Real Racing 3 arrives in some countries, requires in-app purchases to be enjoyable

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 28, 2013

Real Racing 3

Electronic Art’s Real Racing 3 is finally here via the Play Store, at least for international Android users. The North American listing doesn’t work just yet, but with EA freemium approach for the game, you might not be missing much.

While many people don’t care much for “freemium” apps to begin with, apparently Real Racing 3’s in-app purchase system is even worse than you’d expect.

In Real Racing 3, just about everything takes real-world time. Crash your car? Repairs take about an hour. Need a tune-up? That’s about three hours or so. Even buying a car takes a few minutes. The only way to skip the wait is to buy coins with your hard-earned cash.

This new system could certainly ruin the game for many folks that aren’t willing to pay the right to play the game quickly without real-life wait times. There is a glimmer of hope, though.

EA has already received quite poor reception of the title because of this new timer ‘feature’, and so perhaps the fact that the North American version hasn’t been released is indication that they are tweaking the system to be a little less annoying? Keep your fingers crossed.

Outside of the timer system, there is actually quite a bit to love about this game. There are 45 different rides from manufacturers including Bugatti and Audi. There are also 900 regular events to race, and a unique time-shifting multiplayer mode. The graphics are also top-notch.

Of course none of that will really matter if no one plays the game due to Electronic Art’s decision to ruin it by going freemium and utilizing a horrible timer system. When it becomes available to your area, you can at least try it out for free. Keep in mind that the game requires a 1.7GB additional data download, which might be a little big for some us with limited space on our Android devices.

Are you still excited for Real Racing 3 our has Electronic Arts ruined it for you by requiring in-app purchases to make the most out of the game?

  • Victor Meira

    Usually, when I read “in some countries”, my country(Brazil) is not on the list. Not this time!
    This time I thought I would have the privilege of having something early.

    But this is not a privilege.. It’s almost a curse to have this anything-but-free game…

    • Victor Meira

      The same goes to the Galaxy Grand. ‘Cause our version is the dual-core one..

  • Nikola Čejović

    This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.

    Awesome :D.

  • mihaits

    i can’t believe how much ea f**ked this game up. the only nice things about it are the graphics improvements and tsm maybe, but everything else sucks: the physiscs model feels just as unrealistic as rr2 ( ex: in any situation that implies loss of traction the cars just slow down and suddenly go sideways and a predetermined angle ) and the fact that is freemium and that you have to wait or pay is completely unacceptable, i can’t even understand how they can get more money (thats the only thing they care about) like this. even though i always buy good apps and try to help devs, on my ipad and galaxy s2 i cracked the shit out if the iap-s just beacause this time ea doesn’t deserve a cent of my money

    • APai

      yeah, the physics seems way off.
      …and apparently, you cannot play the game without a network connection.
      how much worse can it get EA ?

  • mawel

    this app is incompatible with sony xperia tablet s no support tegra 3 unbelieveble !!!

    • APai

      will probably take a few days, but the more important question is whether you will support the godforsaken new revenue model adopted by EA, instead of giving it a straight forward sticker price.

  • I’m disappointed, I’ve been looking forward to this game for a few months now especially considering I don’t care much for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I was thinking that EA was going to release Real Racing 3 like they did with Real Racing 2, meaning pay $2.99 to $4.99 for the game and you get everything like many games do.

  • I vote a big no thanks. EA is the worst.

  • carlisimo

    “There are 45 different rides from manufacturers including Bugatti and Audi.”

    Last time the car selection was too Euro-centric, so giving Bugatti and Audi as examples doesn’t really excite me.

  • APai

    a big emphatic NO. Will not go for this one

    freemium & micropayment is completely NOT acceptable EA, WTH ?

  • Well I just downloaded and played Real Racing 3 and no thank you. But has anyone played Real Racing 2? Is the game anything like Asphalt 7: Heat where you just play the game yourself after paying a normal price and enjoy it on or offline? I just want a racing game I can play that has cool cars and cool tracks.

  • fosterius

    Maintenance? Repairs? Is EA going to start charging us for auto insurance too? I appreciate the desire to make this realistic but a game should take me away from reality and add a little fun to life! The in-app purchases are over the top. This whole game is built around money and gold – NOT racing. It’s a MASSIVE departure from the previous versions. Very disappointing!

  • I have no idea what this guy is talking about. I have played this game for hours on my Ipad and I have had almost NO wait times. It does not take 3 hours for repairs. I totally jacked my car in a couple of races and repairs were instant. Yes, you do have to wait for a your new cars you purchase to be “delivered” to you. I waited 30 min for my M3. I think it’s kind of cool and innovative. But seriously this is a pick up and put down game as all mobile games should be. Who really is going to set and play a mobile game for 8 hours straight like a console or PC game? This game is fun to play and has gorgeous graphics like none other. Don’t listen to this idiot. Just go try it yourself. And he is dead wrong about the timer system ruining the game. If you believe that go check out all the idiots on Farmville waiting 18 hours for their crops to grow. People will love this game.

  • doode

    I don’t see what the big deal is. I mean come on it’s a high quality game with a built in battery saver feature….what more could you ask for.