Real Racing 3 update coming later this spring, introduces new cars and events

by: Andrew GrushMarch 28, 2013

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 has certainly received a mixed reception since it first touched down to Google Play last month, with most of the complaints surrounding the series switching to a ‘freemium’ model and its somewhat ridiculous in-app purchase system. Still, the game has solid graphics and quite a few features if you can get past its flaws. Soon it will be getting even better thanks to a new update that is expected to arrive later this spring.

The new update will include 100 new events, cloud save functionality across Amazon, Android and iOS and a better notification system. It also has improved leaderboards and adds the Chevy Cobalt SS and Camaro as automobile choices.

Pocket Gamers managed to grab a few videos that give you a better look at what is coming in the update. The first of these videos talks about a new game mode, called “hunter”. Essentially this mode has you hunt down a car and overtake it in a single lap, with them having a headstart.

The next video talks about the cloud game save feature and what kind of sign-in you will need to make it work, mentioning both Facebook and Gamecenter as options. The last simply shows off the Chevy Camaro in the game.

So how about it, are you excited to get your hands on the latest update or are you completely turned off the series thanks to their decision to switch from paid content to free-to-play with in-app content?

  • troll moi le froom sac

    troll moi le meat ball sac real racing sa suck hard comme la soeur au froom

  • Corbier

    Le jeu a beaucoup de défauts mais j’ai déjà trouvé de quoi m’amuser dessus presque 30 heures. Je me suis du coup permis d’acheter un DLC à 9€ pour “supporter” le jeu. J’achète régulièrement des jeux consoles et PC à 50€ ou 60€ pour une durée de vie d’une quinzaine d’heures (Tomb Raider, God of War Ascension…) et je trouve que 9€ c’est pas cher payé pour 30 heures de jeu !