will be out soon so who wants a plastic device? Sony Xperia Tablet Z is best Android tablet by far! Can’t wait to get it!

  • S^4

    So Samsung lists several reasons why the Galaxy Note 8 is better than the A Pad mini… and one of them is *not* an onboard spellchecker.

  • phineaus

    But we still don’t know how much it will cost.